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Anonymous 32546

Have you been keeping your room clean?

Anonymous 32547

Yes, it isn't hard at all. No idea how Marie Kondo got so popular, all of her advice is just common sense.

Anonymous 32548

>advice is just common sense.

99% of self-help gurus described tbh

Anonymous 32558

Because it's wrapped in Asian mysticism for the consumption of others.
It's not common sense when common sense is now "buy anything/everything you want regardless of need."

Anonymous 32564

no, but this post has been reminding me to clean it before it looks like one of those pictures of anonettes made in ms paint.

Anonymous 32567

It's worth mentioning that it feels nice seeing Kondo become popular as it allows "clean your life" posting without relying on JP

Anonymous 32568


True this. It's really cute when my weeb so gets excited about her, for me it's common sense but you know no hate for people helping other people clean up their act. I wasn't going out of my way to teach others.

Anonymous 32637

I dont eat in my room (even snacks like cookies or chips). When I have kids I expect them to do the same, I can't help but be disgusted when people eat at their desks in home. The only thing I have issues with is all the mess of papers on my desk (mainly mail). I change my pillowcase every 4 days and my sheets every 10 days. I don't understand how people (esp men) say they change their bedsheets once a month.

Anonymous 32661

Do you have access to a washer/dryer?

Anonymous 32664

Yes, and only 3 other users of said machines.

Anonymous 32673

Why don't you just wash your sheets?

Anonymous 32675

Of course I wash my sheets. You mean use the same sheet after cleaning? I cycle between 4 sets of sheets I keep. Also maybe I want the change the colors or something? Also to have backups incase I make a mess like vomit or something

Anonymous 32679

Oh. I thought by "change" you meant replacing them entirely.

Anonymous 32746

Why do some people have trouble cleaning their rooms? Someone very close to me has been trying to tackle their room for nearly a year and it had gotten so bad that they have lost several important documents and oftentimes lose track of things that they need.

Anonymous 65117

Any suggestions on how to get rid of sentimental items?
Also you think I can sell my anime figures on ebay with out their boxes?

Anonymous 65119

You can sell boxless figures anywhere. Ebay and myfigurecollection will do. Just specify they are boxless.

Anonymous 65121

Untreated mental illness probably. Depression, ADHD, etc.

Anonymous 65122

Things are clean, yes. There is however boxes and carboard everywhere because I can't into regularly breaking down boxes and then putting them to the curb.

Anonymous 65269

My room is kinda messy. I’ve got some clothes and shoes on the floor. Groceries too…my desk and chair are occupied with books, stationery, make up…

It’s the I Have Better Things To Do

Anonymous 66061

I can't clean my room and it's for the same reason that I am an image board using neet: mental illness

tbh if anyone has any good tips for cleaning/maintaining your room with mental illness it would be really helpful

Anonymous 66063

Why kind of mental illness do you have?

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