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Post handsome Slavic men Anonymous 36225

Anonymous 36226


Anonymous 36227


Anonymous 36228

omg, he is so good looking >< so cute and beautiful, wow. this kind of look doesn't seem to be popular at all in my slavic country, what a shame.
i see men like >>36225 or >>36227 daily but they aren't my type at all.

Anonymous 36229


Yes he is so cute.
I love him even if I'm not a tattoo fan girl.

Anonymous 36230


Anonymous 36234

who is this guy? You guys can't just post a qt like this without a name

Anonymous 36235


Anonymous 36237


Sasha trautvein, my russian boyfriend.

Anonymous 36238

Hé is cute but not Slavic.
I prefer Viktor krum

Anonymous 36240

Oof I did not read the "Slav", sorry :(

Anonymous 36249

I figure he'd hate me and everything I stand for as an American, and that's terribly attractive.

Anonymous 36250

Russian men probably hate him for being a pidor

Anonymous 36283

Please explain in detail?

Anonymous 36285

>fuck you, capitalist pig, with your AC and your skin care routine! My parents work in factories and I starved all my life. Reee Americans

I mean I would hate to talk to or date him because it would be annoying and I can't be bothered with those whiny Euro types, but a part of me finds it attractive. At least sexually.

Anonymous 36309

You clearly have never met a slav guy irl…lol

Anonymous 36326

What a way to put a whole continent with many different cultures into one. Also the eastern Europeans are much less likely to whine than your typical Frenchie or German.

Anonymous 36330

? They're culture is similar literally because they share a continent. Take your mood elsewhere man.

Anonymous 36331

**their, but you get my point

Anonymous 36332

But it's really not, Scandinavians are different from eastern eus, which are different from Italians, which are different from Germans, which are different from franchise, which are different from brits and so on. Don't get me started on Croatian/Serbs/Bosnians and how much we hate each other despite sharing literally the same language
Hell, each region here has a specific stereotype associated with them and whole eu is such a mix of different temperaments and cultures you really can't group us into the same category when it comes to our attitudes towards society etc.

Anonymous 36333

But they're mostly similar in the end. And the vast majority hate or at the very least dislike Americans.

Anonymous 36334

I am gonna let you in on a non american secret. Nobody really "likes" the USA

Anonymous 36341

Did you really have to derail this so bad guys?
Make a new thread in /img/ or something op.

Anonymous 36342

Depends on your point of reference. If you take into consideration whole globe, sure, but if we talk only about Europe then there are important differences. Europe consist of naturally developed nations with separate languages, cultures and often traits. Here people can roughly tell just by looking at someone which part of Europe they come from,even more so if they see how people act. Even when I lived in dorm you could say which floor had students from which parts just by looking how common kitchen looks like.
America is strange beast with its melting pot. I honestly don't know how you keep it together. Everywhere people tend to prefer to live among similar people, which is one of the reason why ghettos, white flight, chinatowns, little italies etc exist. Every now and then you can see some american claiming to be 1/xth something for some strange reason while in Europe almost everyone knows their nationality and allegiance since long-range travel for common man is fairly new and you can still have family members who never went farther from their village than to closest big city or capital on some occasion. Sure lot of genes are shared among Europeans but those borders are so old you can notice clear difference in prevalence of genes clusters in specific parts of the continent. And everything on the planet seems to prefer genetic similarity, be it bacteria, insects or mammals.
I think the 1/Xth thing is some underlying need for consistency/continuity. People wonder where do humans as species come from so it's obvious they'd be curious of their own, personal roots as well. Saying you're american kind of sounds like "I came out of nowhere like just 2-3 centuries ago when we have written history of couple thousands of years" while most people in Europe feel safe assuming their whole lineage is pretty consistent thanks to previously mentioned reasons.

As for dislike for americans, I think it's mainly because of their arrogance as "national" trait and political meddling in other countries affairs. I don't think anyone likes or dislikes you for being american if you don't act like you know everything, demand some special treatment and treat other nations like they're beneath them when you visit.

Anonymous 36345


Must post Sаša/Sasha.
He's my king, I love his smile, every kind of hair suits him.
My mom has a couple of his albums, that's how I first found out about him. It's rare to see men this handsome from my country, so I was very happy to hear about him.

Anonymous 36350

I'd argue that there actually are many things we have in common (like, "you have/do that too?!" happens quite a lot when talking to foreigners) but in the end each euro country is it's own nation. One time some dumb american cunt tried to argue that countries are to europe what states are to the US lmao

In my experience, europeans only hate america on the internet. There are a lot of americaboos amongst "normies". I live in a wealthy country and know 2 girls who went to the US right after high school and married just to get a visa… Plus there are lots of older people who buy american cars, wear cowboy hats 24/7, are in swing dance clubs etc lol

Anonymous 36361

Eh. That's likely not true. I'm sure there are African countries that like or idolize America, or maybe South American ones. It seems to me Europe is the spot where people consistently hate America and Americans.

Europe has various countries with various cultures. I understand that. However, if you stop squinting and take a step back, it's just more of the same. European countries are diverse only when you take time to examine them individually, same with any other continent. And honestly, I would say Americans tend to be pretty nice people. A bit ignorant, and pushy, but they at the very least don't look down on anyone in the same way that Europeans do. I've been to Europe and people seem to dislike Americans in an abstract way rather than a personal one, but I still find it off-putting.

>marrying for a visa

Why ever do this unless you live in a proper shithole? Wonder how those girls are doing now.

Anonymous 36432

russian party.jpg

Anonymous 36434

pretty much what you said. i think americans just try to cope by saying that european countries are just like US states. last i checked us states didnt speak different languages, which are often from different language families, they didnt have vastly different histories and origins, and they dont have completely different cultures either. every single country on earth, except for maybe some really tiny countries, have concepts similar to the us states anyway, where people will have slightly different culture/dialects/etc based on what county theyre from, but americans assume this only happens in their own country. for example you can tell what region of sweden a traditional dress comes from because theyre so wildly different, and in my country i can also tell which region/county someone is from based on their accent.

as for the dislike of america and americans, people dont like america as a country because theyve been meddling with and pillaging half the world for the last 70 years or so, and as for individual americans they tend to be entitled and arrogant. one example that springs to mind is this american exchange student i knew, who was constantly bitching that her mostly elderly neighbours in a non english speaking country couldnt speak english, even though she made little to no effort learning the local language.

Anonymous 36435

It seems people have short memories, or are simply followers. They hate America, but any other country that fucked over the world is absolved of any crime or wrongdoing.

Anonymous 36436

there is literally no other country in existance who has fucked over the world on the same scale america has, and still continues to do so. america, with the help of some friends ofc, literally destroyed an entire region of the world because they wanted oil. america has thrown atomic weapons on multiple countries, often times into civilian areas. many people are still affected by this through mutations and illnesses. america has destroyed multiple democracies to install america friendly dictatorships. it doesnt matter as much to people alive today what countries were pillaging the earth 1000 or even 200 years ago, there is no one alive from that era, people are only going to remember and be affected by what they see and experience themselves.

i guess you could mention the soviet union, they did some pretty messed up shit too, but the USSR has been dead for almost 30 years now, its no use pointing fingers at them.

Anonymous 36438

Are you American? Because otherwise your view of America is a bit insane. Atomic weapons have not been dropped "multiple" times, but twice, on the same country. Plenty of other countries have done terrible things. Japan, Germany, Russia, England, Belgium, literally any country that was ever in power or had any power over other people.

I don't fault you for ignorance, but to act as if America is so evil, deserving of hate, solely on its own and there is no other country that reaches our level of atrocities… Come on anon.

Anonymous 36444

thankfully im not american, and im also pretty sure america dropped uranium over yugoslavia during the yugoslav wars. and i distinctly remember reading about some sort of nuclear weapons being used somewhere in iraq in the 90s too, although those may have been rounds instead of bombs. lets not even get into chemical warfare like agent orange which still affects several million people up until this day.

there is literally no other country that currently exists in this world that is undermining the rest of the world as much as america. shit on england, belgium, japan etc. all you want, there is no innocent country, but the fact is those countries are no longer in power, and they never will be. people hate america because its currently one of the, if not the only country capable of destroying the world, and judging by how youre going it doesnt seem too far fetched. and also its absolutely ridiculous that countries like germany acknowledge and try to make amends for their crimes, while america can organise illegal bombings and war crimes and get away with it.

Anonymous 36446

depleted uranium munitions aren’t nuclear weapons you crayon-eating retard

Anonymous 36462

Interesting how a country only admits its mistakes and tries to seek forgiveness when it's no longer in power. I'm sure America will go the same way. Your hate for a country in power is as pointless as hate for a country that is no longer in power. If you can brush off the fact that Belgium dismembered Africans and mutilated their genitals, Germany for their concentration camps, Japan for the rape of Nanking, and so on, well really… You can probably brush off America's crimes too.

Anonymous 36468

The big difference is, that even nearly a century after what has happened, countries like Germany are still continuing to apologize and trying their very best to never have history repeat itself (yet they still get called "nazi" frequently - mostly by 'muricans…), meanwhile your country commited crimes like yesterday and you feel nothing but pride about it.

Nobody in this world has to feel scared of Belgium, Japan, etc. because its population is so braindead that they elect some creep who threatens on a weekly basis to randomly start a nuclear war with Russia (which would kill all of us Europeans), its only you who are the problem.

What Germany, Japan, Austria and Italy did during the wars wasn't "forgiven" or "brushed of", they paid a high price.
When will be your time to repent for slavery and for starting several wars?

Anonymous 36469

Americans don't call Germans nazis, or Germany a country of nazis. Never seriously. It's not something that genuinely bothers anyone. You'd think it would bother Europeans, considering Germany is situated amongst them. Also, I am not personally proud of my country for anything it's done to harm others. I'm relieved I'm an American during the height of the American "empire", but I'm not cheering on anyones death. I think Euros are very attached to this idea of the patriotic, braindead, fat, stupid American. It must be cathartic, or something, because in reality most Americans are alright.

America has existed for two hundred some odd years, has only been strong for about a hundred of them, and likely has only been a bully for fifty. I wonder how long other countries frolicked about destroying other nations and committing atrocities before they had to pay the piper.

Anonymous 36482


>Americans don't call Germans nazis, or Germany a country of nazis.
That's just not true, it happens constantly.
>I think Euros are very attached to this idea of the patriotic, braindead, fat, stupid American. It must be cathartic, or something, because in reality most Americans are alright.
Says you as an American. There are many statistics which prove that you are in fact obese and uneducated. And there's no western country more partiotic than yours.
>America has existed for two hundred some odd years, has only been strong for about a hundred of them, and likely has only been a bully for fifty.
Lmao "existed for 200 years and is only a violent super power for 100"
Other nations have existed for millenia. Just imagine how the world would look like if they acted the way America does, for several hundreds or even thousands of years…
>I wonder how long other countries frolicked about destroying other nations and committing atrocities before they had to pay the piper.
There's a difference between european nations battling each other and one of the biggst nations in the world simply deciding to bomb the shit out of some small 3rd third country (without ever apologizing afterwards. I actually googled that: after the Vietnam wars you forced them to pay you…wew). And if you were hinting at wwII - it only lasted 6 years.

I know that nothing I could say would ever change your mind. That's another thing which is characteristic for your average Americans.

In the end it doesn't matter, Europeans are glad and proud to live in Europe for a reason and hardly anybody (only the dumbest of the dumb) would want to change places with you. Meanwhile one constantly Comes across Americans who Ddream About moving here.
There are many slav men who'd even reject girls form other, slightly more western euro countries, so your chance of ever getting one as an american is less than just slim.

Anonymous 36485

>Germany for their concentration camps
not like Germany was the only country to do so or even invented this. England did it first and America also did it later.

Anonymous 36494

>I know that nothing I could say would ever change your mind.

Same to you. You're stuck on hating America because it's en vogue to do so. In a few decades, maybe it'll be yet another European country. You are as pigheaded as an American, congratulations.

Internment camps, actually.

Anonymous 36504


he's so cute, wow. russian anons should give some of their qties to less fortunate eastern european countries.
i would pass out if i saw him irl lol.

Anonymous 36505


Do you know how old he is/what he does?
He looks so young and cute that I was worried he might be a minor lol, but his drinking+smoking pics on instagram date back to 2014, so he can't be that young.

The only thing I (as a non-russian speaker) found about him is this
>That famous Russian model pulled an eat and run
>He cut his ipod earphones to make it seem like earpods and I heard he also fed alcohol to goats?

Anonymous 36509

I checked his insta, my god… He looks like a literal child. How can you be attracted to him?
I found what looks like to be his ask.fm and from what I see he either acts like an asshole or is just really edgy with his humour. I understand russian to a very minimal extent, so I can't tell for sure what he says in his more lengthy posts.

Anonymous 36517


He is around 20 from what I could find? And he doesn't look like a child, c'mon anon. I think it's fine to be attracted to youthful guys who aren't minors.

Anonymous 36518

He looks just as old as girls in their 20s. We're simply so used to guys our age looking 10 years older, that somebody over the age of 18 who doesn't have a beard, fucked skin and the beginning of a pot belly seems childlike to us.

Anonymous 36520



Bruh he looks 11 are you 11 or a pedo?

Anonymous 36525

I don't like generalizing Slavs and here's why.

"Slavs" are just a linguistic group. Being Slavic is not about common ancestry, culture or genetics. It's about language and nothing more. Nobody feels a connection to other Slavs besides Russians and occasionally Ukrainians and Belorussians due to being part of the Russian world Cultural similarities between Slavic countries come from being part of the Eastern Bloc and are also shared by nonslavic excommies; on a more fundamental cultural level Czech Republic is closer to Germany than to Russia.
I often see Americans and friends equal "Slavic" with "eastern European" and "eastern European" with "Russian", so I wanted to clarify this.

Before somebody posts haplogroups maps; It's true that most slavs share R1a1 but not by a large margin. Also Norwegians, Swedes, Danes and Germans have higher percentage of R1a1 than all of Balkan Slavs.

Anonymous 36527

Oh my god that's so hot.

Anonymous 36528


Saying slav is shorter than eastern europeans, I guess.
And there's no word for Norwegians+Swedes+Danes+Germans.

I don't really get that r1a1 stuff, but when googling all maps look similar to this, far more in eastern than in central/northern europe…?

Anonymous 36529

Aryans. :^)

Anonymous 36531


I seriously mean he looks really childish. His face is your typical pure white European boy's face (between 7-13), this isn't normal. He's pedobait, not cool.

Anonymous 36536


Fuck off scrot, not looking like your haggard lardass =/= looking like a child.
Calling young women a pedo for liking a young men, while you probably jerk it to asian school girl porn…
And stop it with those obnoxious memes.

Here's him next to an actual child. See the similarities? I don't.

Anonymous 36537

Some mapfags like to skew the data to make maps look prettier and I wouldn't trust a map when you don't have access to scientific data on which it was based.

But even your map shows higher percentage in Norway than among some Slavs, also note that Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania aren't Slavic.

Anonymous 36538


Okay, according to my research he was born in 1997 (some people said 1998, but I'm not sure which one is accurate). This would make us the same age.
And I think it's quite funny that you decided to post Ariana Grande, who is known for her youthful looks. Tell me anon, are you a paedophile? Yes, she is 25, but she doesn't look old, she doesn't have any wrinkles or saggy bits.

Anonymous 36543

I'm sorry? Are you retarded? I posted a fucking reaction image you absolute sperg.
I'm not a moid, fuck off.

Anonymous 36550

>slavic men

Anonymous 36552


piotr fiodorov
The most beautiful man in the world

Anonymous 36553

No he is not a pedobait.
I'm 23 and I think he is hot
Are you a jealous man or an old woman?

Anonymous 36556

wow, he is so good-looking… i love his brows and lips. what a qtie, russian men best men.

Anonymous 36557

I'm neither, I just have a liking towards men that don't look underage.
He's super cute.

Anonymous 36640


Anonymous 36690

>And there's no word for Norwegians+Swedes+Danes+Germans.

Anonymous 36697

I believe the word you're looking for is "Nordic"

Anonymous 36700

i think the word youre looking for is “scandy candy”

God why are Scandinavian men so attractive… they have good personalities too its not fair

Anonymous 36706

Germans aren't nordic you dumbass

Anonymous 36712


Out of curiosity, how many of you are Europeans? Or are most of you Americans?

I can see the difference between these guys and the guys from my country (a different one in Europe) but the appeal is kind of the same. Handsome is handsome, whether he's from Russia or Austria etc. I don't really get this Slav preference is what I mean.

Anonymous 36713

Germans descended from Scandinavia

Anonymous 36718

I'm German.

This might get me replies like "You wish you were as hot as Russians!!! " but unless you hear them speak you can't really tell the difference. At least I can't and I went to school with lots of them.
There are only very few stereotypically slav men - and they're the opposite of this thread lol (like broad and flat face and nose, protruding browbone,…)

Anonymous 36736

I'm also from Germany lol. Maybe I'm just imagining it but I do think there's a general difference between German guys and the ones posted in this thread. I can't pinpoint what though. Although I'd say the brown-haired guy I posted could maybe pass as German.

Anonymous 36751

Another German here. Can confirm. At one point (I switched schools a lot) my class was half Russians, and you wouldn't know the difference until they called each other nicknames ending in -ka.

Anonymous 36863

Anonymous 39001


oh yeah? should we thank them instead? thank you oh great america so our children will most likely die of cancer and not something else like natural death

Anonymous 39005

There is "no elevated risk of cancer" among people who have handled depleted uranium, depleted uranium presents "very low" health risks. The alpha radiation put off by depleted uranium cannot penetrate normal clothing or air.

Your main danger from depleted uranium is if you find a depleted uranium round on the ground and eat it. Which you might do, since you might think it looks similar to a crayon.

Anonymous 39011

>Slavic men
This is a bait, right?

Anonymous 39014

This truly must be a bait. These non-slav anons don't know the reality.

Anonymous 39052


i do love me some slavic dick

Anonymous 39055

H..how bad is it anon? I always thought of them as just white people with a more solid ethnic identity and less money

Anonymous 39061

i know this is meant to be very funny and that anon is dumb and all, but the concern with DU weapons is that (after years) the material ends up in crops, water bodies, and/or livestock. so yeah, there is a risk that people can end up consuming it at some point. i think the real risk for harm from this is absolutely minuscule but still not something you'd really want littering a countryside.

Anonymous 39067

Slavs are Asiatics confirmed

Anonymous 39421


If you want reality you should just look up university/work group photos or look up marches or some event vids on YT.

Anonymous 39432

i am the strelok

Anonymous 39435

only eastern ones

Anonymous 39458

So slavs

Anonymous 39459

eastern slavs

Anonymous 39790


Anonymous 42389

handsome or slavic, pick one ffs!

Anonymous 42448

Somebody doesn't watch figure skating, tons of cute Russian guys.

Anonymous 43974


Cute guy from the slav thread on /hm/

Anonymous 44081

There are so many slavs ITT my wallet disappeared

Anonymous 44086

I think stereotype of slavic men being ugly comes from a fact that slavic men don't take care of themselves much, generally. They maintain their personal hygiene in most cases, unlike many men in west, but have bad haircuts, bad clothes(tracksuit meme is true) etc

Anonymous 44089

Is that Nicolas Tesselat, the famous French nuclear physicist who invented the hydrogen bomb ?

Anonymous 45333

he is very beautiful

Anonymous 45336

this guy

Anonymous 45339


Anonymous 46196


Anonymous 46203

dla shine.jpg

Anonymous 46212

jaglak wali konia.…

Anonymous 46239


Anonymous 46262

he looks like a perfect shy boy
wish someone like this would ask me out one day…

Anonymous 46267

I think we are being raided

Anonymous 46274

I think there is boys on this bort
Mods pls

Anonymous 46276

prezydent miasta b…

Anonymous 46277


Anonymous 46278

prezydent andrzej …

Anonymous 46324

Gierap ty skurwysynu

Anonymous 46361

the greatest Pole

Anonymous 46362


Anonymous 46380


Anonymous 46411


Always thought this type of guy is really cute

Anonymous 46419

he looks like a girl

Anonymous 46428

That's not a guy, anon.

Anonymous 46481


Anonymous 46499

he is

Anonymous 46506

Then stop lusting after 8 year olds, sicko.

Anonymous 46542


Anonymous 67267


what would you do if you were in a serious relationship with a russian, would you move there?

i wouldnt cause i hear its bad,i hate my country too and want to move so idk if i could have him here ,guess no slav bf for me

Anonymous 69485

unrelated but lol that pic you posted is the same dude with that hilfiger sweater 2 posts before

Anonymous 69609

worried toast.gif

Are there Russian bots in this thread?
I know they've already taken over most of 4chan. Are they starting here, too?

Anonymous 69631

Just burger-chans having no idea what most Slavic men look like IRL.
They often don't even fucking maintain basic hygiene but still expect Slavic women to look their best all the fucking time.
This is why Russia has a lot of femcels.

Anonymous 69634

You mean volcel? By definition you can't be a femcel (or incel) by choice.

Anonymous 69635

I hate these goddamn made up words. Why'd they make up volcel when there already is a word for that? It's celibate. It's right there in the word itself. Ugh sorry anon I have nothing against you I'm just pissed for no reason

Anonymous 69636

No, femcels. Women in Russia are held up to extremely high standards and are expected to be 10/10 gigastacies even when out for groceries or you'll be asked "are you fine? you look sick"
And every other moid looks like trash and smells like trash but no one cares.
Sorry for sperging but it's true.

Anonymous 69640

You can explain this phenomenon simply by quantities. I heard (don't remember where) that in eastern countries (russia or ukrain for ex) the female population was much larger than the male one (in the 80s or 90s). So this situation create an incentive for the female pop to be extremely mannered (and well clothed n stuff) in order to find a partner . This tendency tend to diminish nowadays. However mentalities do not change, i guess.

Anonymous 69648


You definitely have a point but it was the post-WWII period when there was a lot more women than men so much earlier.
On the picrel is the echoes of it (the abundance of older women bc men tend to die much earlier from alcoholism and health related stuff)
There are more young men than women nowadays but a lot of men are fuckboys (they get praised for being promiscuous unlike women) and even the ugliest, fattest, laziest moid has his standards so high he'd rather cry on the web in the ""incel"" communities about how stacy won't look at him and how that ugly landwhale becky was hitting on him in middle school and he rejected her and then the whole class bullied her for being a "whore" because "if a girl makes the first move she's a slut bc she FEEEmales can't be the dominant ones!"

Anonymous 69649

the FEEEmales*

Anonymous 69656

didn't you know that moids' peak attractiveness level is in their teen years? scrotes age like milk.

Anonymous 69661

it's a combination of choosing to + genetics
most moids don't even care about basic hygiene so it's no surprise they die earlier than women do and are much uglier overall
anything older than 30 is an old wrinkly limp dick

Anonymous 69669

Thats the perfect look though.

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