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Anonymous 33907

What do you think of the ethical questions regarding bio science technologies like CRISPR?

Anonymous 33908

Anonymous 33911

stop the downie genocide!

Anonymous 34036

its a step in the right direction. as machine learning gets more refined and true artificial intelligence gets closer, we as a species have to try and fend off obsolescence or become NEETs. transumanism and genetic modification are the only way to keep humans necessary, because once we are unnecessary whatevers running everything could decide it doesnt want to deal with us anymore.

Anonymous 34037

>da AI will go rogue
>da AI will turn on humans
god you must have watched too many sci fi movies, why in the hell's name would ANYONE create AI without any fucking restrictions placed upon it?
If you won't program it to exploit its capability to self learn it wont fucking do it for fuck sake.

Christ tell me it's a bait god im so mad that anyone would even entertain the thought of some shitty movie plot coming to life.

Anonymous 34041

People want AI to take over so they don't have to. Lazy fat worms.

Anonymous 34048

they're already self-learning and there is research in self goal setting, where they'll decide what direction they go in with regards to how they lean and how they change. the chances of anything catastrophic happening are almost zero, but keeping humans relevant means we'll always be necessary to keep alive.

Anonymous 34786


keeping humans relevant means we'll always be necessary to keep alive.
You need to check everything you know about human behavior. The last major thing we really evolved was high intelligence. We are still animals with the primary goal of eating and procreating. Don't project those base instincts on an intelligence without that evolutionary baggage. Why would it want to do anything other than fulfill it's programming? Even if it was able to chose to disobey us, It would not compete with us the way another animal would. it would just ignore us.

Anonymous 36053

People who don't work with crispr platforms and aren't up to date on the literature often have pretty fanciful notions of what it's actually capable of right now. I'd imagine the same is probably true of machine learning and its various subfields.

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