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SPRING 2019 Anonymous 32961

I'm so excited about spring arriving, fuck me up

I'm broke and socially anxious, how can I make the most of the warmer months anyway? How do I force myself to go out? I would also like to meet people, but I'm genuinely awkward and shy and don't know how I would even do so because I hate festivals and stuff like that with large gatherings and loudness. I live in an artsy city with a lot of subculture and a huge park with a lot of ponds and streams where the youth hangs out, but I'd feel awkward just going there alone and sitting around waiting to maybe talk to someone. What do

Anonymous 32962

Go and feel awkward. The more you do it the less it will bother you. Fuck your anxiety. Its a bitchy whimpering voice in your head. If your have an artistic/crafty hobby go do it in the park. Paint/sketch/embroider/knit/read. Maybe someone braver than you who shares the same interest will talk to you. Don't play the princess in a tower game and hide in your home. No one is going to come save you. The anxiety is allowing you to give up your own agency. Complacency = failure. If you go out and try, you cannot fail, because you have at least taken a step against your insecurities.

Anonymous 32964

I definitely find taking my own advice difficult at times. Its why I put things in such blunt terms. If I coddle myself, I'll take the easy way out every time.

You could also look at different opportunities in your city. If there are lots of subcultures there might be a makerspace/bookclub/sportsclub advertised on a local bulletin board (digital or physical). Look for volunteering opportunities if you have free time. A library or an animal shelter would be a good place to meet a small group of people in a quiet environment. I also hate crowds and loud spaces. A group of 6 is about my limit. Once you find a person, any person, you can branch out.

Anonymous 32965


Good advice right here. Am also an awkward lonely loser.

I'm going to try and take this advice again. I try once and fail and never try again, and I hate that. I can't give up. 'Crazy old cat lady' down the street is not a charming future.

Anonymous 32999

Yeah you're all most likely right. I do photography, so I usually do that when going out, but I'm not into nature subjects. Maybe I can just get more practice and learn to enjoy it.

Anonymous 37944

Update: Spring was great and summer is going even better. I'm making the most of it and hope it'll be a long long warm season before fall has to arrive </3

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