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Howdy 34121

Not exactly the right person to compare to Zizek; Dugin is a geopolitician first and foremost, and his philosophy is subservient to his geopolitical agenda. His 4PT is interesting but stems from either an intentional or unintentional misreading of 3PT, where he tries to present 4PT as a replacement for the latter even though it's in essence indistinguishable from 3PT and draws on the same philosophical sources (Heidegger), and in trying to distinguish itself from 3PT ends up contradicting itself.
His ontological positions also lack any dialectical subtlety, and he's a proponent of the dissolution of the Russian people by mixing them with any Turanic Asian people that they can cram in.
Looking forward to reading his Noomachia series though.
On the other hand, Zizek is a social philosopher with no interest in political geography and only auxiliary observations on civilisational differences, more interested in approach rather than object.>>34120

Anonymous 34124


Funny video, and he makes a good point about how much of feminism in the western world is just smoke and mirrors, concerning men anyway.
Chomsky, Foucault, Camus, and Sartre are better and more interesting philosophers in my opinion, but Zizek's racoon in dumpster behind university persona is pretty good.

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