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How to get yourself a (rich) chinese bf? Anonymous 36977

Nowadays all girls want japanese or koreans guys, but you'll find that korean girls will collectively praise chinese men as being a lot less misogynistic and more polite, generous, attractive than korean men.
Chinese men are also a lot taller than other asians. Not as fat as westerners, but also not as skinny and weak as other "easterners". Plus, many of them ae well-off/self-made millionaires. Interesting culture, nice food,… the only downside seem to be chinese in-laws, especially mothers lol

Is anybody else also into cute chinese boys? They seem to get a lot less love than their east asian neighboors. Do they like foreigners? I know that being pale and skinny is the standard in china and I heard that wearing more makeup (think red lipstick) is prefered too?

Anonymous 36981

Try coffeemeetsbagel. This dating app has a lot of Asian guys and most of them are Chinese.

Anonymous 36982

>the only downside seem to be chinese in-laws, especially mothers lol
My ex (not rich though) had a nice mother. Stereotypes are just stereotypes. You just have to find the right guy with the right parents.

I'm into all East Asians but I'm part Asian so it's kinda a given. You can find Chinese guys on TanTan, a Chinese dating app.
No idea how to specifically find a rich guy, though. Probably in the same way you generally find a rich guy regardless of nationality. The best bet would probably to study abroad in China and start from there.

Anonymous 36983


Is that specifically for black women?

Seems like this is only for wmaf.

Anonymous 36998


Nope, CMB was started by Asians, who marketed it to their friend groups, which were mainly Asian. There is still a big Asian userbase as a carryover from its early days.

Tantan works too, but much better if you know Chinese.

Anonymous 37007

Dont kid yourself. If you're rich in man in china you'd either be married to literal goddess looking girl or have legit harem of poor hoes. Have you seen how materialistic china is?

Anonymous 37010

Maybe I am a "literal goddess looking girl"? Or a poor hoe?
How about you improve your English instead of being bitter towards other women on the internet lol

Anonymous 37014

My english sucks but that is of no merit and ad hominem makes you look lame.

If you were a 10/10 you wouldn't need to ask how to get yourself a rich bf. If you're dead-ass poor person from china i wish you luck in your searches lol

Anonymous 37015

>coffee = black women
I thought you were being serious with your question but you make yourself sound like a troll.

>person from china
Did you not read OP's post? She heavily implied she was a foreigner.

Anonymous 37020

To me coffeemeetsbagel sounded like something involving black women + asian men, that's why I asked. And tantan is the app that seems to be for wmaf, because the pics they advertise with are only always white men + asian women.

Anonymous 37022

I live in Canada where we have a ton of Asian fobs. Rich Chinese guys all have this new money syndrome where they expect to be treated like royalty because their daddy bought them a nice car. It's really off-putting.

Anonymous 37049

>Chinese men are also a lot taller than other asians

That is if we are talking about regions way up North. The national average is lower than the Korean Average.

And yeah, there are a lot of Chinese men who are quite the catch in every way you mentioned. But good luck with his parents approving of you if you're not Chinese.

Anonymous 37068

>But good luck with his parents approving of you if you're not Chinese.
I feel like people who say this are just concern-trolling ("good luck preferring people other than your own, did you know their parents suck? better stick to your own nationality!"). Or they're basing it off of their own experience with one Chinese guy they used to date long-term but then got jaded and went back to their own nationality even though there are many non-Chinese wives with perfectly accepting in-laws.

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