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Screen Shot 2019-0…

How sexist is crystal cafe? Anonymous 33158

Take the Ambivalent Sexism Inventory here: https://secure.understandingprejudice.org/asi/take

Do you suffer from internalized misogyny? I have this running theory that most woman on the internet are sexist to some extent, but feel free to prove me wrong. This inventory shows how you stack up against others who've taken the test. It isn't a perfect tool, but it's short and memeable as all online tests should be.

>pic related is my results

Anonymous 33162

>entertaining this kiked, gay shit
There's even the star of David and a fag flag right there, Jesus Christ. Might as well ask a telemarketer whether you need homeopatics

Anonymous 33192


Anonymous 33193


Anonymous 33195


Anonymous 33197

>Hostile Sexism Score: 1.36
>Benevolent Sexism Score: 4.18

i hate how my views contradict so much. I enjoy when men are protective and very affectionate to their partners, a little paternal even. And I like being maternal to my partner. But I also recognize that mindset puts women at a disadvantage socially, and opens the door to strict traditional, gender roles, which is unfortunate.

I mean if a man isn't going to prioritize your safety over his in danger, like in the question, whats the fucking point of men

Anonymous 33198

Which do you want more? It's better you decide on what you'd rather have, than be indecisive.

Anonymous 33202

Hostile Sexism Score: 0.73
Benevolent Sexism Score: 0.91

Anonymous 33204


so this is the power of being a turbo lesbian…

Anonymous 33215

>Hostile Sexism Score: 1.27
>Benevolent Sexism Score: 0.91

This is embarrassing. I've always thought I was biased in favour of women but my first score is higher than most of CC's.

Anonymous 33221

Screenshot 2019-04…

Fuck it, I gave it a go. Tbh most of the questions are loaded questions and not as simple as just answering with a 0-5 scoring system so not really an accurate reflection of your personal views imo. I mean like the questions about feminism etc. Feminism is a hugely wide scope and you get people who agree with second wave feminism but not necessarily third wave etc and there is no way to really answer them using that system.

Anonymous 33232

Agreed. I gave up on it because I don't think questions like "should men cherish and protect women" or "should a woman be put on a pedestal by her man" are good indicators of sexism if the reverse is never asked. I think all people should mutually cherish, protect their partners, and basically put them on a pedestal (to a reasonable extent, because just as a result of being deeply in love you will see your partner as being incredibly special and important) but the test only allows you to answer for one side of the equation.

Anonymous 33243

Hostile Sexism Score: 3.18
Benevolent Sexism Score: 2.09

Anonymous 33249


Anonymous 33252


Reality can be whatever I want. I'm honest here. If you don't know the answers for the perfect score then there's something wrong with you. This is sjw propaganda 101.

Anonymous 33260


I retook the test because of you.

Anonymous 33271

>cute girlfriend
Why is this sexist?

Anonymous 33274


Thank you, that was a very fun activity. I am surprised at my "Hostile Sexism Score" but I scored quite well on the other one.

Anonymous 33285


Me too but this time honestly. It was a chore. half of the questions I had no stance on the subject because I don't know what people think, because i don't know enough people. I'm a basement dweller. I gave 2 and 3 in those cases. Other half was asking about my opinion. Opinions don't hurt people. Malicious intents do. This test was created in order to confuse normal people and make them hate this degeneracy even more.

>(1) No matter how accomplished he is, a man is not truly complete as a person unless he has the love of a woman.

>(13) Men are complete without women.
>(17) A good woman should be set on a pedestal by her man.
>(20) Men should be willing to sacrifice their own well being in order to provide financially for the women in their lives.
What is this? Okcupid? That's material for dating website questionnaire. What you think about gender roles has nothing to do with sexism. Shit i just glanced at "sexism" on wikipedia. That's not a discussion subject for anonymous imageboard. All I'm gonna say is- stereotypical woman pisses in a sitting/squatting position. Call me sexist now.

Anonymous 33290


dumb male-poster

Anonymous 33292

Sorry for being blunt, but that's how I see it. Perhaps I took it too personal. Sorry. Just because I think women deserve good treatment doesn't mean I'm treating men any worse than women.

Anonymous 33352


get on my level

Anonymous 33355


>Tfw not sexist

Anonymous 33364

"If a man isn't going to prioritize your safety over his danger, what's the fucking point of men"

Oof. If you could go ahead and never interact with any of the guys I want to date, that would be fantastic.

Anonymous 33379

This, I just want a bf for companionship. Not worried about that anon going after them because the guys I like are tiny and weak though.

On topic, I don't like this test since it's so general. I had to give weird partial answers to most of them since yes, some women do those shitty things. But I don't stereotype all women as doing them, obviously. Yet somehow that makes me sexist to acknowledge that some ladies do a nasty?

Abysmal. Should have worked misandry into it too. I'd probably score about equal on both since! Some people are garbage! Wow!

Anonymous 33382

>Some people are garbage! Wow!
I'm not a gender studies major but I'm like 90% sure this would be called sexist.

Anonymous 33386



perfect score

Anonymous 33505

Screen Shot 2019-0…

yeah you can game the results obv but I tried to be honest

Anonymous 33612

0.30 Hostile
1.20 Benevolent

A bit weird because I always assumed I had intense internalized misogyny.

Anonymous 33712


I genuinely believe that women should be in charge of most things and that they're often not credited enough.
The whole description of benevolent sexism feels off to me, and something that I do not see in my own views.

Anonymous 33729


i grew up in a female only household, if that matters.

Anonymous 33737


In my college, the man in charge of the male dorms told me before that he absolutely detests male students, that they muck up rooms and throw crap everywhere and just has a general hatred of guys.

I guess one-gender rooming does that to people?

Anonymous 33748

People feel like they don't have to impress people if they're not around the opposite gender, so they become terrible. Men become more disgusting and women become super catty.

Anonymous 33848


went to all girl schools, as well as schools with abusive female staff, and some with abusive male staff

willing to argue pretty much every single answer as if it's a fact

my answers allign with traditional gender roles that are natural for humans

Anonymous 33910

>Hostile Sexism Score: 3.09
>Benevolent Sexism Score: 2.55

Epic for le win, feminism is fake

Anonymous 33913



Anonymous 34030


I'm glad that leaving 4chan and joining queer twitter turned me into an SJW tbh.

There were some questions (like "Once a woman gets a man to commit to her, she usually tries to put him on a tight leash.") that I think are true for dysfunctional people of all genders, so I answered them assuming "do women do it more than men?". My result would have looked rather different otherwise.

Anonymous 34052



Same here. Got a much higher hostile sexism score than I was expecting. Really surprising since I get along with women well, all of my friends are girls, and I prefer to watch media with all-female casts.

Anonymous 34292



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