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Anonymous 33233

How do you deal with a guy who is having some depression/anger problems and is normally wonderful…but can be really aggressive and mean when he drinks too much?

Anonymous 33234

Ever try getting him to stop? If the answer is yes, then ditch him.

Anonymous 33235

I try not to mind or be too bitchy at him when he's drunk off his ass, but when we get into fights it gets really bad every once in awhile. He has slapped me, held me down on the bed, choked me at times, but I provoked it because I would say things on purpose just to hurt him or break/hide his things. It's hard because I am basically a NEET/Hikikomori girl and have some anxiety/panic issues…so idk.

Anonymous 33236

You're both terrible. Him for being what he is, and you for enabling it.

Anonymous 33239

my old cat.jpg

I just want to help him because I love him and I know that things will change once we can both get out of here. If anything he enables me by doing everything by himself.
That's a weird sense of humor tbh. Sounds like a numale beta type of guy or an overbearing father.

Anonymous 33244

There are mitigating circumstances for why I don't want to leave him. Most of it has to do with the fact that he took my virginity when I was 14 (he was 33) and that I've never been with anyone but him. I've seen him feel remorse after he threw me around a few times after I had made him mad again by breaking his PS3 because I was jealous of his stupid whore friend (she's old enough to buy liquor (25) and she's mean to me because I am still in HS and she likes to bring him drinks and even drugs.) Should I just call the police on her because it seems like she just wants to turn him against me because she's got money from her daddy and I am basically living with my BF alone in a different city. I quit HS formally, but I am talking the last year for a GED equivalent after I moved in with him. I don't have anyone to talk to here except my BF and he gets mad if I use social media sometimes. I don't know what to do.

Anonymous 33245

>he took my virginity when I was 14 (he was 33)
perfectly normal, perfectly healthy. there's something about you that make you seek out this guy, i would recommend finding someone to talk about this and work through it.

Anonymous 33246

Sarcasm or maleposter? Or DDLGfag? Or Greer-chan?

Anon please try to get a job and leave that fuck. Maybe wait until you get your GED then SCRAM. And get therapy.

You can find someone better and be happier.
Or stay with the miserable fucker in a shitty relationship, it makes no difference to my life. But I believe you could be happier.

Anonymous 33248

I didn't seek him out, but I suppose you're right that I was attracted to him almost immediately after seeing him hanging out and volunteering and such.
Get a part-time job and work 2 jobs and be alone in a studio apartment or stay with him and make him go back to how he used to be? Meh.
I love him. Why would I call the police on him? It's that stupid rich girl that is in the way tbh. I think she buys a lot of cocaine and meth and really bad stuff from scummy types and she's leading my BF into doing coke with her sometimes. I know he's fucked her before, but if he just comes back to me and that whore goes away then things will be OK again. I feel like I can't sleep and I get scared if he's not cuddling me until I fall asleep.

Anonymous 33250

He's an abuser and should be in jail for statutory rape. Also, he's not being dragged into sin by some evul "whore". HE'S a whore and a druggie. He's a fully grown adult man with complete agency and he's actively chosen to be a complete piece of garbage in literally every way possible. At least call a therapist ASAP if you feel like cuddles are worth sticking around this scumbag.

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