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Anonymous 35689

Is there a way to view what locations your instagram visitors come from? Asking because I live in a small town and have been instagram-stalking a guy I have a crush on. I don’t want him to know that I’ve been doing this.

Anonymous 35698

There is no possible way to do this. The only way they could know is if you click on their stories or like their posts.

Anonymous 35700


Good to know, thanks.

I'll try to quit this stupid insta-stalking habit. Shit's not healthy.

Anonymous 35703

Are you 100% sure about it? What about all those apps and softwares that promise you to find out detailed information about your visitors?

Anonymous 35714

Those are all scams designed to lure you into giving them access to your account, then they steal your info or send out mass DMs to your followers to advertise other products. That is if the apps even exist and aren't just a way to trick people into filling out a "survey".

Anonymous 35720

As the other miner pointed out, its a scam and not possible.

Instagram also changed their whole api thing too around 2016 which all but killed 3rd party sites/apps. Even then the only purpose they served was to better filter instagram results (filter pics by tag and results by location).

Anonymous 35762

Thanks. I can sleep in peace now.

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