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Anonymous 33336

Has anyone here ever made or worked on a visual novel? How long did it take? How was your experience?
I'm planning to make a short one. I have some skill with Python, but when it comes to the actual storytelling process, I'm having awful writer's block.

Anonymous 33338

To be honest, why are who interested in making a visual novel before you figure out the novel part first?
I enjoy creative writing but I really can’t capture romantic relationships well. Or really any relationships for that matter. Or the ways guys think when they aren’t speaking.

Anonymous 33339

I guess I just really like the aspect of making a story "come alive" through visuals and music. I think it's kind of an underrated medium for writers, and it makes me excited.

When I want to write from a male perspective, I like to read things by male authors. Then, I adapt the smaller nuances of their style and thought process to the character I'm writing in the "voice" of.
I'm completely lost on capturing romantic relationships as well, though. I always worry that it'll seem forced.

Anonymous 33346

I've made a few! Some were jam games, so they took between 2 and 14 days. Longer projects anywhere from a few months to over a year (and counting). Overall I love it! Definitely have dealt with a lot of frustrations but it's rewarding to see the final project. OP, you should post a dev blog in this thread and keep us updated on your progress! I'd really like to see what you make.

Anonymous 33399

not visual novels but ive done a lot of acting and written and directed a few films.

if you're just starting out, the best place to start is with what you know. that way you have intimate knowledge of what you're trying to get across. then try to fit this into a three act structure.

yes the three act structure is a little basic but if you aren't super comfortable with writing yet, it super natural because most of what you've seen or read has had a 3 act structure.

then once you get started, let the characters go unless you have a very specific wonderful ending and beginning that just has to be there, then the challenge is how do you get from point a to point b with the middle being as interesting.

i hope this helped! have fun!

Anonymous 33401

programming doesnt matter in a visual novel
the important parts are the story, music and art in that order

Anonymous 33423

>miner visual novel when?
Please make it anon and put it on steam I will give you my money for it

Anonymous 33427

Programming isn't necessary but it has its use. I've seen people write some horrible code for basic ass games then turn around and blame Ren'Py for their game being slow/broken when it's their own fault.

A agree story, art, and music are more important, but it grinds my gears how many awful "coders" in the EVN community feel like they're in any position to give advice on programming.

Anonymous 33480


I made one a long time ago for a friend I had. It was pretty bad, since I was using backgrounds and music I ripped from other VNs and a character generator for the sprites.

Making one on RPG Maker can be kind of tedious, since the engine isn't initially designed for that and you would need custom scripts. There are some people who have done it pretty well (Idolcraft comes to mind) but I think overall an engine like Renpy would be much better since it's specifically designed for making VNs.

Anonymous 33483

I made a joke VN for a friend with TyranoBuilder in a day. If you just want to fuck around a little it's good because it's incredibly easy and you can pirate the software easily too. My game ended up pretty slow though and sometimes the saving part would break.

Anonymous 33551

Thought this was a nice sample.

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