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women crazy chart.…

Anonymous 32862

Do you have an equivalent chart representing hot/crazy guys?

Anonymous 32863

First time seeing this; seems creative. I can think of the male counterpart equivalent in a couple weeks though

Anonymous 32864

Why does "try to move to a permanent zone" increase hotness? It would be nice if marriage did make you more attractive to your spouse…I think I'd feel like that definitely. Not sure about men though.
>all women are at least a 4
They realize that more men than women to kill/stalk/assault their partners, right? Or is that sane and grounded? I think otherwise the genders are equal in controlling/impulsive behaviour though, but men are certainly more violent.

Anyway idk if this works since I don't think women have as high a threshold for "crazy." Men are scary dude.

Anonymous 32868

It doesn't, it means guys should stop wasting time on less hot women and aim for hotter ones.

Anonymous 32871

It should mention guys with neck tattoos, a drug habit, and a rap sheet. That's all I could come up with off the top of my head.

Anonymous 32874

>danger zone: girls named Tiffany, hairdressers
Americans, explain?

>They realize that more men than women to kill/stalk/assault their partners
They don't. This chart merely confirms that men only want hot women. If they're hot, they're even willing to date them for a while.
Men who say all they want is a non-fat, non-crazy girlfriend are lying.

Anonymous 32877

>Americans, explain?
>girls named Tiffany
I don't really get this one either, maybe it's the crazy version of Stacy
It's seen as a low-class career, the stereotype of them are shallow girls who only have makeup, fashion, and relationship drama as hobbies.

Anonymous 32900

Ok I got one thing after thinking about it for 2 full days.

Cops as partners are the male equivalent to having dental hygienists as partners. But as another anon rightfully pointed out; it's kinda hard since what may count as crazy (The high depression rate of dentists) is not as bad as the darker much worse things that males do (cops and their issues with domestic violence).

Also I'm not a high-IQ sociologist but I remember reading a article that stated the top 10/10 most attractive people actually have issues with finding partners due to intimidation; so they would be more lonely than crazy/flirty/outgoing etc (insert generic stereotype trait)

Anonymous 33068

There's really not an equivalent. I can't think of a single crazy guy that my group of friends and I would conglomerately decide was worth the trouble, even hypothetical ones. The closest I got is the bad boy stereotype you ditch by the time you graduate high school, though not all of them are crazy.

Anonymous 33080

I don't know if there is an exact equivalent to this kind of compartmentalization of "people I would shag but not marry" for most women, I'm just thinking about all the domestic self-insert fanfiction where people write about themselves getting married and having a few kids with fictional characters like Hannibal Lector, romance novels about women taming and marrying bad boys, and how criminals like Charles Manson had women writing them love letters from jail.

Anonymous 33120

You would switch crazy with asshole but the blocks would be in different places.

Anonymous 33122

Axis 1 would be his sexual appetite, axis 2 would be boring/engaging, axis 3 would be physical attractiveness, and axis 4 would be material/financial wellbeing.

Unfortunately most image formats are not able to display a meme built on a 4-dimensional hypercube structure.

Anonymous 33398

Guys are simple creatures. Girls have higher standards

Anonymous 33420

Can't speak for anyone else, but any guy that I would sleep with is one that I could see marrying, at least in that moment

Anonymous 33433

Does that imply as a corollary that you wouldn’t marry anyone you couldn’t imagine screwing?

Anonymous 33464

That seems pretty obvious.
My point is that, for me, marriageability is a qualification for me to even seriously consider adult relations for a guy. Chad/normie guys will just have "don't be fat" or equivalent low standard as their only rule (which 90% will eventually break anyway) for finding girls to sleep with. THEN they try to look for a hotter girl to actually be with long term if a girl their sleeping with doesn't manage to move into the permanent zone.

Anonymous 33475

I am a sweet cinnamon roll when it comes to love/romance and I hate it

Anonymous 33478

>Wait, you never imagine screwing people you wouldn't imagine marrying?

wait, is this not normal?

Anonymous 33481

Not in the eyes of the media, no.

Anonymous 33485

Women are more crazy for the same reason that crazy men are far more dangerous.

Anonymous 35585

Hot-Crazy matrix.w…

There is. Here is the video where it all being explained.

Anonymous 35586

Sorry, there is no relation betwean the two sentences.

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