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Thread Suggestions Anonymous 32767

Since I haven't found one in the catalog, how about a thread suggestion thread for those considering to make a thread, but would want to know if anybody would be interested in contributing.

Anonymous 32768

OP here and I apologize for responding to myself but, I was wondering if on the feels thread there should be a cyberstalking/ stalking recovery thread to vent and ask advice as to how to stop cyber stalking someone, it could be from stopping to check up on an ex or hate watching a YouTuber. This needs to be set on recovery rather then vent since /x/ has a basic cyberstalking thread. I think that this kind of online behavior contributes greatly to internet addiction because it is literally living life through other people that you shouldn't be concerned with.
Obviously excluding being a casual and/or active fan of a content creator.

Anonymous 32833

IIRC there is a “how to get over ex” thread in feels.

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