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developing self assurance Anonymous 35786

have any of you gals found a way to battle your insecurities and the toxicity of the world?

ive always lacked confidence as a kid ,since i was an ostracized aspie but discovering online attention has worsen it.
i like imageboards cause muh edgy bants but ive found myself internalizing weird ideas of creepy men(for example alot of chans are filled with pedos shaming adult women,poll accks ,general body shaming etc).its doing wonders for my insecurities and ed thoughts

it would be noic to be confident on yourself and not depend on others opinion

Anonymous 35790


>have any of you gals found a way to battle … the toxicity of the world?

No. I suffer everyday and it will never end.

Anonymous 35791

ohhh ;0;


Anonymous 35794

I wish I had tips but at the end of the day idek if we struggle from the same sort of insecurity.

When dealing with others I know they judge me as not attractive because I'm not perfect or whatever, but ironically I absolutely love how I look. So I'm ashamed when interacting with people at times but also would never change myself and I tend to design characters that look like me. Also would fuck myself 100%.

There was a time when I did hate how I looked though. I think I've just spent so long staring at myself that I've accepted it. Watching/reading bodyposi stuff from ""objectively uglier"" women also helped, as has art. Depicting myself and ugly people turned me on to the idea that traditionally unattractive features can be aesthetic. If you have a knack for art I recommend that heavily. Otherwise idk. Fixing feelings is abstract and there's no clear trick to it.

My goal now is to stop caring what others think. I'm working on it, but it is hard at times.

Anonymous 37070

anon iii

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79670

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