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Anonymous 34228

Has anyone else experienced this thing where guys will randomly just talk about they're horny or want to fuck you? I'll have a normal conversation with small talk and then it'll go from "had a busy day, pretty tired" to some sexual shit. It pisses me off. I don't even think I can have a conversation anymore with a guy without them not being able to help themself. It's happened three times in one week and I'm just fucking sick of it why does everything have to revolve around sex

Anonymous 34234

Just from Instagram, I don’t know how the hell they find my account tbh. At least I can thank these experiences for having no problem w cutting people out and taking no bullshit but regardless it’s tiring

Anonymous 34236

>it'll go from "had a busy day, pretty tired" to some sexual shit
>Just from Instagram, I don’t know how the hell they find my account tbh

Sometimes I want to pry open the brains of those guys to see what hell is going on inside of them. Do they not think it's inappropriate or even embarrassing to be going around, messaging completely random attractive strangers on social media with some sexual shit?

Anonymous 34240

>just from Instagram
Oh. Just privatise it.

Anonymous 34241

I've met guys like that before, but they really aren't the norm. Ditch them girl.

Anonymous 34242

Makes sense, they don't have to face you irl so have confidence to be fucking weird.

They're just horny, hoping for nudes, and have no social skills.

Anonymous 34243

I don't talk to them irl but every single online conversation turns into that without fail. I'm done talking with them online.

Anonymous 34248

That's why you should only try speaking to people in RL. Computer people never go outside and so become freaky.

Anonymous 34262

This is the place where you're told to talk to people IRL. Otherwise, there's nowhere else you could get help.

Anonymous 34264

hypocritical self haters.

Anonymous 34266


I am single but I state everywhere I refuse to date or do anything sexual, doesn’t deter them ofc. And then I’ll have guys complain about me being like that and get mad and start insulting me bc of it. Makes me want to blow my brains out lmao

Anonymous 34267

It's another form of peacocking; "look at me, I'm sooo horny, gosh I've basically got a boner and everything". It's retarded but that's what a horny man is, a retard.

Anonymous 34274

He can't control his hormones. Poor thing. Whatever you do, don't meet up with him.

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