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Mysophobia Anonymous 35484

>Mysophobia, also known as […] germophobia, is a pathological fear of contamination and germs. […] obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) exhibited in repeatedly washing one's hands

Does anyone else suffer from this?
How severe are your symptoms?
Which pointless actions do you take because of your mysophobia, e.g. touching door handles with tissues, changing your pyjamas when they graze the "contaminated" doorframe, refusing to touch your hair with "contaminated" hands?

Anonymous 35486

I used to wash my hands up to ~50 times per shift when I worked as a cashier which caused them to be dry, cracking, and flaky all the time. I also used to shower 2-3 times a day because I felt gross all the time. I am a sweaty lady, but it was super unnecessary and my hair actually started to fall out lmao.
When in a public toilet I still wash my hands before peeing, then flush the toilet, then line the seat, then place toilet paper into the toilet so there is no splash, then wash my hands again (of course) and never touch washroom door handles. My toilet habits seem logical and common though.

By far my biggest fear is STDs, not necessarily colds or anything. I used to be constantly afraid that touching things in public or having someone else prepare food for me would give me herpes (secondarily chlamydia, gonorrhea, or syphilis, but herpes was the Big Fear). Even reassurance from my doctor that you can't even get it from toilets failed to quell my anxiety about it. This is still with me, and after shaking hands with a new friend I had to dip into the bathroom to wash my hands in case I'd catch something.

The funniest thing about this is that I used to cut two years ago (when I was peak germaphobe) and I'd go to town sterilizing my wounds because I was afraid of getting tetanus (despite having a shot for it). It was remarkably stupid.

What are your biggest fears, op? Like I said mine are STDs, but botulism also frightens me.

Anonymous 35489

i wash my hands every 30 min when in front of pc, my keyboard and mouse are spotless, otherwise i dont really feel the need to do it

Anonymous 35492

When was the last time you cleaned them?

Anonymous 35524

My fear is just the fear of contamination and other people's invisible dirt like bacteria itself, less the fear of diseases.

As soon as I touch coins, the handle of a shopping cart, public door handles etc., I become hyper-aware of the fact that those things have gone through thousands of other people's hands before. I feel restless and anxious until I get to wash my hands with soap for half a minute. Studies and articles about the lacking washing habits of the general populace are fuelling my irrational fears as well.

>reassurance from my doctor

Did you go to therapy? What kind of doctor did you ask?

Anonymous 35559

My bf is like this. When we go shopping he always makes me carry the basket/cart and even then he still sanitizes the handle and both of our hands before and after shopping.

On one hand I think it's annoying overkill, but I'm also a very dirty/messy person in general and I know the general public is as well so I can understand why you guys feel the way you do.

Anonymous 35593

Yeah, people are pretty gross. Going out and seeing them not wash their hands or pick their nose and have greasy hair doesn't help either. Money is the most disgusting because it's been everywhere. I've washed coins before lmao.

Do you sometimes wash your hands as a means of calming yourself even when the stressor isn't dirt/germs? I got a conditioned response after a while and it would comfort me to get clean if I'm anxious about other things (which also contributed to my showering issue).


Nah, I asked my GP when it came up because of other genital issues. I've kind of got this issue under control now, but I've shifted how I deal with anxiety onto a different outlet and would like to fix that someday soon since it's even more tiring.

Anonymous 35642

It IS overkill and it annoys me. Many people are dirty measured by my standards and they're not constantly sick or worrying about other people's germs sticking to their clothes or hands.

As a child and teenager, I never thought about these things, even climbed into bed with my street clothes on and so forth. I don't know how to go back to that carefree mindset.

>Do you sometimes wash your hands as a means of calming yourself
No, but I pick at my skin when I get anxious. I'm starting to notice the effect of too much hand washing (if the water's hot or just warm, my hands itch and almost hurt) so I'm trying to dial it down but it's hard to. I should really go to a doctor these days lol.

Anonymous 35644

Always wash your hands after eating chicken or you get an UTI. You know that drill by now.

Anonymous 35660

>can't get an UTI if you don't eat chicken

Anonymous 117298


Does anyone else wash their handcream tubes with soap before using them? Of course, I make sure that no water goes into the inside of the tube.

I do this because the thought of touching other people's bacteria and finger sweat plagues me but does washing packaging really remove the invisible dirt?

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