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Anonymous 36481

I'm going to Nagasaki alone for a few weeks in a few days. I went to the same place last summer for 4 months for school, but this time it's just for fun an to see some friends from my last visit. Any of you gals have any suggestions for what to do, any general experience with Japan, or questions? I love telling people about it, so please feel free to ask :)
Pic related is from the beach there (伊王島)

Anonymous 36491

Uhh, if you've spent FOUR months there, I think you're in a better position than most to have any suggestions. Even on a regular tourist visa, you can only stay 3 months and I doubt anyone would stay 3 months in a single place as a tourist. Surely you've already found all the best places to go and things to eat and whatever else.

Seriously, is this actually a brag thread?

Anonymous 36500


perhaps I should've added "AMA" or something. I made this thread because I have no one to talk to at the moment and I'm excited.

Anonymous 36501

Try reddit? Not sarcasm, it's just that there are more users who can ask things.

Anonymous 36502

How fluent are you in Japanese? I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and plan to when I have more disposable income, but I don’t know a lick of the language.

Anonymous 36508

I’ve always wanted to visit okinawa tho

Anonymous 36510

Tell me more about your trip (:
Is the nature pleasant? What part of your trip did you enjoy the most?

Anonymous 36514

I never made it to Kyushu on my last trip, I'd like to visit Fukuoka and Nagasaki and some other places.

Anonymous 36521


Yay thank you all for the questions :)

I have studied for about 5 years on and off, but I'm in an unrelated major at uni now so I don't have the time. I'm about to take the JLPT level N2 if that means anything to anyone. Anyway, I think in larger cities you don't need to know much (if any) Japanese to get around because there're so many English speakers already.

Okinawa seems pretty nice, but idk

The most interesting thing I did is probably riding in an ambulance with a friend at night because she sprained her ankle. I had to go because I had to fill out papers but it was still a lot of fun.
I did a lot of walking around, as there are lots of nature parks and beaches inside the city.I think my favorite place there is Ioujima, a small island south of Nagasaki with a really nice beach.
There's so much greenery there, it's crazy that it's such a gigantic city, There hundreds of shrine there too, which are fun to walk to and explore.

I didn't spend very much time in Fukuoka, only 2 days when I flew in, but it seems pretty nice. It has a Pokemon center which is pretty cool, I might visit it when I fly in this time. Nagasaki is really different I think though. It's got a lot of history like all cities in Japan, but at one point it was the only open port in Japan, so it has a lot of really cool foreign influences. I really recommend it :)

Anonymous 120927

>I'm going to Nagasaki alone for a few weeks in a few days.
cool, i hope you have fun!

Anonymous 120943

i'm planning to go to japan this year if the borders open again.
i've never been there before, but it's been a long time dream of mine.
what about you anon, have you been there? would you stop neeting for travelling somewhere you like?

Anonymous 120954

As soon as the borders open, I'll be there. My workplace has an office in Japan, but the type of visa they can sponsor still wouldn't currently let me in the country (I don't really know the details beyond that), but once it's open, I can go live and work there legally for as long as I stay at my work, which is entirely remote, so super easy to do.

I've only ever been to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, so I'll probably start by staying in and around those for a bit. Hopefully I can make some friends who can show me some smaller places that are farther away. Ideally I can find a place maybe 30-60 mins outside of Tokyo to live in where it will be much cheaper but still accessible for going on day trips.

I can only speak very basic Japanese, but I understand an okay amount. I have a hard time putting sentences together, probably because I don't really get to practice with anyone right now.

I'm mentally prepping to go for fall of this year. Hopefully I can!

Anonymous 120965

Can I ask what type of work you do? I'd love to be able to get a Japan visa but work remotely there.

Anonymous 120966

>Also, I wish more people would make this type of thread. Like that one anon who posted during her night out alone.
Same. There was another anon who posted about going to Boston but never followed it up either. I know people here prefer to stay inside (no hate, I'm the same) but would be nice to see a bit of people's everyday lives or trips.

Anonymous 121083

I work in the HR department for a financial service. We have offices in quite a few countries worldwide, so we can get sponsored for work visas in a lot of them (although they won't pay to re-locate, but that's completely reasonable).

Anonymous 121464

That's pretty cool. I wouldnt mind living and working there if i'm ever able to get a remote job that will support that kind of stuff. Their restaurants look amazing, even the cheap shit like gyuudon.

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