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Tall vs. short guys Anonymous 35963

Which do you prefer? What do you consider the ideal? Pros and cons? (and maybe state your own height too)

Anonymous 35964

If he's any more than a full head and shoulders above me, I find it just makes things awkward.

Anonymous 35965

Not so awkward that you'd reject their love, right?

Anonymous 35968

Assuming I'm the 4th guy's height, the 1st guy would be too tall for me but the other two are perfectly okay.

>Cons of tall guys

Having to crane my neck to look up into his face. Feeling like a child talking to her dad.

>Pros of being near my height

It's easier to kiss and hold his face and he can put his head on my shoulder when we hug. I feel closer to him.

Anonymous 35969

I like the guy to be taller than me I agree with >>35964
(super tall guys get enough girls lusting after them irl anyway.)
I used like dudes who're shorter than me, but I've had a lot of bad experiences with them. I'll probably have to settle for a manlet eventually, but they're just…ew.

Context: I'm 5'6 but I have weird tall-girl proportions so I look really tall in solo full-body photos. This mean I attract A LOT of short guys in my DMs who want me to step on them. I wish I was kidding.

Anonymous 35973


Manlets are the best to me based on looks alone, the perfect blend of adorable and sexy. Just by being shorter than me a man is at least 7/10 on my scale, often more tbh. I think originally I just found them cute but it's really become a huge fetish for me to the point of getting turned on just by being in close proximity to a smaller guy.
Can't walk too fast. Will be cute even into old age thanks to small size. If skelly he'll be weaker than me. For girls that are into muscles, manlets appear beefy more quickly. If he dates a taller girl it's big dick energy because he doesn't care about societal norms.
Sadly many have ego issues and won't date taller. Or will go gym crazy to "make up" for height. Or are straight up incels and hate women.

Thx for thread op. I love taking every chance I can to sperg about manlets. If I ever do get a tiny bf I think I'll just cry all the time because I have so much love in my heart.

What were your bad experiences? We're the same height actually. I guess I've also had unpleasant experiences with them so far (rejection) but I'm not attracted to anything else. So. Rip.

Anonymous 35975


Considering every short guy I've met is so insecure about his height that it's all he ever cares or talks about, I have a general liking towards taller or average height men.

I'm 5'8, my boyfriend is 6', I don't really think it would normally play that much of a role in a relationship, so I don't have an actual preference.

I just hate it when men are so conscious about something they can't change, it's really repulsive in my opinion. Accepting it is far better, even if so many want to apply to the Stacey standard because every man tends to think that women only like tall guys.

(pic related to OP's pic, tallest guy is "Large")

Anonymous 35993


It always changes! I think I love both tall and short guys. I'm a bit over 5'8.
When I was younger I would fantasize about really short guys (like 5'-5'3) all the time and I'd seek out manga about them lol. I really liked the idea of both dominant and submissive short guy, they are always so hot. And like >>35973 said, if he is willing to date a taller girl, it means he is top tier just by virtue of defying social norms.
On the other hand, tall guys are so cute! I like how lanky and awkward they are. They are great for doing anything romantic with (cuddling, kissing, sex), and taller bf = taller offspring. I also think taller guys are much nicer on average and they are of course much more likely to date me than a tiny guy.

Anonymous 35999

It's so strange how nearly everybody here seems to be prefer shorties?

I hate myself for being into asian guys, virtually none of them are tall enough for me. sad lol

Anonymous 36000

>Which do you prefer?
Neither, they both have pros and cons.
>What do you consider the ideal?
The ideal would be that I'm 6'3'' and have a boyfriend that is shorter than me, like 5'7'', at least less than 6 feet tall. But I'm not, I'm 5'4'', so if I wanted a guy shorter than me, he'd be…very short. It's not so much the height I have an issue with as the proportioning, in general, for everyone, I don't prefer the proportions of the short.
>Pros and cons?
I had a bf who was 5'5''. It was nice, I liked cuddling because we could easily switch between who was cuddling/holding who, he worked out so he could still pick me up, sex wasn't awkward.

Another bf was 6'1''. The pro of that was that he could very easily pick me up even though he didn't work out (a guilty pleasure of mine is being picked up). It was nice being cuddled by him, but since he was so much bigger than me proportionally, I could not cuddle him because his shoulders were too wide for me to wrap my arms around him :^( so that wasn't too nice. Sex could sometimes be weird due to the height difference as well. I didn't like how I felt like I couldn't wear heels without infringing on his self-esteem. I suspect he worked out a lot to make up for his insecurity in height.

I don't really have a preference for either, it's not a deal breaker for me. If I were to date a tall bf in the future, I'd hope they are a slimmer tall guy so I can cuddle him as well. I liked how he didn't care about height.

In general, it's annoying af when men care about height. It's not hot at all, if a short guy is sweet and caring, no one is going to care he's short. In fact, I'd find it hot if I were taller, but I know that's unlikely, and like I said, by the time a person is shorter than me, I don't prefer their proportions.

Anonymous 36001

It’s the type of person that this website tends to attract. Liking the smol boys is seen as odd, at least in my country. The 5’11=manlet meme had to come from somewhere.

I hope you find your tall Asian bf anon.

Anonymous 36003

>The ideal would be that I'm 6'3'' and have a boyfriend that is shorter than me
I found my kindred spirit on this imageboard.

Which kind of Asian? Apparently Korea has the tallest guys among East Asians.

Anonymous 36004

I'm a weeb and kboo, so… I heard that too, but probably still not tall enough (at least according to what I have seen)

Anonymous 36014

What is it about their proportions that's a turn off? Less graceful? Or too childlike? I've heard that wrt both men and women.
I agree with wanting to be an amazon though, but I'd still chase after the tiniest of men tbh. Being over a foot taller than a bf would be hot as fuck.

We have a large concentration of femdomfags here which I'm sure contributes. I'm >>35973 and that's the case with me.

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