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Anonymous 33445

>"Hey girls let's go to the beach!"

Anonymous 33449

>tfw ywn be gay Chad plowing twinks every night

Anonymous 33454


Alright boys let’s go

Anonymous 33461

Are these members from One Direction?

Anonymous 33463


>Sweet! Can I bring my girlfriend?

Anonymous 33498

iirc the one in the Brasil shorts was a twink, but eventually transitioned (and was still attractive after last I saw, but that was years ago).

Anonymous 33499


RIP Arvie

Anonymous 33500

Still fine tho

Anonymous 33501


No, no he isn’t. There’s a fine line between attractive and plastic bimbo tranny.

Trannies always larp as the most disgusting, sluttiest caricatures of femininity because this is how men think women should look. Tbqh it nauseates me.

Anonymous 33504

This but unironically

Anonymous 33614

The term you're looking for is 'fetishization'. Half the "mtf" I know fetishize being a woman so hard it makes both men and women (even girls who go the full mile with makeup and hoe-ing around) around them cringe.

Anonymous 33615

well, he is brazilian, iirc they are some of the most attractive men and women globally, so yknow

what's wrong with being sexually attractive? " the most disgusting, sluttiest caricatures of femininity" kinda sounds like incel talk

Anonymous 33616

>Trannies always larp as the most disgusting, sluttiest caricatures of femininity because this is how men think women should look.
I thought it was to make it apparent they identify as women

Anonymous 33620

It's not about being sexually attractive, there's a difference between someone sleeping around a lot or liking glam versus a mtf/anyone dressing provocatively in inappropriate situations, making uncomfortable moves and generally behaving poorly with others while using the "but I'm a woman" card.

One is just a person doing their thing and one is gross and laughable.

Anonymous 33623


this this this
IMHO one of transwomen's main problems is that they will never know what a woman really is in practice or even what she'd choose to wear
All they have to go off of is porn, pop music and other things made up or outright enforced by other men who sexualize us and seek to limit our self-expression into one tiny blip
That's why so many of them think all the tacky porn star blow-up doll stuff passes for glamour or that girls who like J-fashion exclusively wear rainbow thigh highs with cheap crop tops from Ali Express and those weird face masks w/ mouths and $5 cat ears
They don't know the difference between cheap parody and real execution because it all looks the same to them
This isn't to say there aren't bio women who enjoy dressing like tacky porn stars or are fans of cheap AliExpress knock-offs of Jfash but even then we wear it different
I kind of feel bad for transwomen because they're so desperate to be a part of things, but they just don't get it and I don't think they ever can
Being female in any given society is not some kind of subculture you can join or cosplay as, it's really a mode of existence intrinsic to us and it tints even our wildest, most OTT self-expressions
We were really born into all this shit and had it forced on us but we always make it ours somehow
It's like an indomitable raw human form of creativity that springs forth from both your biology, the same way something like trauma is heritable and instinct exists. It also comes about as a result of your lived experiences as a female from birth in a given society
They can respect and admire our force and spirit as outsiders but they've proven so many times they can never truly embody it no matter how much they study us and take hormones so they might "pass"
Everything down to the way they move to how they carry themselves is a performance for them but it just comes natural to us and the most glaring issue is that the performance isn't even convincing
There's always something off and not quite right because everything they do is an imitation of an imitation with so many things forever lost in translation
It is always "Am I doing this girlwoman thing right??" but when you are actually a girl or woman literally everything you do is valid to that That essence of intrinsic effortless womanhood can never truly be duplicated
That's a depressing truth to men who struggle with dysphoria but I see no point in denying it
Sorry idk why I'm ranting about this I'm a little high

Anonymous 33624


I think you're right, but as a lesbian I also think (s)he looks hot in a slutty way. Maybe that's just because these are still images and not video with audio

I'm so tired of hearing about the Trans Issue, I just want people to be able to live their lives without bothering other people or being bothered by them.

Anonymous 33625


Oversexualised caricatures is what I would call them at best.

Anonymous 33629

>IMHO one of transwomen's main problems is that they will never know what a woman really is in practice or even what she'd choose to wear
Surely they hang out with cis (kek) women, no? I don't know much about transwomen so I don't get all the trans bashing on this board.

Anonymous 33637


Normally I'd agree with you, but now she just looks like the female equivalent of the boy she was before. The gender changed, but not the promiscuity. So I don't have a problem here. But I also find both versions really attractive (although humans are already disgusting as-is, and plastic surgery just makes my body hurt thinking about it. I want to keep it a fantasy)

Anonymous 33643

I think trannies should be allowed to exist, but thinking they're full bio woman who are 100% valid all the time and have the same struggles and life experiences as a woman like how some parts of the left make it sound is ridiculous.
Transwomen are not """cis""" women. Not sure if this makes me a TERF or not, but I'd happily get called a TERF by a tranny wearing a she/her pronoun pin tweeting from Starbucks wifi if that's what it takes to get this idea across.

Anonymous 33644

Unrelated, but what is it with asians boys trying to be black/mexican? If a white boy tried to dress like pic related, he'd be a wigger. Why do we not have a word for this yet?

Anonymous 33646

Asians can be Mexican in a way - Native Americans (north, central, and south) all descend recently (in an anthropological sense) from a tribe of East Asia.

Anonymous 33648


>Natives and as a result mestizo people are Asian
tbh you're probably right in a way, since just on looks alone people won't question SEA people "appropriating" Mexican culture since they can pass as that race. And they do share a history of being colonized by the Spanish.

Reminds me also of the fact that Asian actors/actresses are often cast in Native roles in movies. Pic related is half Chinese.

Personally I don't group myself up with Asians at all, and I don't think anyone in North America would either. At this point, culturally, Natives, Latinos (even mixed Native), and East or Southeast Asians are perceived as pretty distinct Ethnic groups. Even within Asia of course there are many different Ethnic groups, same for Latin America. Man, I'll even go farther and say I can't really group myself up with Natives of very different tribes from my own (like plains people, or even the Inuit). There are some differences even there.

I also see it in the same way that Europeans get pissy when some white American claims their German/Italian/etc. roots, but even moreso since it's been longer and we've developed our own different sets of cultures over here.

…I'd apologize for this massive derail but this thread is kind of trash anyway lmao.

Anonymous 33655

There's nothing Indio about contemporary Mexican culture. The Aztec/Mexica thing is a giant LARP chicanos perform and that most actual Mexicans find embarrassing. Virtually all Mexican culture comes from Iberia.

Anonymous 33662

I wish I was a sassy gay guy that has lots of hookups with twinky boys, vers of course

Anonymous 33668

Arvie isn’t Brazillian, retard. He’s Filipino. Do you think everyone wearing a shirt that says “New York” on it is really from New York? Also kek at your assumption that the entire country of Brazil is attractive because you read some Top 10 List of “hottest men around the world” written by some 40 y/o single mom who’s most likely never been there.
>what’s wrong with being sexually attractive?
Nothing, and it’s the opposite of what he is.

Anonymous 33671

Sure but hanging out with a certain type of person doesn't mean you can ever fully know, understand or even become them
A lot of my friends are male and American but I'm neither of those things and itd be silly if I started saying I know exactly what its like to be a straight white male in the USA and can totally become one because I've seen Fight Club and watch sports sometimes lol
I also didn't mean to bash and I'm sorry if it came off that way

Anonymous 33684

looks like a lot of STIs one way or another

Anonymous 33693

Says Xochitl, as she gets ready for the Day of the Dead celebration that's happening down in Texcoco. Her brother wakes up from the nightmare he's had about La Llorona, a folk tale that originated in native culture. Before she leaves, she prays by the altar dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Native American version of the Virgin Mary, who appeared to a Native American man one day in the desert. When she walks outside, she sees the Mexican flag. On the flag is an eagle sitting on a prickly pear with a snake in its mouth. According to Aztec legend, they were told by god that they should travel South until they find an eagle sitting on a cactus, eating a snake. Wherever they find it will be their new homeland. She wondered why a culture completely influenced by Iberia would put Native American imagery on their country's flag and even go as far as to name said country after the original name of the Aztecs, the Mexica. But she brushed it off. "I'm Spaniard," she said, as she pulled out an umbrella because she didn't want to get dark.

Anonymous 36924


This is a beautiful piece of writing. And spot on.

Anonymous 36936

It is beautiful. I think maybe she felt it was more revelatory when she posted it though.

Like it just says that women have their own common experiences that a transwoman simply won't experience. That's not really all that surprising tbh lol. You could even extend the same idea to men and to the transgenders themselves or even break it down and apply it to every individual. It's nice and fractal in that way, I like it.

Anonymous 51346

i hate this picture so much

Anonymous 51361

Most brazilians I saw looked either severely deformed or outright chimpanzees, they are some of the ugliest people on earth

Anonymous 51363

you forgot the part where the cartels rip her heart out, aztec-style

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