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Anti Pornography Anonymous 35979

Are you anti porn? Considering that most of us on cc are feminists, if not all, we should be against it.

It misrepresents women, ruins relationships, contributes to people becoming degenerates, is the main cause of men being the mongrels they are or can be and is overall unnecesarry, seeing that two or three decades ago it was nowhere and our society was just as well off as now.

Of course we can't go back to things being like that and we're stuck with it always being around now, but enforcing stricter rules for what it can contain, who can access it and such would be great. Because entirely removing it just won't work anymore, sadly.

Do you agree that porn is bad, both generally and for humans as a whole? Let's discuss.

Anonymous 35980

Depends on how you define porn.
I like hentai and lewd audio dramas.
And male solo masturbation vids/solo pics of dicks/naked men.

But I don't watch 'real' filmed porn.
So many feminists hate 'porn' but what they really mean is they hate how women get degraded filming it.

Anonymous 35982

Fast food joints are bad as well, because they contribute to the rise in diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Anonymous 35984

> It misrepresents women
You're not the spokesperson of all women.

> ruins relationships

If someone's relationship finds its end because of porn, I couldn't care less about it.

> contributes to people becoming degenerates

As do many things. Having the freedom to make mistakes is a good thing, as long as the choice is yours to make.

> is the main cause of men being the mongrels they are or can be

It's not the main cause, it's a symptom of it. Not porn in general, but the degenerate aspects of it.

> is overall unnecesarry

Most things are unnecessary. This isn't even a value judgement. This means nothing.

Are you sure you are a feminist? No offense, Anon, but this looks like something an incel riding the no-fap train would come up with.

Anonymous 35985

Does anyone get a kind of sadistic kick from porn? A lot of feminists like to pretend that porn is something that women are forced into but they willingly choose to humiliate themselves on camera for the validation and money. They're inferior, make bad decisions, and they deserve it.
>inb4 incel

I guess someone can argue that porn promotes violence during sex but let's be real, shitty guys would have done that anyway. And you can detect them from a mile away. Porn really only exacerbates the shitty low-quality guys while the more decent guys might look at softcore, more "gentle" porn and not become obsessed with it. Some guys are even grossed out by porn because of how trashy it can get.

Anonymous 35986

It's complicated

I think porn addiction is real, and it changes population's perceptions of sex and sexual preferences. Having a shaved pussy is basically a requirement these days and anal is practically a given after a few months. I'm no prude, but I've had to pass up on a ton of otherwise decent guys because they expect to get blown in their dad's BMW in the IHOP parking lot after a first date because that's what porn has taught them to expect.
However, I watch porn, including the hardcore stuff or weird fetish stuff. I can go NoPorn for a while, but I will still masturbate. The porn just helps me get off quicker.
I see no problem with porn given that I'm a single adult woman who has maybe a 1% chance of finding a long-term bf in the current market without literally fucking every guy in my local area until one sticks. But my issue is with the young men and women who are choosing porn/masturbation over their partner. It makes me sad that these people are so unhappy in a relationship that they would rather do what they did when they were single.

Anonymous 35988

> they expect to get blown in their dad's BMW in the IHOP parking lot after a first date because that's what porn has taught them to expect.
No decent guy expects that. He didn't have morals in the first place, porn just made it more socially acceptable to not have them. I'd say it's actually better this way because you can weed out the undesirable men quickly and easily.

Anonymous 35990

>Having a shaved pussy is basically a requirement these days and anal is practically a given after a few months.

Yeah I hate it when a grand jury indicts me for not doing anal

What the hell are you talking about lol. Nothing is 'required'. Just find someone else with reasonable expectations.

Anonymous 35992

>>Having a shaved pussy is basically a requirement these days and anal is practically a given after a few months.

Where is the hell did you get that idea? Anal is extremely common but is hardly considered a given, and there is no good reason not to shave down there so I'm not going to even comment on that. Like do you realize that pubic lice basically don't exist any more? That was us, our generation did that.

>>in their dad's BMW in the IHOP parking lot

Oh wait, you're dating guys who drive their dads' fancy cars but then take their dates to IHOP? Maybe be more selective with the guys you pursue and you'll have better luck.

Anonymous 35994

This is a foolish post, and you should feel like a fool for making it

Anonymous 35997

>It makes me sad that these people are so unhappy in a relationship that they would rather do what they did when they were single.
Okay, so what happens when your partner is not in the mood for sex, and yet you are sexually frustrated? I'm not going to demand anything from them, I'm going to masturbate, may with/out porn, because I respect their desires. Jesus fuck.

Anonymous 36006


It's degeneracy, a cancer on our society, harms women, wrecks relationships, and makes people weak. I'm curious to know in the coming decades if society will become even more sexualized or if people will wake up and start to understand the effects of pornography use. The fact that many men these days have basically broken their dicks from watching so much that they can't even perform with a real partner anymore would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic.

Anonymous 36007

I've read about porn addicts who reject their partners in favor of porn. It happens.
Personally I'm always in the mood so if if I lived with a guy I'd be upset if he used his dick outside of time with me.

Yeah, the ED is one of things that pisses me off most about porn.

Anonymous 36011

My bf dropped porn completely after realizing that lifetime of fapping gave him ED when we tried sex stuff. He himself noticed how much more "clear" his mind is and how he has energy to do shit now that he doesnt watch it. This shit is like a drug and works well with keeping young guys docile. Hell i'd say its the worst kind of drug because you can get it anywhere and it doesnt cost anything + spiraling out of controll isnt as noticeable as with other drugs.

Anonymous 36015

>no good reason not to shave down there
Not being a contortionist, not wanting ingrown hairs and nicks, hating how itchy it gets when it grows back in.
I just trim it when it starts looking like a little beard.

Anonymous 36016

>these days and anal is practically a given after a few months
Here's what probably happened to this miner
>Boyfriend:hey babe, would you like to try anal?
>miner:No, I'm not ready for something like that, and I can't say if I'll ever be.
>miner(to her friends irl and anonymous people online: My boyfriend keeps pushing for anal sex! Porn has ruined his brain!!!

Anonymous 36017

I'm skeptical of the claim that porn actually causes any of the social ills alluded to in this thread. Much of the research cited in this area is pretty shoddy and clearly suffers from motivated reasoning. Still other alleged harms have no evidence whatever substantiating them.

Anonymous 36021

Porn has the interesting effect of making it so men and women have no real sexual need for each other, and in fact waiting for your partner to share that experience is less convenient than just getting off alone.

It could have interesting effects toward promoting a future society where men and women see very little need to associate with each other. Could be a cool dystopia.

Anonymous 36022

Yeah, I don't see why hating porn would make me an incel. What I stated in the original post is what I firmly believe.
Don't tell me you wouldn't be afraid to hear that your bf is whacking it to other women, that shit's immoral. And what >>36011 said, too.

Anonymous 36025

>there is no good reason not to shave down there

how about not wanting to scrape razor blades against your genitals, one of if not the most sensitive part of your body? enjoy the inevitable accidental cuts and ingrown hairs lol.


Anonymous 36026

It's not just the convenience. People have been socialized to view and keep themselves as separate from the world. This plays out in the way we live with as few people around us as possible, despite our incessant physical need for closeness. It's a mental illness that affects 100% of people. The desire to watch porn instead of being close to your significant other is just another symptom of this problem.

Anonymous 36027

The problem with banning/restricting porn is that people will find other worse outlets to release their sexual frustrations. Look at south korea lmao
I don't think porn is bad if the person watching it is aware of how unrealistic it is. There should be more education done on that part, sadly for some people that is not common sense.
Blaming porn for ruining relationships and men being mongrels though… I can't roll with that. It's the same as blaming alcohol, it's not the substance, it's the weak willed persons fault. Porn addiction is a thing.

I would be interested in hearing how to regulate it though. I feel like porn just shouldn't be a thing when you're in a relationship with an always readily available partner.

Why is it foolish? Men with common sense exist. There are a lot of brainlets obviously, same with women.

>how about not wanting to scrape razor blades against your genitals, one of if not the most sensitive part of your body? enjoy the inevitable accidental cuts and ingrown hairs lol.
Eh, I've been shaving on and off since I was 10 and I've never ever had considered that an issue. Never had an ingrown hair since I shave correctly and the few times I nicked myself with a razor I did not even feel it. Getting a cut down there is the same as any other place.
There are plenty of legit reasons to not shave but fear of cuts is not one of them.

Personally I wish I could laser away everything around the vagina/anus and leave my bush.

Anonymous 36028

>Eh, I've been shaving on and off since I was 10
Why the fuck would a 10-year-old child shave her vagina?!

Anonymous 36030

Because hair started growing and I wanted to try it out and I wore a swimsuit? I entered puberty really early and I had to shave my armpits/bikini zone. I got my period a year later.
There doesn't have to be a sexual reason you perv, imagine the embarrassment I'd have to go through if I wore a swimsuit with a nice lil bush sticking out.

Anonymous 36032

I also grew hair early and got my period at that age, but nevertheless, "oh hey, there's hair growing on my private parts, i guess that's bad, i guess i'll have to shave it, otherwise i can't go swimming" is not a normal kids thought process - unless you were told or shown that women have to shave down there.

Is this some kind of tranny fantasy? Teehee, just normal girl things, like shaving your bush as a 4th grader?!

Call me a "perv" all you want, but you know exactly that this is not normal.

Anonymous 36033

I sense a lot of rage in combination with not being informed of social standards and hygiene as a child… Did you maybe have neglectful parents? Because your definition of normal seems to, well, fall out of the norm.

Anonymous 36035

Anon, parents not telling a literal child that she has to shave if she want to wear a bathing suit does not mean they're neglectful. That's got nothing to do with "hygenie", it's solely an aesthetic thing.

Anonymous 36036

I don't think it's strange for a child to want to shave or not, both ways are normal for that age. Personally I shaved when I went swimming at around age 10 because no one else had hair down there and I didn't want attention on my privates.

Anonymous 36037

It's not a tranny fantasy kek
I was really a little kid back then, I still took baths with my mom and ran across my apartment butt naked to get dressed, that's when her or my dad pointed it out. Mom showed me how to shave my armpits and I applied the same knowledge to my bikini area.
It's not normal getting into puberty that early I suppose, but what can you do when that happens, life's a bitch and we have to act accordingly. Believe me I wish I didn't have my breasts growing when I was only 9 and then spent the next 7 years depressed they haven't changed at all since I was a kid while I was forced to watch all my other late bloomer friends get big breasts in a course of a month.

Anonymous 36038


I really hate when people are this ideological. Tranny fantasy? Are you serious? We get it, you think shaving is wrong and bad for women, patriarchy, etc. But would you prefer that a 10-year old would have pubes sticking out of the bathing suit and feeling self-conscious about it, maybe even bullied? And for what?
I also hit puberty way early than my peers and I would try to hide my developing boobs all the time. Kids (and adults) do notice, that's just how the world works.

Anonymous 36040

I think you're forgetting that for people without a SO porn facilitates sexual release

Anonymous 36042

You’re not allowed to be my children’s godmother Anon

Anonymous 36384

it's not possible to get rid of but it would be nice if things went back to the way they used to be when you couldn't just stumble upon it on google images

Anonymous 36385

you can literally just turn on safe search for that. the option has always been there, it's just off by default now i think(?).

Anonymous 36419


Anonymous 36420

Anonymous 36421

Bundy pulled that shit out of his ass to cast the blame on anything but himself. A better example would be Richard Ramirez.

Anonymous 36423

I don't like porn and it mostly disgusts me. I honestly wish my boyfriend felt the same, but he doesn't and it's very unlikely I will ever meet a man like that in this day and age.

I would never try to control what other people watch, though. That's kind of shitty man.

Anonymous 36424

you know there's a line for embedding youtube videos in comments, right?

Anonymous 36426

Anonymous 36430

>Having a shaved pussy is basically a requirement these days and anal is practically a given after a few months.

I straight don't believe this anymore based on my one and only normie boyfriend of three years. I know that's not enough evidence for some, but I don't care, being with a living guy has completely changed how I view mainstream media like movies and shit where the characters in the romcom or even serious drama ALWAYS have some line around anal or hairy pussys, either as jokes or some social commentary. I'm convinced these are done by writers who're already weird sheltered sociopaths who think it's like 'taboo' or some stock-funny you must put in, like the stupid wilhelm scream. Gotta have an anal reference, it's not a romcom without one. Guy falls of building, gotta have wilhelm scream.

Second month in bf simply tells me one night before sexing "You don't have to shave here, you know." Because I was paranoid as hell about this and always made sure I was slick as fuck before every time, and he just bluntly tells me he prefers it natural. And after three years anal has never even entered our conversations. We've talked kinks/different sex stuff and the 'weirdest' he's gotten is he specifically loves handjobs in the shower.

Anonymous 41511


>anti pornagraphy thread
Chaim, we must shut it down
The shiksas know too much

Anonymous 41517

Feminist porn exists, and it's wonderful. Look up the Feminist Porn Awards winners at http://www.feministpornawards.com/ and at https://torontointernationalpornfestival.com/category/winner2018/

The problem is that healthy, good-quality porn takes a good deal of money to make, and people aren't willing to pay up for something they can get for free.

So, when a feminist porn maker wants to pay their performers a fair wage, and give them enough downtime, and also spend more money on cinematography and setting up the scene, they can't sell it on DVD or online and not lose money, because the competition – streaming porn websites – give it away for free.

It's sad, and the only way out is for women to pay for good, ethical porn.

Here's the ethos behind the current feminist porn scene:



Here are some feminist porn websites:


Anonymous 41518

Why do I feel like OP is a male searching for prints?

Anonymous 41580

Sex should always start with the ass.

t. man

Anonymous 41584

The lgbt board is on 4chan, fren.

Anonymous 41585

>I would never try to control what other people watch
>That's kind of shitty
Except it's not shitty to have standards. I don't think all people who watch porn are bad, but a vast majority are ignorant and possibly also have an addiction to it (which is serious, even if it seems harmless). It's already been discussed on the thread, but aside from obvious themes of violence, the women who do porn are often underpaid, guilted into doing it (often lied to before the initial shoot), and possibly even abused by their "partners" on set. I forgot his name, but there was a male porn star who choked his costar while filming, for a kink type video, to the point she was nearly strangled. The crew tried to get him off of her from how far he took it; he said he no longer felt pleasure from sex with women or kinks like choking, that he lost most of his attraction to women, and started to see his female costars as objects. He'd get really violent, and his costars were scared of him and no longer wanted to work. He left the spotlight for a while, but now he's filming again, a movie about "consensual sex" no less.

Anonymous 41754

>two or three decades ago it was nowhere and our society was just as well off as now.
You know what also has no practical value? Art. We could live without it, so why have it? Also, quoting >>35982, why would you want to eat food that tastes good? Omg thats so degenerate. Why enjoy things?? Why do certain kinds of entertainment exist??? Thats illegal.
Eating only (or lets say looking at) food made by 3 star michelin chefs is degeneracy because then people will have super high standards for food, and all the bad cooks will be excluded from society FOREVER.
People should only do practical things, why would people want any kind of entertainment when they clearly should live a life of purity and chastity close to the Lord and get their entertainment from Jesus??

Anonymous 41755


Anonymous 41756

I think the better comparison would be porn to fast food. And if you overeat fast food…come on, you know what happens.
A fast food addict is fat, unhealthy, and most likely prefers it to healthy food. Due to their increasing appetite they will also begin consuming more (20 pack nugs and a large fries instead of a 6 pack meal).

That isn't to say restaurants in general are bad though, healthier options exist (comparison here is ethical or amateur porn) while still providing you with a meal you don't have to cook yourself.

t. Once both a fatty and a porn addict

Anonymous 41914

Bf expects me to give him oral all the time because girls in porn drink cum like it's delicious. It's fucking nasty and he takes that as I hate him because I dont want his cum in my stomach at all times. Porn is trash and horrible for women.

Anonymous 41915

Pornography is significantly less likely to kill the consumer than heterosexual intercourse. Fast food is significantly more likely to kill the consumer than a home prepared meal.

Anonymous 41925

Well groomed, organic prostitutes allowed to roam into the wild provide significantly less risk of death than fastfood cuisine, assuming decent protections.

Anonymous 41932

Replace the general health fast food affects with libido and sexual function.

But really I think it's only certain people who get fucked up by porn, sort of like it's only certain people who get fucked up by junk food. People who tend towards addiction or are on the spectrum with a high libido can just get obsessed and addicted. Then escalation happens and you find yourself getting off to mpreg torture and rape which no man irl can/will satisfy, and it begins to distract you from your responsibilities. You start needing to jerk off in public washrooms and become unable to concentrate. Socializing becomes weird since you view everyone sexually and want to mutilate and anally rape all your male friends. Not great.

So…I guess I'm not 100% anti-porn anyway. I've managed to "cure" myself so I can enjoy it at a healthy rate, only once a month or so with imagination every other time.
But I do believe it should be less accessibly to children. Had I not been able to get at it as a young teen I probably wouldn't have ended up addicted in my late teens, and I'm sure this is the case with many others.

But anon, if you're one of those lucky fuckers who can enjoy things in moderation by nature, good for you!
Or maybe you're one of those people who watches, reads, and draws porn for hours a day and don't want to admit you have a problem. I hope you wake up if that's the case. Life can be better.

Anonymous 42036


I’m going to venture a guess that there are way bigger issues at play there than your bf’s porn usage.

Anonymous 42037

never seen so many words meaning so little

Anonymous 42047

Say you've read somewhere that pineapple makes cum tastier and he needs to add it to his diet if he wants to get sucked off.

Or, you know, just tell him flatly you don't like doing oral that much. You could always just use your words.

Anonymous 42049

More like your bf is an expert at manipulation. Trust me, I grew up with one.

Anonymous 42468


I don't believe your argument or in censorship of any kind. I don't need my government to be my nanny. By all means, why don't you rally for some kind of "prohibition" on it. I'm sure that will go swimmingly. As for me I'm the type of feminist who believed in net neutrality. fourth wave feminists, you probably don't even remember what that was like, so don't speak for the group. You seriously don't cringe a bit when you hear the words "enforcing stricter rules" come out of your mouth? We're all consenting adults here, not children. you're allowed to have your safe space on the internet, don't you dare try to take that freedom away from others.

Anonymous 42476

what if I only watch femdom porn?

Anonymous 42492

I'm thinking about doing porn for money actually. I'm neet so nothing else I could do.

Anonymous 42493

> mpreg torture and rape which no man irl can/will satisfy, and it begins to distract you from your responsibilities. You start needing to jerk off in public washrooms and become unable to concentrate. Socializing becomes weird since you view everyone sexually and want to mutilate and anally rape all your male friends. Not great.


Anonymous 42537


Yes I am a conservative and I unrionically believe it is a tool of the

Katosx 42563

TFW I was about to get that on the first date, but refused to get head on the first date, the kisses were great though.
Also sometimes porn helps in stress relief, when you can't do any other activity that relief yourself, like sports or hobbies, maybe it is because of the frenetic way of living we have nowadays, and it affects everyone of us.

Anonymous 42584


Why are you promoting this man's name on a somewhat obscure girl imageboard?

Anonymous 42587

Is this a butch lesbian?

Anonymous 42589

As long as it does not involve actual exploitation no problem with it at all

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