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What could you do forever? Anonymous 33981

What could you do forever?

Anonymous 33982

Making music and feeding my boyfriend

Anonymous 33983


Anonymous 33985

listen to get lucky from daft punk. sound of the summer!

Anonymous 33986

She knows what’s up

Anonymous 33987

Solving captchas.

Why is so difficult to post on chans now?

Anonymous 33988

This. The google captchas have gotten so much worse, especially when using tor browser. They are easier when google can track you though, so try logging into your gmail :^)

Seriously, custom captchas on this site would be amazing

Anonymous 33989

If stamina weren't an issue, wander around town just walking, although >>33984 often happens instead.

Anonymous 33990

I hate captchas with a great passion.

I hate that they're on every goddamn website. I hate that so many websites use them. I hate having to reload them because the puzzle ones are too hard and the voice clip sometimes says that there's suspicious activity coming from my browser. Well, no surprise there, I have to solve them on at least every second website.

I'm forced to do them forever.

Anonymous 34006

Lie in bed with my laptop on my tummy and my vibrator directly on my clit

Anonymous 34007

You think that, but a clit can only take so much. You must be quite the masochist.

Anonymous 34009

have you gals tried Buster captcha solver extension?

Anonymous 34012

I am aware, and yes

Anonymous 34016

Thanks for the suggestion but it keeps giving me "Your computer or network may be sending automated queries."
Oh well.

Anonymous 34360


Anonymous 35143

eat regular hot cheetos and xxxtra hot Cheetos bitch

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