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Anonymous 33592

Is the whole "white guys prefer asian girls" thing actually true?

Anonymous 33595

Since the early 2010s, white men have been skewing more towards Asian women than white women.
Here's one that shows same-race tendencies though:

Generally safe to say white men prefer whites and Asians.

I'm just wasting time, I'm not into white guys and am not of any of the races listed in these studies.
Also don't know why black women are so ignored, I personally find myself attracted to more black women than other races. Not a man though.

Anonymous 33596

I think that's not true. Most white guys prefer white girls.

Anonymous 33597

>Also don't know why black women are so ignored, I personally find myself attracted to more black women than other races.
Same. I prefer Asian dudes over white guys too.

Anonymous 33598

One could say the men who use dating services tend to be the types who aren't as socially adept, and those types tend towards interests like anime. This interest may lead them to think Asian women are just like their animes, or perhaps they've fallen for the "submissive Asian" meme which fits well since they lack social skills.
One could say that.
This would also be sad for Asian women into white men because no one deserves that tbh.

Anonymous 33599


They both deserve each other. Asian women aren't innocent, their white fever is through the roof. Same with Asian men tbh.

Anonymous 33600

Oof, yeah. I take it back.

Anonymous 33601


Never seen two sides of the same race resent each other as much as westernized Asian men and women do tbqh.

Anonymous 33602

>Adult male Asian Pokémon fan
>Dating anything sentient

Pick one.

Anonymous 33604

I will never understand why westernized Asians in America care so much about who dates and marries whom. They only make up like 1-2% of your country. It's not a bad thing for immigrants and their kids to get absorbed into the majority population, that happens everywhere. Americans and their gender/race wars are fucking weird.

Anonymous 33606

Check out r/aznidentity.

Anonymous 33607

It is true among some boomers and a certain type of younger porn-obsessed losers. Current or past yellow fever is a personal deal breaker.

Anonymous 33628

It's the Asian American version of /pol/. Instead of white guys obsessing over white women dating black and calling them names, it's Asian guys obsessing over Asian women dating white and calling them names. #justmalethings

Anonymous 33647


I think all white guys go through a stage where they want a qt azn gf. Yellow fever is real, and some guys never get over it. However, anyone who cares that deeply about the race of their partner, or the partners of others, is dumb.
Yes I have race preferences too, but they're a part of a massive list of preferences that I can and will make exceptions for.

Anonymous 33653

>However, anyone who cares that deeply about the race of their partner, or the partners of others, is dumb.

C&Bed. Forget about all the shit /pol/ spouts about racial purity, it's just a lot EASIER to be in a relationship with the average person of your own race. You're more likely to celebrate the same holidays, come from a similar family background, less chances of in-law issues, no mixed-kid issues to deal with etc etc.

Anyone who denies this is either wilfully stupid or virtue signalling to an extreme. The reason you should generally look to people of your own race has nothing to do with nationalism and everything to do with pragmatism. Divorce rates don't lie.

Anonymous 33654

>Americans and their gender/race wars are fucking weird.
So much this

Anonymous 33677


Not true in my case
I relate way more to my bf (who's of another race) because I grew up with largely the same media and interests he did because of the internet
We also have similar political views and neither of us really care about holidays except that he likes Christmas
The one thing I'm iffy about is if our families will clash because his parents seemed to like me but he said they're crazy and psychologically abusive
My parents don't know about him but I doubt they'll be upset or whatever
All the guys I know of my race and culture are just backward in all sorts of ways and I cannot deal with it for the life of me
I don't know why I'm like this but I doubt I'm the only one
People are really just people, I don't think race determines that much about a person's entire life at all IMO outside of how others might perceive or treat them
But I'm not American so I dunno
I think if you and someone else find each other attractive it's worth seeing if you'd work out
>Divorce rates don't lie.
There was a graph that said white men and Asian women are only like 4% more likely to divorce and white men and black women are something like 44% less likely to divorce though

Anonymous 33678

I'm not sure whether that's because their sample size for wmbf was so low but that's true. The highest incidence of divorce all involved white women with non white men.

Anonymous 33690

divorce rates.png

Anonymous 33692

>bone marrow transplants
>blood transfusions
The list goes on!

Anonymous 33694

>Roughly 8.3% of Asian‐White couples separated or divorced, a level that falls between the relatively high rates for White couples [10%] and the relatively low rates among Asian couples (1.4%).
So it's a decrease in average stability for Asians in that type of marriage versus Asian-Asian marriages but an increase in average stability for the whites versus white-white marriages. Mildly interesting I guess.

Anonymous 33720

Races aren't like different metals in the periodic table or something like that. They're just populations which have different correlation structures of alleles owing to geographic isolation, flow, drift, selection and so on. Most populations alive today are known to have arisen in part through admixture of divergent lineages–researchers have figured this out using time transects from ancient DNA. For instance, South Asians can be modeled as a linear combination of Onge-like, Early Iranian Farmer, and Andronovo/Sintashta ancestry. Europeans are also descended from highly diverged Anatolian farmer, steppe pastoralist, and indigenous hunter-gatherer populations.

So the notion that "racemixing" between modern human populations is somehow inherently destructive or unnatural is absurd. It's been going on forever. We even fucked neanderthals.

Anonymous 33725

I don't see how the "interracial" part matters here. What I'm seeing is that blacks divorce all the time, asians don't, and whites are somewhere in between.

Anonymous 33727

I really can't stand this whole "woke asian" trend. It's irritating listening to comfortably upper middle class people whine about irrelevant things. Asian Americans, both the men and the women, are such self pitying people.

Anonymous 33728

That survey used a very low sample size so it's debatable how accurate it is. There's another one that shows Asian-White marriages as more likely to end in divorce. But that's also using a low sample size.

Anonymous 33730

Does any of that make you feel better about your nasty fetish, sweaty?

Anonymous 33733

I'm a white person and I find other white people most attractive. However this is immaterial to the question of whether "racemixing" is natural or morally undesirable.

Anonymous 33751


Data is beautiful.
>source: r/asianmasculinity

Anonymous 33756

I found it funny how they could only find 30 amwf couples despite the cumulative count being in the thousands.

Anonymous 33938

Depends. It's way easier to find a "wife" in conservative manner of the word in asian country if you're looking for one than in white nations and if some guy wants a wife like that while at the same time he doesn't mind the racial disparity. I'm japanese and i'm not currently dating anyone but i've dated white guys in the past as well as asian guys.
It's down to preferences and what you expect from your significant other.

Anonymous 33946

t. aznidentity

Anonymous 33949

>Everyone who points out the elephant in the room must me aznidentity

Anonymous 33951

The nerdy one sure as hell do, Asian women will date just about anyone as long as their skin is pale. I saw this ugly as sin white guy kissing this beautiful Asian girl on campus and I was taken back, he looked like he hadn’t showered in days.
Most black women in America are fatas hell, that’s why most people avoid them, the skinnies ones tend to prefer black men but given the lack of eligible black men they end up being alone rather than giving other men a chance

Anonymous 33954

>Asian women will date just about anyone as long as their skin is pale
That's only because they can't get the tanned, sporty guys who are considered more widely attractive than nerdy, pale Michael Cera-looking guys. No offense to any Asian girls here.

Anonymous 33955

>I saw this ugly as sin white guy kissing this beautiful Asian girl on campus and I was taken back, he looked like he hadn’t showered in days.
That says more about you than that guy.

Anonymous 33957

Perhaps you've seen him as disgusting because he was disgusting to you. And the asian lady has seen beauty in him because he was beautiful to her be it in physically or as a person.

>So every single Asian woman out there just has a greasy fat white guy fetish?

Once again you focus on looks too much, maybe this guy saved her from being picked on by racist dudes or asked her what's wrong when she looked like she was depressed. How can you criticize the relationship while all you know about them is what you saw in this one brief moment. You dont know shit and yet you judged so harshly, why?

>And you can't use the muh personality excuse either since a lot of them either don't communicate or fight all the time.

You mean all white male-asian female couples? Nice generalization - again judgment without logical basis.

>It doesn't take a psychic to point out something fishy going on with a lot of these relationships

It doesn't take a psychic to point out how prejudiced you are against the guy solely because of how he looks.
You're actually disgusted because how does "ugly" person dare to have beautiful girlfriend. How have you came to the point in life where other people's happiness truly bothers you?

Anonymous 33959

Are you an Asian girl from the US?

Anonymous 33967

It's a moid from one of the asian supremacist subreddits. They're OBSESSED with this topic.

Anonymous 33970

Most of this thread reads like Asian guys vs white guys trying to bait us (>>33969) to be honest.

I can't imagine girls sperging about interracial couples so much. Then again, in my country there aren't so many of these couples that we really notice or think about them.

Anonymous 33972

Any time you see some guy use terms like "WMAF" or "AMWF" it's almost always an Asian American dude from one of those subreddits where they worship embarrassing Asian male/White female couples like Rachel and Jun. They're like half of the subscriber base of those boring channels.

Anonymous 33973

The real answer to this thread is that both Asian men and Asian women worship white people and would cut off a limb to date an average looking white guy/girl. It sounds harsh but that's reality. Asian men are just more annoyed about it because they're less able to achieve their racial fantasies, due to most white women not finding them attractive, than asian women are, since men have no self control and will fuck anything that's offering.

Anonymous 33977

It's more that we're not /pol/ or race-obsessed guys. They keep coming here every week to post their annoying bullshit. Half of this thread is just males trying to bait us and you're all falling for it.

Anonymous 34015

At least they're active on here unlike 90% of the actual biological female anons

Anonymous 34018

Ethnocentrism is perfectly natural desu, it's an adaptive trait and ethnocultural identity provides meaning

Anonymous 34385

>not of any of the races listed in these studies
The only race I can think of that isn't included is native American..

Anonymous 35370


>Is the whole "white guys prefer asian girls" thing actually true?
Fuck no. It's just fucking cringe social engineering because of the waves upon waves of asian immigrants into places like Canada and Australia. Every 'family-centric' commercial is exactly the fucking same here:
>if the female is white, her partner must be black
>if the male is white, his partner must be east asian

Every single major mythology and religion since recorded time says race mixing leads to some variant of hell, and the internet is cataloging that in real time.

Anonymous 35378

After a careful study of 4chan I think it's more that they resent white women than actually liking Asian women.

Anonymous 35415


>data reveal winners and losers. All men except Asians preferred Asian women, while all except black women preferred white men. And both black men and black women got the lowest response rates for their respective genders.
But before you jump to conclusions. This may be a conditioned response.
>Unsurprisingly, most “yes’s” go unanswered, but there are patterns: For example, Asian women responded to white men who “yessed” them 7.8% of the time, more often than they responded to any other race.
It may just Pavlov ringing his bell. But real life is different. And People overwhelmingly end up with someone within their own race.

Anonymous 35416

>All men except Asians preferred Asian women,
What do Asian men know that the all the other men don't?

Anonymous 35441


Equilibrium game theory?

Anonymous 35462

AFAIK yeah, it also helps many asian girls have huge hunger for even average looking white guys because they - even when not a prime specimen - tend to look more masculine than asians

if you eat shit everyday you'd salivate at moldy cheese

Anonymous 35471

I remember taking a Macroeconomics class during my first year and all I remember was the professor repeating the term "big businesses" over and over again. But he was a good teach though.

Anonymous 35473

I had one that told me that he did humanity more good by playing a round of golf than giving that same amount of money to any random charity.
I thought he was crazy until I found out how much corruption and overhead costs there are in charities. And how nearly everything positive they do has massive unforeseen negative consequences. I remember liking his lectures, but that's the only thing I took out of the class.

Anonymous 35480

it's also that in some places like Japan they have some obsession with half-white babies and believe that it makes them special and a tad better than the rest to have a light-brown haired baby. But they end up looking exactly like them because most european features are recessive kek. Divine justice really.

Anonymous 35481

It depends. I'm 1/4 mixed and my 1/2 mixed parent just looks like a dark European.

Also, most of the data in this thread is about American races and not about countries like Japan. It's like comparing apples (Japan: half-white baby obsession for the exotic factor) with oranges (America: Asians grow up under white-dominated media and with white people, therefore gravitate towards them more).

Anonymous 35488

Ara ara. I cannot possibly guess the race of this poster. It's simply too ambiguous.

White men who have a "preference for Asian women" are typically weebs with an orientalist fetish. It's not exactly rocket science. In real life, though, most people tend to stick to their own race. What you see online, particularly on imageboards, should not be mistaken for a sample of the opinions/behavior of the general population. It's selection bias.

Anonymous 35490

It can happen but it's pretty rate. The majority definitely has very Asian features. There was even a Chinese blogger who bleached her baby's hair iirc.

Anonymous 35494

This, it's more common for people who are half-white half-something else to be racially ambiguous at "best."

Anonymous 35498

which is why "white supremacist" white guys with yellow fever are so funny.

Anonymous 35635


This non-white baby (who will probably have dark hair and eyes later) will grow up to hate their obvious Asian features because of the self-hating mother.

Anonymous 35637


It should be illegal to mix with whites. Everyone else can racemix, but not whites.

Anonymous 35638

But everyone wants to be white by proxy

Anonymous 35639

For that, we have CRISPR.

Anonymous 35643

That just means that white people should stop feeding these people's delusions by giving them what they want (e.g. status from a white girlfriend, blond baby from a white husband).

Anonymous 35656

try telling them to stop fucking asians then, they only know how to ree when they see a white woman with a black dude

Anonymous 35658

Yeah this

White retards on the internet are all for racial purity until boys realize they would have to give up their dream of a 10/10 qt azn gf

Anonymous 35661

fuck fuck fuck i wish i was a cutie azn girl please

Anonymous 35662


The pedo insult towards white guys with yellow fever comes from other white guys like everytime. It's literally seen as some defect in the brain to white guys that one would choose an asian girl over a white girl.

>White retards on the internet are all for racial purity until boys realize they would have to give up their dream of a 10/10 qt azn gf

Yeah, okay. The cringe larpers at stormfront are a good representative of mainstream white sexual selection, sure.
>try telling them to stop fucking asians then, they only know how to ree when they see a white woman with a black dude
So weird how the thread is showing the negativity of white/asian relations and you bring up "haha but black guys".

I can't tell if you two are trying to continue infighting maymays between white men and women by acting like any of this is common or acceptable, or if you're both ignorant to how crazy in-group exclusive the overwhelming majority of whites are with their sexual partners. Hookup apps represent a small sample size of the quick-fuck hedonists of greater populations, they, and the people that use them, aren't normal.

Anonymous 35664

why do people get so spergy about this topic lol. who cares what race of girls some random moids date. it really doesnt matter.

Anonymous 35675

its true in some cases, people have this thing called preferences

Anonymous 35677

general reminder male sexuality is a meme, azns are just the flavor of the month. last time it was latinas, before that it was different brands of whites like italians. i predict black girls will be next, then white girls again.

men are memes, theyre mindless and follow trends like NPCs, dont ever think race has anything to do with it

Anonymous 35704

how are you better than incels spewing this shit about women?

Anonymous 35738

She's actually right.

Anonymous 35739

Men can't think for shit, they're retarded. She's correct.

Anonymous 35750


No, she's right.
Boys have dumb brains.

Anonymous 35751

Uh, fwiw I was about to post this sort of thing earlier, but then I saw yours pop up at minute before I posted, so I stopped typing.

Whether or not what she typed is even true (it's not) doesn't matter since it still sounds like the cringe shit incels come up with.

People have been fetishizing anything "exotic" (that's anything that isn't the norm for them) since forever btw. Western nations have had people obsess over Asia since the 19th century when Japan and China started to open up to the colonial powers. I don't know why the fuck you would think it's just a "monthly" thing.

Anonymous 35752

Anonymous 35768

Because historically it has been seen as degenerate and counterproductive, sometimes even illegal. Fetishizing exotic races is different from considering them for relationships and procreation.

Anonymous 35770

>all dese sources
>and only two hands

Anonymous 35772

>muh shady big-nosed sauces
europeans didn't consider anyone else to be quite human, that much is clear and you're in denial if you think anything else. The few exceptions were "commercially" motivated but still looked down upon.

Anonymous 35780

Is it about race or is about memes?

You're saying it's about race.

But the post literally, explicitly said that it was not about race and I've only pointed out that it's not a damned "meme" either (assuming that means "fad" in this context) as it's been going for a century long at least.

If you're the same anon, then make up your fucking mind.

Anonymous 35787

why shouldn't she feel free to say it? men are not allowed here, and if they're browsing anyway they deserve to get their precious feelings hurt. why are you acting like a pickme on a byzantine tapestry weaving BBS?

>pick me! pick me! I'm not like those other girls! I totally respect men! I'm so fair and balanced! pick meeeeeee!

Anonymous 35793

Because everyone should strive to be better than the lowest tier of subhuman rather than shit on yourself until you're at their level.

Anonymous 35797

This reveals the bitterness

Anonymous 35799

we're allowed to be bitter. if you love men so much you can go somewhere else where they're allowed

Anonymous 35803

Why are you starting from the assumption that you aren't allowed to exist?

Anonymous 35811

why do we care about what white boys think, they have gross body hair and blemish contrast

Anonymous 35813

Based and MOCpilled.

Anonymous 35824


>not even a specific taste, just anything but white
If I ever become this much of desperate becky, I hope my mom takes me to switzerland to be humanely put down.

Anonymous 35828

then why are you bitching about it? if you don't like bitterness go somewhere else

Anonymous 35835

I mean, I'm not (fully) white myself so hopefully that explains it some.
Would prefer samerace/samemix though.

Anonymous 35839

I don't understand this mindset. I don't understand how men not being allowed to post here frees you from being called out for the garbage that you spew.

Anonymous 35852

I personally don't understand why you came to a women-only imageboard to whiteknight men. You can call my opinions "hateful garbage" as much as you want, but you're not going to change my mind and you're not going to convince me to stop saying what I actually think. I think you're ridiculous.

A man who comes here and gets upset because he sees a post about men he doesn't like = a child who puts their hand on the stove and gets upset when it hurts.

Anonymous 35871

>"hateful garbage"
No, it's worse than that. Your opinions are stupid garbage. When your dumb opinions go unchallenged it makes everyone else in this community dumber.

Anonymous 35873


I have nothing against interracial couples per se but it is sort of odd how every other television commercial aired today features such a relationship–especially so when one considers that the most frequent type of IR relationship in America, a white partner and a Hispanic partner, is hardly ever represented. Black/white couples, on the other hand, are highly overrepresented on commercials compared to their real-world prevalence.

Anonymous 35874

It’s to appeal to multiple markets methinks.

Why should advertisers appeal to blacks or whites when they can appeal to both?

Anonymous 35885

It's mostly this. But then you get those weird articles with titles like "white women aren't swiping right on black men; And that's a problem."
And you begin to question why people find your preference a problem



I find racism repulsive yet i don´t think race mixing is the brightest idea or something that should be promoted, it difusses identities and creates social unrest and tensions, a melting pot is no utopia, Latam is not better for it.

I believe in respecting and valuing everyone´s culture and ethnicity but sticking to one´s own first and foremost. Societies do much better when everyone values and upkeeps their own heritage rather than constantly devalue it and nihilistically remix it to non existance.



They do it for woke points, specifically because is uncommon irl, that means is extra unique and cool. Much representation , such progressive.

Advertising agencies really have no ideas anymore, They are at a point that they rather create social unrest and ride the wave of viral outrage polemics and political discussions than go back to advertising the actual literal products like they use to do 50 years ago.

Anonymous 35911

What race is the majority on CC?

Anonymous 35923

I would assume white or something close to it.
The few black anons usually say something, and I doubt the cringy Asian girl worship threads would gain this much traction if we were filled with Asian girls.

Anonymous 35935

The biggest problem you have is thinking ethnicity=identity. It sounds pretty alt right to me?

Anonymous 35941


>thinking ethnicity=identity

if its not a factor then then you don`t need Black history month of african american studies then. Also, cancel feminism because gender=/identity, none of that play a role, in fact, let trannies be females too.

>sounds pretty alt right to me

Maybe you just learned to label anything that doesn`t 100% agree with you as some media buzzword

Anonymous 35949

You do realize there are entire ethnicities that are compromised of various races like many North African, South American and Central Asian countries.
Do you think race mixing should end over there as well?

Anonymous 36002


South America is a fantastic example of why race mixing is a terrible idea

Anonymous 36020

Maybe it's just my experience but most guys that were into me just have yellow fever.

Anonymous 36039


What is bad in South America specifically because of race mixing?

Anonymous 36041

When I was younger and kind of went to /pol/ a lot I had a similar opinion but then I just so happened to fall in love with a middle eastern dude so I dunno.. hear me out I guess.
Honestly in today's world where people from all over the world are so much more accessible to each other the chances of finding a soulmate that's not from your country, race, religion or whatever are higher than ever. Restricting myself to only date within a circle of people that share my "culture" is counter productive. It's even dumber when I think to myself how in my country people would judge you even if you dated a person from another town, another neighborhood, another region, depending whether his family partook in the war or which side they were on, depending on their surname etc. There's so many forms of "culture" and heritage even in my own little country that all sorts of mixing are happening on such a small scale anyway. There's so many things I'd have to stick to in order to satisfy the big nationalists in my country that I'd have to make a list in order to preserve my actual heritage. It's all just so tiring.
I met my boyfriend online in weird circumstances through a shared hobby. We have similar interests, sense in humor, values, morals, opinions and we're practically the same person. He's my best friend. And to preserve muh heritage I'd have to drop him. Why? What will preserving my heritage do to my tiny, corrupted, broken down country? Nothing really.

Anonymous 36054

Yeah you're really just narrowing the odds of finding someone if you categorically exclude people of other backgrounds from consideration

Anonymous 36056


Yeah but not everyone has peanut-brains.

It's fine for random nobodies with nothing influential to just say "Ah it's 'tiring' thinking about things who cares love is love and stuff" but reality is way more complicated.

It's why today, 21st century, modern world and all that, there are still people who were sincerely disappointed with the British royal family accepting a mixed American actress into their system, even though she and Harry are basically never going to hold true power, it's still seen as a problem to many. People, who very much aren't chimpy skinheads but are very powerful and clandestine, are still concerned about who procreates with who, because currently that is the only way to continue 'yourself' into the future. Leaders of the modern European Union, which on the surface plays up the whole "pan-europa we're all one" thing, are still obsessed with who is descended from Charlemagne and even the enigmatic founders of the Roman Kingdom, because there might be something special inside that phenomenon that made them masters of the world for a short time.

It's also why very big names are behind archeology and anthropology doing digs into Egypt to find out how certain people created such a civilization before anyone else in the massive continent of Africa, and who is still genetically close to them, because the current population of Egypt is basically 100% foreign to the Egyptians of 4000 years ago, and it shows for the most part.

More than 99% of humans will do nothing and be nothing, then die and be forgotten forever. Less than 1% become someone that no one seems to be able to let go of or forget. This is why so many people unironically take 'muh heritage' so seriously and it'll never go away.

Anonymous 36075

It's not socioeconomic, before you ask. Everyone there doesn't have an identity, or a kind. They're all strangers to each other with a culture they don't even belong to. They were more better off in nativity.

Anonymous 36076


You’re probably trolling but anyway, that is just not true. That’s the first time I ever hear something like this - do you even know any Brazilian person?
I have lived in Brazil, Europe and US. Brazil has all kinds of problems but race-mixing is not one of them. The people there are way more connected to their Brazilian identity and culture than natives in some Western European countries.

If you are trying to make an argument against race mixing, then make a real one, racist-chan.

Anonymous 36079

Looking to the effect doesn't explain the cause. I've got answers, and you don't, humanist.

Anonymous 36086


I live in Latam lol, miscegenation is the worst thing to happen to all races involved, that huge gap in the culture is what left to such a morally decomposed society. You are talking about the places with the worst crime rates in the world and worst corruption. Both of these things stem from problem with heritage , cultural values and a sense of belonging and identity. People just create new, shittier and lower forms of heritage, a.k.a current latin american urban culture . A.k.a Cancer (except for psty white gringos who think is pintoresque and edgy)

Anonymous 36106

>It's also why very big names are behind archeology and anthropology doing digs into Egypt to find out how certain people created such a civilization before anyone else in the massive continent of Africa, and who is still genetically close to them, because the current population of Egypt is basically 100% foreign to the Egyptians of 4000 years ago, and it shows for the most part.

That's pure bullshit. You're making up facts to support your shitty theory

Anonymous 36107

It's true that genetic studies of ancient remains in Egypt tend to support a model involving at least some population turnover, but in the field of ancient DNA that's true of basically any Bronze Age time transect sourced from anywhere in the old world. People move around a lot and interbreed so modern patterns of genetic variation in a given bioregion should not be expected a priori to recapitulate those of ancient inhabitants.

None of this is an argument in favor of racism however, and most who construe it as such are deeply misinformed owing to the fact that they've learned what they know about genetics from reading blogs and playing dungeons and dragons.

Anonymous 36114


>the current population of Egypt is basically 100% foreign to the Egyptians of 4000 years ago
>That's pure bullshit.

A modern Austrian is closer to Alexander III than the average modern Macedonian.

A modern Scot is closer to the ancient Anatolians than the modern Turks.

People move around, especially over thousands of hecking years goddamn you dumb-dumb you really think you're Meritites because you were born near the Giza pyramid get outta here lol

Anonymous 36126


It would be fair to ask if they are attracted to Asian women, or slim women more. You will always get those weirdoes who fetishize people's race, but western women are more likely to be overweight.

Anonymous 36130

Huh did /pol/ migrate here or something?

Anonymous 36142

Just Lurking it seems.
And to answer OP,the answer is no

Anonymous 36155

It's all about that average IQ.

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