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/mcat/ + /premed/ general Anonymous 32321

Sup, lasses. Is anyone else studying for the June MCAT?

Anonymous 32324

Nah but mega good luck to you and the others who are. Smash it x

Anonymous 32340

I feel inadequate when meeting those in the medical field even if they are students. Thank you for your efforts for I can never imagine myself doing what you people do, specifically the weight of individual decisions

Anonymous 32344

Would you happen to be middle class?

Anonymous 32350

Anonymous 32351

Yeah it's such a middle class complex to have, no offense. I'm lower class so you can imagine how bad it is. It's these little things that bug me to no end; the SJWs were right about microaggressions - these micro things are just as insidious as everything else.

Anonymous 32352

What? It's middle class to admit you don't have either the mental capacity or fortitude to work as a doctor and make life-or-death decisions for someone?
I'm working class (ig? Mom worked as a house cleaner growing up and is now a cashier whose salary alone we live off of during the school year) and even I can admit I couldn't do it. That's why I'm going into accounting for cash and not med.

I can admit some doctors and nurses are shitty people though and actually don't care about their patients if that's what you mean. But I respect those that do.

Anonymous 32353

Do healthcare workers get offended if you thank them for their service?


Anonymous 32354

>Damn you guys are so capable I couldn't imagine myself doing what you do
>Uhm sweetie can we cool it with the class warfare?

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