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Anonymous 36455

i have a lot of clothes that I've considered listing and selling online. some I already have done that for. but I have so many…I feel somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of time and work it'd require. I no longer am as a compulsive shopper.

but honestly, part of me just wants to donate them because then I have space and I don't need to see them lying around, taunting me about my stupid mistakes in the past. but is that just the lazy way out rather than trying to get a profit out of them?

Anonymous 36475

Now i’m not a high-iq streetwear arbitrage trader but isn’t average clothing very hard to sell due to their abundance? Like how clothing donated for domestic disasters largely goes to waste

Anonymous 36657

I'm in a similar situation. I want to try selling some of my nicer clothes online but it all seems like such a hassle. And unless it's brand-name I don't see much chance of a profit.

If getting rid of the clothes is the main priority, I think donating or throwing them away is the most productive option.

Anonymous 99738


Would it be stupid to continue selling stuff on FBMP with all the COVID variants randomly joining the chat? I'm sure if I wear my mask and gloves I'll be fine, right? Or is it too risky?

Anonymous 99755

Conventional suppositions would say that would depend on how vaxxed you are. I mean, if you've gotten only one dose, or just astrazeneca, then getting a case of Delta-plus or Kappa to Sigma is due to be a worry. Otherwise, it's not as clear.

Also, this makes the utilization of ozone as a cleaning agent come to mind. I'm not saying it's a pressing idea, it's just something that's been making me wonder, if just mostly because I've heard stories of fanless air circulation devices that produce it as a side-effect

Anonymous 100088


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