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Anonymous 32787

Has anyone here ever tried using a penpal service?

I used to have penpals when I was kid and I love the feeling of writing messages and getting to know a stranger. I want to know if anyone has any recommendations for services or wants to share experiences with having a penpal as an adult.

Anonymous 32788

I just paste my email direction on some places (mainly other imageboards) and that gets me going. People end up forgetting about you doing this tho so maybe something like Interpals would be better.

Anonymous 32791

Already tried but people never put a lot of effort in doing so. I usually write cute letters with cute gifts like stickers or tea attached.

Never had anything more than a half assed bought card with one sentence.

Like, I don't want an essay, by any means, but I think the joy on writing to a penpal is the effort you do.

With some time I gave up to it. I'd like to apply to a better penpal database maybe(If this exists?) but I failed a lot.

Anonymous 32800

having someone to write 15 page long essays about all my recent adventures and ideas would be so much fun; they wouldn't be able to read my hand writing cus dysgraphia but I could send them a hand written and typed out letter. I type in dvorak instead of qwerty so I can type super fast.

Anonymous 32809

I used to have a few japanese pen pals, they always wrote on a cutesy broken english.
I miss it so much

Anonymous 32835

Sometimes I wonder in the days before email people would send letters to random addresses in hope of replies; like message in bottle. I know the existence of the nigerian prince scam along with credit card offers but sometimes I wonder if someone ever got married with someone else with a random letter like that. Seems sharing your address was less fearful than it is today with the whitepages and swatting

Forgive my youth ignorance of the pre-internet days

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