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Anonymous 36882

If you could preserve one thing for future generations, what would it be?

Anonymous 36883


funny maymays

Anonymous 36884

Knowing and having honor.

Or trash television.

Anonymous 36886

Earth obviously, if by future generations you mean europeans and true americans that is

Anonymous 36896

1000 years from now we will have mined the earth to destruction to create dyson spheres and sick space ships. stay mad earth cuck lol

Anonymous 36919

European culture because it's superior

Anonymous 36937

god i love this post so much.

Anonymous 37021

I would like to secure the existence of my people and a future for white children.

Anonymous 37024



Anonymous 37025


Have fun on your african spaceship owned by the chinese and operated by indians

Anonymous 37026

we'll all be raceless robots anyway

Anonymous 37028

That indian accent will never go away

Anonymous 37029


Good, I don’t want my future multiracial children exposed to any wh*tes

Anonymous 37039

>tfw not living my dream life as an artist on a space ship that I get to stay on for free because my qt little Indian husband helps maintain it
Born too early!

Anonymous 37040

theres a chance for life extension technology to be invented in our lifetime so theres hope. unless youre a boomer that is

Anonymous 37041

That's true! There may be hope for my dream to come true yet.

Anonymous 37047

Shows, films games and books that have complicated copyright standing and might end up not being available officially anymore. Some true works of art end up disappearing in the cracks of time and its rather unfortunate.

Anonymous 37131

I'm a data hoarder, so that I guess.

Anonymous 37141

>let me suck your bobs
You're living in just the right time for that.

sensing a lot of semitic yentas on this board btw lol

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