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Anonymous 34371

>open the blinds to let sunlight in
>wash my face and brush my teeth
>eat breakfast, roommate comes out and makes coffee
>talk about mundane shit
>sit down on the couch
>cat comes and curls up on my lap
>open my phone to bismuth.buffet to talk to all my friends
>huh, it’s taking longer than usual to load
>server has stopped responding
>begin to hyperventilate
>mash refresh
>still not loading
>start screaming
>cat hisses
>chuck her across the room
>roommate asks what the fuck my problem is
>ignore her and go straight to the kitchen to grab a bottle of pinot noir
>run to the bathroom where I keep my valium
>unload the entire container into my mouth and wash it down with wine
>roommate sees this and gets hysterical
>she must have realized emerald.eatery is down too
>vision becomes blurry and I start nodding off
>wakeup in the ER with a tube in my throat and my wrists restrained
>doctor comes in
>”Anon, how many times do we have to go through this?”
>eventually tube comes out and I earn enough princess points to get the restraints off
>hoarsely ask the nurse if she can bring me my phone
>she makes me do a social contract promising I won’t harm myself during my stay
>yeah yeah I know the drill
>search quartz.quarters
>site’s back up

So what do you guys do when crystal.cafe is down?

Anonymous 34373

Visit other chans, right?

Anonymous 34374

What imageboards does everyone browse regularly nowadays?

Anonymous 34375

i was sad about the downtime as well

none, they are all shit arisuchan.jp

Anonymous 34376

I actually had a mental breakdown yesterday.

I'm not saying it was crystal.cafe related, but that didn't fucking help.

>tfw I'm unironically a femanon

Anonymous 34377

arisu is one of the only boards I browse consistently, to be honest- there's always quality stuff there. highly recommended

Anonymous 34378


I think most older anons either grew out of it, or stick to IRC and discord

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