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Anonymous 36474

why do some girls care about how men perceive their appearance? the ones that have the audacity to blame their appearance to be the reason why they can't get ahead in life. men literally fetishize everything. men would fuck a woman that looks exactly like a pig. it's not really a compliment for men to want to fuck you. men might agree with you that another girl is ugly, but they'd still bang.r

anyway, the point is, men are not a very reliable meter of attractiveness, imo.

Anonymous 36477

>why do some girls care about how men perceive their appearance?
Personal complexes and the dominant representation of the male gaze throughout media and advertising compared to the female gaze.

>men literally fetishize everything. it's not really a compliment for men to want to fuck you.

People literally fetishize everything, but agreed. Check out the NSFW board on here.

>men might agree with you that another girl is ugly, but they'd still bang.

Depends on their standards. I'd question the men I hung around with if all of them had that mentality though.

Fuckability is not a reliable meter of attractiveness. A reliable meter of attractiveness exists within the eye of the beholder. The parameters are subconsciously decided upon by society, sure, but we have some control over what we follow and what we deny. Those who rely on the opinion of others lack self-worth and confidence.

Anonymous 36478

Then what is a good meter of attraction? Not arguing men are, just wondering what would be if heterosexual women can't say (for obvious reasons), and heterosexual men can't say because they would bang anything.

Gay women? Though I wouldn't trust them either, since their sexuality seems to be put second to their emotions. So if an ugly woman had a beautiful personality, would a lesbian know they were ugly?

Anonymous 36490

There's a difference between a man fucking you and a man committing to a relationship with you.

Anonymous 36492

I only care about whether the men (and women heh) I'm attracted to find me attractive. You know, because I want to be seen as a prospective partner.
Also agree with >>36490

Anyway I think it's most important to balance trying to be attractive to others while also appealing to yourself. I'm a reasonable weight and take conventional care of myself in terms of grooming/clothes/hair, but there are some off things that I like aesthetically. In particular I like the look of women with strong, muscular arms so I'm working on my arms a lot. Despite this I also prefer a "softer" look instead of shredded so my end goal is to just overall look very sturdy which I know won't appeal to most.

Anonymous 36493

That doesn't seem like a direct answer to me, were you responding to someone else? Because I wonder what is a good way to determine a woman is attractive.

To answer you anyway, they're actually pretty similar. Men, or maybe people in general, settle for a committed relationship with someone they mostly hate or find unattractive frequently in life. Sex and commitment are easy things to pull off: physical pleasure, and not cheating.

Anonymous 36498

>men literally fetishize everything
True, but how does this change anything? Even they know that the things/people they fetishize are gross, if that's the case.
Men are usually harsh and objective because well, they think like robots, evaluate body parts separately and don't get blinded by a nice personality like woman do. I'm not saying it's a good thing, it's awful, but that also makes them a reliable "meter of attractiveness".

Anonymous 36499

like women* sorry

Anonymous 36572

Because only a very small percentage of men have niche fetishes like pig fucking, just like there's women out there that would fuck anything and everything with a dick

Healthy women want to feel desirable to men, healthy men want to feel desirable to women, it's natural to want to be attractive to the vast majority of the other gender, deal with it

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