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Anonymous 35035

What does crystal cafe think about the whole ASMR scene? I've read that some girls are making up to 60-80k a year doing it.

Anonymous 35040

The girls in the ASMR field are basically cam girls. You cannot convince me otherwise.

I mean they can do what they want, but it's definitely a sexual thing.

Anonymous 35041

I'd love to hear how it's sexual. No bull shit, I have no idea how it could be taken that way and would like to hear your opinion.

On a side note, if I had one of those smoky 40 year old woman voices I'd do it. They always sound lovely. Instead the only people who do this shit are the weird whispery girls who seem to exists for pedophiles in denial and people who like the sound of somebody who's in mid-spit. Honestly, ASMR sounds disgusting.

Anonymous 35053

It's shit, obviously. Unfair, and only feeds to lowlife beta male creeps. Stacies expoloiting their looks and destroying their dignity.
Agree with this entirely. Disgusting. I have never found the appeal in it and I don't know how women who do this have even a spec of respect for themselves.

Anonymous 35055

>no one mentioning asmr isn't done by girls only
if this was all camwhoring stuff no guy would be popular doing it, meanwhile there are male channels more popular than 95% of female asmr channels like asmr zeitgeist and raffy taphy for instance

Anonymous 35057

>smoky 40 year old woman voices

What do you mean?

Anonymous 35069

MassageASMR is another good male one.

Anonymous 35070


I love women with this voice. Men hate it for whatever reason but it's so lovely to me

Anonymous 35075

How does someone make money doing that? They're just…whispering into a microphone?

Anonymous 35079

>there are no male camwhores

Anonymous 35126

i bet less than 5% of all camwhores are men and the percentage of male asmr channels is way higher than 5%

Anonymous 35163

It's basically just porn for sad lonely virginal guys looking intimacy instead of sex.

Anonymous 37183

Pretty much yeah.

The more interesting question, I think, is whether this is harmful or benign to society at large.

Anonymous 37202

ASMR itself is pretty nice, there's a couple of channels which are my go to when I absolutely cannot get anxiety out of my head and just get to sleep, or when I just need to relax.

The scene though is kinda weird.
There's a lot of people who seem to do it becuase they get ASMR themselves and figured why not. There's a whole bunch of people who have real production values and some really cool stuff - stories and characters and neat things.
Then there's this whole arm of it which is like… well, like a lot of this thread is talking about, where it absolutely IS a sex thing, and they just say "but its asmr uwu" when they make a video about licking the camera whilst wearing a bikini.
That stuff isnt representative, and should be thrown in the trash. It's just for the same kind of idiot men who got upset when Belle Delphine didnt make porn. I mean, props to them for finding a way to make money out of incels, but it really does cast a sort of shadow over the rest.

The good stuff is good stuff though, if you actually get asmr.

Anonymous 37205

Can you link some good stuff? I don't get ASMR very easily.

Anonymous 37214

How the fuck is asmr porn? Hell yeah i love masturbating to sounds of drawing with ballpoint pen

Anonymous 37318

ASMR is creepy

Anonymous 37350

I'm not that anon, but I love Ephemeral Rift, he does great stuff. He does some weird roleplays and his voice is so relaxing, I just love it.

Maybe not porn, but some ASMR is just sexual content

Anonymous 37353

> I've read that some girls are making up to 60-80k a year doing it.

outside of un-cited anon comments, no you haven't

Anonymous 37390

My god this goes for 30 goddamn minutes, not gonna lie, watching the lockpicking lawyer unlock pretty much the exact same thing in one tenth the time is a lot more satisfying and time-efficient. I know that isn't the point of the video, but watching this is awful to me. Plus I think LPL has a nice voice and a great way of just talking in general.

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