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Are there any ways to make quick cash? Anonymous 36131

I'm underweight so I can't donate plasma. I will never donate eggs or my womb, it's creepy. I don't plan to do anything illegal either. But I do need fast cash…

So. If you have any ideas, it would be cool to talk about them. I've really dug myself into a hole.

Anonymous 36132

Start an ASMR YouTube channel and peddle simulated human contact to lonely internet schmucks for patreon money

Anonymous 36133

I think that market may be oversaturated. Also it sounds kind of sad for the schmucks..

Anonymous 36134

Maybe try old fashioned camming then?

Anonymous 36136

No, I'm seeing someone and it wouldn't be fair to them.

Anonymous 36137

Surveys like Prolific?

Anonymous 36140

if you have all the time in the
world amazon.turk or whatever it's called but be lucky to make more than $8/hr.

If you need quick cash then sell/pawn some unused stuff. There's also credit-cards (the intro ones with low interest rates) and if absolutely necessary payday loans.

Anonymous 36141

Saddle with them as a provider. I feel disgusted posting this advice, by the way.

Anonymous 36148

Get him (or her?) in on the cam too, couples are pretty popular I think.

Anonymous 36151

what is amazon.turk?

Then why give it? Also I couldn't do that to them, nor would they be capable of it.

I've always heard surveys tend to be scams or something, but do you know any genuine ones?

Anonymous 36165

>I've always heard surveys tend to be scams or something, but do you know any genuine ones?
They're not all scams, there's genuine ones. That anon recommended "Prolific" which does surveys(?), I'm not familiar with it though. Unfortunately I can't remember the names of the ones I'm familiar with, I'll try to find a link when i finish this post.

Surveys can be really awful though, sometimes you fall outside of their target demographic and your survey won't count (something as simple as being under 30 might discount your survey) and they take longer than what they claim. So you might calculate you could earn X per hour, but in practice it's usually far less than that. That was my experience at least and that was a few years ago with a pretty shitty one, I bet this sort of thing is much better now.

Try some of the ones mentioned here:
(hope cc doesn't nom nom the link)

Anonymous 36166

Do you have a pair of knee pads?

Anonymous 36168

Ah thank you for going into depth. I'll check it out. Not like I have much to lose if I don't make a lot.. I just don't want to be literally wasting my time if I won't be getting anything out of it.

I mentioned the fact that I won't be doing anything illegal.

Anonymous 36169

Do you own a car? You could try doing Uber, or Uber Eats if you don't feel like driving people around.

Anonymous 36174

And what are those for?

Anonymous 36175

live stream skateboarding obviously.

Anonymous 36176


you could become like liara roux
perfectly legal somehow lmao

Anonymous 36218

Is sex an unstated part of her "services" or is it just rich dudes seriously just interested in her company? She comes off as kinda condescending in her interivews and she's attractive, but not WOW attractive.

Anonymous 36262


I looked her up out of curiosity and found pic-related. No idea what to make of it.

There are definitely rich men who are willing to shell out money for female company without sex. I wonder if there are similar "official" services out there for rich women where they can buy the company of some hot, younger guy for a day.

Anonymous 36742

Piss off /biz/, it isn't time for thots yet.

Anonymous 36754

Wth, I googled her and she looks so basic in most of her pics?!

Anonymous 36765

Teach english online.

Anonymous 36768


She's more of a fetish fantasy
>looks young, almost like a child in some photos
>has big but well-kept bush and hairy underarms
>very playful demeanor instead of your typical escort that is uppity stuck up pseudo high class bitch
>is smol af
That makes her pretty unique as far as escorts go.

Anonymous 36770

Are selling feet pics completely out of the question? That is pretty harmless imo

Anonymous 36772


>looks young, almost like a child in some photos
No lol She's aging hard and was never more than average to begin with (she looks like at least 2 different teachers I had…)
The way she dresses and presents herself is also super frumpy.

And to your pic, yikes…

Anonymous 36777

she looks very attractive in that pic. you sound jelly tbh

Anonymous 36780

>you're just jealous!!!
Or maybe I just don't have the low standards of a male who has to shill out a few 1000 for some whore just to get his dick wet.

Anonymous 36795

t. male

or maybe shes a jealous femcel. she is objectively very pretty. there is no reason to say rude things about someone that arent true unless youre actually just projecting

Anonymous 36796

>looks young, almost like a child in some photos
>well-kept bush and hairy underarms
Pick one.

By the way, is it bad that I like the fact men are attracted to her "despite" her bush and hairy underarms? If I have a cute face, can I also go natural and still have someone be attracted to me?

Anonymous 36797

body hair IS cute

Anonymous 36805

>Pick one.
You don't have to pick one, those aren't mutually exclusive. That other anon obviously meant her face and/or body shape was childlike.

Anonymous 36822

>beautiful women are ugly
>a not-obese frame is childlike

Anonymous 36857

idk who you're quoting but literally nobody has said "a not-obese frame is childlike" or drawn any connections to pedophilia. Learn some comprehension skills.

Anonymous 36861

seconding this, she looks like a slim adult woman

Anonymous 36963

How fast do you need it? If within a week you can search for temporary jobs in your area. There are also lots of jobs online, for instance when you are a native English speaker or are willing to learn graphic design, but it very much depends on how much effort you want to put into this. Probably working on weekends and evenings is the easiest option.

Anonymous 37054

Take a loan and let the future take care of itself.

Anonymous 37099

While i can easily imagine this happening in America, it's generally agreed on by financial institutes not to provide a loan if you ask for one and say you're unemployed and have no assets. I.e. this is a really dumb idea.

Anonymous 37135

Your father gives out the loans. Doesn't he? :^)

Anonymous 37160


Anonymous 37161


Anonymous 40785

You could try selling stuff you no longer want in Facebook selling groups that are local to you.

Anonymous 40793

You must be a male furry.

Anonymous 40842

If being a furry is your thing then that's your thing.

I just don't want to ever picture you having furry ugly sex lol.

Anonymous 40844

>being so brainwashed you mock the natural human form, comparing it to sexualised fnaf cosplay

Anonymous 40845

>being so lazy that you neglect personal hygiene and your appearance

Gross tbh.

Anonymous 40846

theres nothing unhygienic about body hair. Im not going to even reply to the second part. youre either a male or very brainwashed

Anonymous 40847

>Doesn't neglect my personal appearance
>Must be male

You seem brainwashed to me lmao.

Anonymous 40848

thinking that not shaving your body hair to appeal to male pedo fetishes is "neglecting personal appearance" is brainwashed

Anonymous 40849

>shaving appeals to a pedo fetish

I doubt shaving is going to make anyone look that much younger, but whatever helps you cope, bigfoot.

Anonymous 40850

>body hair fetish = furry
Like it or not, some men like a god damn forest down there.

All this over some porn star/escort. Hope OP got her money situation sorted out.

Anonymous 40851

Well I've personally never dated a gorilla before so I wouldn't know.

Anonymous 40852

it shouldnt be about what men like. hair is natural, its not a fetish. shaven is a fetish

Anonymous 40853

>All these furries


Anonymous 40864

She's an escort, so it does matter what men like. If she started waxing religiously, her follower demographic would change dramatically and she may lose some of her biggest (and richest) fans.
No matter how "woke feminist" sex workers seem, all of their choices with their body are made with their almost entirely male clientele in mind. They are businesswomen and their body is their product.

Anonymous 40865

Im talking about body hair in general not the woman who was posted

Anonymous 40866

This. Liara only cares about $$$. She charges $1000/hour and pushes to legalise protitution so she can profit from it, ignoring that most people in prositution are trafficked, groomed, or in desperate circumstances. OP can do better than that.

Anonymous 40867

>You're making yourself look like a child


Anonymous 40870

Yes they would. Go read about all the poor Eastern European women forced to work in German and Dutch brothels.

Anonymous 40874

Dumb man detected

Anonymous 40877

Anonymous 40880

Human trafficking rates are actually higher in countries that have legalized prostitution.


Anonymous Janitor 40892

Try to stay on topic, anons. If you want to discuss female body hair create your own thread or use a preexisting one like >>>/hb/4073

Anonymous 40925

bitch got that.web…

Does college debt considered as part of human trafficing or slavery?

> easy cash
Sell something, that you don't need or could produce.

As far i see porn, cams and pictures is big no for you, so sell something you don't need. That could be some electronics like kitchen tv.

Anyway, get a lesson out of such situation and try save a little monies fot situations like this. Yeah, it's hard to not spend all monies you got, especially in teens/early 20-s, that means you need to do it in smarter way.

For example after every paycheck or another income i buy several coka-cola stocks. They cost like $50-55, but selling them requires some actions, that i won't be able to do in a 10 mins, even if "huuuh, i really need those headphones".

So, now i brag about "muh stocks" and "i'm a guuurl investor" irl, but with that i got somehow a lots of spare monies if i really need them.

Anonymous 40982

Not that anon but "objectively very pretty"? Maybe to fucking incel nerds online and you know it. I'm tired of people pretending like you're supposed to have their basement dweller standards of beauty when I see 1000s of beautiful women in Europe and America everyday.

Anonymous 41006

gj replying to a post from 2 months ago so you can point out that a woman is ugly

Anonymous 41052

Ikr. This is why men think we're all petty bitches

Anonymous 41783

OP here. I never did. I simply fell deeper into the hole. I think that I've ruined my life honestly. Sometimes I think "maybe I could just go on a few dates and talk to old men, it wouldn't have to be sexual", and I hate myself for it.

Eh. Life sucks.

Anonymous 41786

Sell sugar canes!

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