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Anonymous 32873

Does anyone have a thing for short, chubby aspie/awkward guys but doesn't know how to approach them? Is it more difficult as a black girl because a lot of them are racist nowadays?

Anonymous 32875

Absolutely, very short chubby men are a new taste for me but
>a lot of them are racist
>going for white men ever
I honestly have no idea why anyone likes white guys. Just visually, not even the racism (although thats also awful). I'll never get it.

Try to go after latino or native guys or something. Many are mixed so have lighter skin if that's what you're into.

Anonymous 32876

Yes, yes, and yes. I've never personally met a racist one, but that's because they're non-white. I guess I have a thing for short, chubby, aspie latinos. I've never had difficulty talking to them because they're in my social group though. I have more of a problem trying to get one to see me as dating potential; a lot of them don't even think about girls unless they're borderline incel tier. In which case, they hate you anyway.

OP, push your standards higher. Don't go for the stereotypical "loser" types. They seem easier to get; they're not.

Anonymous 32904

What if I specifically want those loser types though?

Anonymous 32905

As a black girl I'm not a fan of black guys to be honest, mostly white guys. It's just a matter of preference.

Anonymous 32911

>omg white guys are sooo gross
I never understood people like this. Imagine saying this about any other group of guys.

Anonymous 32920

This pretty much. If it was just a prevalent online meme I wouldn't care, but the fact that its also pretty acceptable to say out loud in public is pretty rude imo

Anonymous 32944

Come on, I never called them gross. Just overrated since everyone seems to prefer them. Even supposed white male hating sjw type non-white women date them.

Perhaps I shouldn't have been so eager to bring that up though. Sorry to any white guys lurking here, or women who are defensive about their tastes.

Anonymous 32997

I think asians have it the worst when it comes to socially acceptable casual racism. Whites don't have any shitty slurs that you can throw at them and you can pretty openly Ching-Chong around without many people making a big deal about it.

Anonymous 34440

I prefer my autists tall and skinny, but in general it's good to stick to the ones that are ridiculously passionate about something, and very good at it. Men like that don't have the victim mentality you usually see in nerdy white guys,

Anonymous 34446

Get a friend to introduce you and be like "yo this girl likes you let me set you up" because as much as they might say they would like for girls to approach them first on the internet that's actually not true and they will chicken out in my experience

Anonymous 34452

Just keep hunting them down. They'll break eventually.

Anonymous 34456

Does shitposting count as something one can be passionate about?

Really though I admire people with passion and talent, it's like they found a part of themselves in the world they can rally cling to and feel connected with; having a passion solves some existential dread and also allows you to express your thoughts and talents in a way uniquely crafted towards you.

Too bad I don't deserve someone with a good passion and talent when I can't return that with my own.
I wish I kept up with playing music outside of highschool.

Anonymous 34457

>Does shitposting count as something one can be passionate about?

>Too bad I don't deserve someone with a good passion and talent when I can't return that with my own.

You forget that those guys never get approached by women, and are too shy to do it on their own. Just talk to a bunch and be friendly to them, and one will bite eventually.

Anonymous 34460

this reads like it was written by a guy

Anonymous 34461


Now that you say it, it's really obvious. Men need to fuck off already.

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