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What's the most heartless thing you've ever done? Anonymous 36360

Do you regret it?

Anonymous 36362

dont post the full story

Anonymous 36364

I stepped on a worm by accident

Anonymous 36365

I was sleeping over at a friend's house. Her parents didn't often cook and we were left to fend for ourselves, which I found difficult. Her little brother left chicken nuggets on a plate on his bed that night.

I ate them. When someone asked I blamed the dog.

I'm going to hell.

Anonymous 36373


i just made two new friends, they were very close already. they invited me over to drink. we drank. one of them molested the other right in front of me and i wasn't sure what was going on or try to stop the perpetrator. i thought maybe it was normal for them?

I made lots of "Are you OK?" eye contact and facial expressions at the person who was molested but they seemed to say with their eyes that everything was OK. It wasn't. They feel traumatized to this day and I didn't do anything to stop it. I will always feel guilty.

Anonymous 36374

Now when you say molested… Do you mean they were literally raping them in front of you or what? Or was it unwanted groping and what not? I'm confused about your uncertainty on whether you should've interfered or not

Anonymous 36377

I picked up an earwig in a paper towel and threw it in the toilet. It must have fallen asleep in the paper because it didn't immediately start swimming and sank to the bottom fast. I hadn't ever done this, but I didn't immediately flush it and it woke and started flailing like something that doesn't know how to swim. I watched it until it wasn't moving, and now I kinda regret it.

Have this banger of an album for reading my sob-story

Anonymous 36400

I just ghost people repeatedly. Not sure if I regret it since I'm just so unable to maintain contact.

Anonymous 36651

This guy fell in love with me on discord. I liked his personality at first but after a bit I realized we didn't click that well. He kept talking about getting married and moving to be with me and stuff even though we'd only been talking a few weeks and it was starting to weird me out. He was overly intense and I didn't connect with him. After a few weeks I just said we didn't have a connection and we should break things off.
He was a total pussy about it. He was so pathetic. I feel guilty for feeling nothing while he was begging me not to break things off, but I still don't care about him as a person.

Anonymous 36653

Funny, the same thing happened to me recently. Added this guy from a multiplayer game I was playing because he seemed nice and we were bantering with each other. This morning, I wake up to around 7 paragraphs about how he thinks he’s better than my boyfriend (keep in mind this person has known me for around a week and hasn’t even seen my face), obviously implying that I should leave my bf for him. He’d always talk about how he had trouble with women and how “females only liked to talk about themselves” so I should’ve dipped when I saw the red flags but I was too scared of not being “nice.” Responded to his 7 paragraphs letting him know that what he was doing was inappropriate and I swiftly unadded him. I don’t know if I’ll ever add a male again. I don’t feel guilty and neither should you.

Anonymous 36686

>He’d always talk about how he had trouble with women
That reminds me that this guy was always talking about how he doesn't trust women but that I was different. I felt bad that I most likely reinforced his low opinion of women, but I guess it doesn't matter in the end.

Anonymous 36701

>kept talking about getting married and moving to be with me and stuff even though we'd only been talking a few weeks
>this person has known me for around a week and hasn’t even seen my face
How do those people get to be like that? Why are there are so many (male) weirdos on the internet who don't know about basic social conventions? Are they not embarrassed by their behaviour? I really don't get it.

Anonymous 36702

i also feel like there isn't as much pressure for said autistic guys to act normal. because you know, boys. so there tends to be a lot of them around. or maybe i'm just talking out of my ass, i really don't know.

Anonymous 36704

Uh, idk for sure about all the other weirdos you're thinking of, but that particular guy described by >>36651 seems like he's just very very lonely and desperate and is trying to hold onto someone and never let go. I'd say it's probably the same (or similar) for a lot of guys that behave like that, this and a dose of the 'tism as >>36702 mentioned.

Anonymous 36710

Yeah, but wouldn't a lonely and desperate person still know it's strange and a bit stupid to confess to someone you've only known for a few weeks over the internet? Where's the logic?
I'm not trying to downplay the seriousness of actual LDRs, by the way.

Anonymous 36711

I got cheated on he called me up at some point and told me her pussy felt like throwing a hotdog through a hallway. I told her when she went through his phone just to torture me and she fucking flipped out. Best moment of my miserable fucking life.

Anonymous 36771

You fucking monster

Anonymous 38659

Probably doxing my ex's gf at the time on /soc/ on one of those "adult meetup" threads in her area.

It's not the worst thing I've done objectively, but she was a socially anxious high school girl that didn't deserve the (mild) harassment she ended up getting. She turned out fine to my knowledge, but I still feel bad about it.

Anonymous 38704

You sure are a horrible person.

Anonymous 38706

That's awful. You are obviously a broken person yourself.

Anonymous 38716



i don't like you and i hope bad things happen to you

Anonymous 38771

guyposter detected, women are not THIS smug, this post is bait

Anonymous 38858


Don't beat yourself up, you were a kid being a kid and that was an adult situation. Its not your fault you were not mature enough to realize the implications fully at the time and he probably would not have minded and would not have liked you to suffer and feel guilty about it if he was such a nice person.

Anonymous 38859

Did you know that your body is fully replaced with new cells over the course of 7-10 years? You should listen to the message on your 22nd birthday, since that 15 year old will be gone forever.

Anonymous 38917

I didn’t want to visit my grandfather who was about to die because the new Star Wars toys range was coming out at midnight at Toys R Us. I didn’t get to see the toys, but he did end up dying that night.

Anonymous 39073

When I was kid I had a nanny with a house out in the country. She had one of those outdoor toilets that's a cabin with a hole inside that you shit in. One day when there were a lot of people in the house for a cookout or something I went to poop but missed the hole and I just left it there.

I remember people discovered my huge log and started pointing fingers and investigating who's the disgusting person who didn't clean up after themselves. I kept quiet and was not implicated only because they didn't believe a small girl could take such a huge shit and they eliminated me as an option from the beginning. I think my nanny's 20-something son had to clean it up.

Anonymous 39097

oh you would be surprised :^)
t. woman

Anonymous 39194

I guess I technically did the same kind of thing with my ex. We were in an "LDR" for just over three years. We began this because he asked and I was a bit of a pushover than/desperate for attention that he was willing to give. We met up briefly twice, the second time I kind of decided it was over and I was done with the charade. He kept up asking me to take him back going on a year and a half now. Every so often I'd get bored of his texting and start talking about stuff like a guy at work I thought was cute or a dating sim I was playing and that would stop him for a month or so.

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