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Sort of confused Anonymous 33470

Why is everyone a mixture of serious and pleasant here? I was under the impression Crystal Cafe was just female r9k. It's so nice here I'm almost afraid this is a cover for human trafficking or some such nefarious deeds.

Anonymous 33477

The site is officially a TERF zone and you'll get some ana-chans when weight comes up so it's not a total hug box but this board is basically what /r9k/ was created to be until the angry incels rose to power. Its nice.
proof that women are inherently less destructive than men?

Anonymous 33484

>female r9k

You're thinking of lolcow.

Anonymous 33518

We'll get there at some point.
All online communities fall apart after some time.

Anonymous 33524

well, this site has much stricter moderation, so anyone hellbent of shitting it up will get bored eventually

Anonymous 33525


The mod team is too good and the board moves too slowly. I’m not saying this board troll-proof, but it’s just not worth it. The most that’ll ever happen is thread #69 on lolcow about us.

Anonymous 33526

Why is it so slow here though? Seems if you make a new thread, people will reply within at least an hour, but if old threads are left to be bumped, it takes a few hours up to a day for a response.

Anonymous 33527

everyone is too busy seething on lolcow or some other more popular site

Anonymous 33530

Because there’s no urgency?
And when we want attention, we usually ask for it directly - well, sort of.
As opposed to spamming inane memes and mediocre comments, hoping someone will notice and respond.

Anonymous 33549

This is a female /r9k/ though; it embodies many of the positive aspects.

Anonymous 33619

How is it not female r9k?

Anonymous 33642

Less easy to raid us that way my pretty

Anonymous 33663

Well there's no self loathing, crab in bucket mentality, or humor of any sort. Everyone seems to be and take everything very seriously, and while there is the occasionally crybaby, most people here seem mentally stable, just lonely or friendless.

Anonymous 33666

There's definitely some defeatism going on here, at least from some probable maleposters. The ones spouting that romance with men is impossible. It's the same vein as the ones who go on about "roast" for the other sex.

Anonymous 33669

I guess it's easy to go and blame the opposite sex for your problems, but I have to say 9/10 you're probably just shooting off mega crazy vibes or you're as boring as asphalt.

Anyhow I haven't seen much defeatism. At least, not at the same degree as r9k. It's just bizarre to me.

Anonymous 33670

>not at the same degree
More posts there than here.

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