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Anonymous 31942

Is it possible that there are femcel celebrities? On the one hand every female celebrity has legions of men obsessed with them, but on the other hand their personality and practicalities might get in the way, especially those who are famous for solitary arts like writing.

For example, they might be naturally shy or have avoidant personaliry so they don’t have much of a social life aside from some interactions with people in their field, during which they are mogged by GigaStacies and high class escorts, so they always end up going home alone. At the same time, they’re too socially weak to use their fame to get a bf or disprove of golddiggers. While she’s not famous, I know a femcel who works in the film industry and is often at celebrity parties, but her autism, social issues and lack of good looks cause her to not even be seen as a woman (she admits having a bf would be too emotionally and socially difficult for her anyway). Stacies everywhere.

Susan Boyle famously was a femcel pre-fame, but she got a golddigger husband later.

A lot of people theorize the girl who plays Quiet in Metal Gear is a femcel or at least extremely introverted because she lives with her mom in a very small town where only elderly people live, she currently only works from home, is deeply Catholic, and apparently has no social life aside from her family. Some said she was dating Jason London (from Dazed & Confused, which is a great movie but suifuel for a femcel/socially weak people), but it turned out they just hung out a few times because they worked together and he had a Stacy gf. I personally highly doubt she’s a femcel, but it’s odd nonetheless.

Anonymous 31943

Christine Chubbuck blew her brains out on live television in front of all of her coworkers and a studio audience over tfwnobf.
>no it was ovarian cancer
Her case was extremely treatable, and according to most modern medicine, likely caused by lifelong loneliness. The link between lifelong loneliness and early cancer is stronger than between smoking and cancer, and the people who've studied it professionally seem to think the link is causal.
>wait are you sure that social isolation is independent rather than them being socially isolated for reasons of ill health such as obesity, poor living conditions/hygiene, terrible habits (drugs, alcoholism, smoking) or poor genetics?
The professional researchers say it is an independent variable. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/11/181116110632.htm
>Weight loss and physical exercise reduce blood pressure by the same amount that loneliness increases it. Hawkley said this finding especially surprised her.
>"It's comparable to the effects you see for the health benefits that are so often advocated such as exercise [to] keep your blood pressure under control," Hawkley told LiveScience.
The very healthiest femcel is as likely to die prematurely as a fat lazy but happy babymamma.

Anonymous 31951

Anonymous 31954

What percentage of accomplished tenured women academics are married?

Anonymous 32000

Anonymous 32012

Kojima was too beta

Anonymous 32014


>Stefanie Joosten
are you on crack?

Anonymous 32017


I just remembered this old post and found this in her wiki

>She has a pet lizard named Annie Hall.[9] Kershaw is also an artist who does abstract painting and uses oil pastels.[40]

In my 10 seconds of detective work in the googles cant find any info regarding relationships

If >>13084 is still here, I agree with you

Anonymous 32018

Isn't she Dutch? I have a hard time believing that she's a wholesome Catholic who likes to spend time with her mother.

Anonymous 32019

Abbey had the same bf for years. Some obscure musician. She’s just really weird.

Stefanie is a devout Catholic from Limburg who lives with her mom. Her stepdad also always chaperones her when she’s working or doing public appearances.

Anonymous 32024

Enya isn't a great example- She's had guys obsessively stalking her to the point of breaking into her castle- though I get where you're coming from. Love her music too but I digress. She's chosen singlehood, and would be able to get a man in less than a millisecond if she so much as put out a joking twitter ad for it.

While I don't have any names, I met a surprising number of girls working as models who could fit OP's criteria for a femcel- shy, socially inept, mentally ill, and maybe the most surprising of all, maybe not?: a lot of them are beautiful for high art fashion covers (especially when caked under makeup), but would be considered ugly or homely if you met them on the street. Some grew up being made fun of for unusual physical features that are then prized in the fashion circuit. Some are self-aware, adding to insecurities, and others aren't, exacerbating social ineptitude. Weird food for thought I guess.

Anonymous 32077

wtf does she have bowlegs

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