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Moving to the Nordics or Spain as an American? Anonymous 32301

I've got a gap year coming up between schooling. I've never lived abroad and would like to make it happen preferably in the Nordics or Spain. How do I go about doing this? I'm a student, not highly skilled, quite broke, frankly. I'd love to work in bio research or in something related to healthcare/policy but I'm happy to work odd jobs. I'd love to hear from someone who made this happen.

Anonymous 32406

There are a lot of international students in Finland so your best bet would be some kind of transfer student program. Im personally unfamiliar with the kind of Visa stuff Americans maybe would have to go through so thats all I can recommend.


Fun times since bigger than life healthcare bill died.

Anonymous 32520

From what country do you originate?

Anonymous 32530

>as an American

Anonymous 32938


i've been to Norway for work for a couple of months. Been thinking of moving there after I finish my course.

In Norway you can stay for half a year no problem with a visa, but you have to plan a visit to the police office to fill in some forms. I am Dutch so moving there is easier to do for me. As an American you can still move there but the screening process is a bit longer and other countries, especially Scandi ones will have privilige before you.

Anonymous 32942

Spaniard here. Nice place, cheap, sunny, you know the drill.

However, good luck if you need a job, we have record unemployment rates. And you'll need a miracle if you don't even speak some spanish. I'd say, if you choose Spain try to find some company related to healthcare with an international department in which english is spoken to hire you.

It is very difficult to live with just english in countries which perceive themselves as having "strong languages" like Spain, France or Germany. This doesn't happen in Sweden or Norway. In fact I swear every goddamn swedish speaks perfect english.

Dunno about visas, though. Then again, finding a job before you reach the country always makes things easier.

Anonymous 33071

fenriz such a qt

Anonymous 33078

Spaniard here you'll never find a job without a degree and experience and much less in a specialized field. Economy still hasn't recovered from the 2008 crisis. Barely anyone can speak english.
Awful country I wish I could leave. I don't recommend you to come here having way better options.

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