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Anonymous 37119

Do you get jealous by fictional stuff? I do sometimes.

Anonymous 37120

Males fap to the thought of women being jelly of other women, whether they be fictional or real.

Anonymous 37123

It would be irrational since I draw men with exaggerated proportions in suggestive situations myself. It has nothing to do with my views on men irl though, I drink respecting men juice.
The only worry I have is that men who fixate on 2D can no longer be attracted to irl women and the potential of me ending up with such a man. I am still very turned on by 3DPDs, but men tend to get…one-track minded.

Anonymous 37128

I don’t get jealous of 2D images. In the context of that picture, I fucking hate husbando/waifu shit because it turns quality discussions into jerk off fests. Look at that title, it’s the lowest of the low in terms of discussion it could generate and I’d hate to be a part of a community where that kind of content is the norm.

Anonymous 37136

Have you ever considered talking to people in real life, instead of forcing everyone to emulate the conversations you shut yourself out of in the first place?

Anonymous 37145

I'm pretty sure "Women are disgusting and I only care about anime girls" guys are just fox-and-grapes coping.
It's kind of a non-issue anyway since those guys will never get girlfriends.

Anonymous 37152

It's just lines on paper, who gives a shit.
That mod is a power tripping SJW. Especially considering how much of a boys club total war and other grand strategy games are.

Anonymous 37153

What the fuck are you talking about? You can converse with people in real life and have high expectations for an online community at the same time.

Anonymous 37154

>basically agreed

I can't get mad at the dudes lusting over anime waifus cuz I admire the 2D as well, but I'd prefer a 3D loving bf to 2D and I wish guys on the internet felt the same.
And as far as jealousy is concerned, I wouldn't say I'm jealous of either the drawing or the attention at this point. If men would choose a drawing over even the top 1% of 3D women, why should I even bother with them?

Anonymous 37155

I completely agree with you, this shit gets tiring.

Anonymous 37203


I do, but not the way 4chan thinks it works.
For me, I dont get jealous of characters for their looks or anything like that. For me, it's being jealous of their situations.
Even then it's pretty rare, and mostly limited to a very specific list of shows/books/games.

Anonymous 37270

I honestly don't think that anybody who days they prefer 2D mean it, I think they're lying to themselves as a cope.

Any anime obsessed boy would drop it in an instant the moment there was an actual chance of dating a decent looking flesh and blood woman.

Anonymous 37272

I don't get jealous. I just cringe massively when I see yet another bimbo heroine that caters to all the pathetic incel type. And if you call them out on relying on such primal instincts they throw some alt-right roastie shit at you. smh

Anonymous 37275

Why cringe, the more incels watching anime the less they pay attention and bitch about real women. That's a win for me

Anonymous 37308

I can't agree with that. Thanks to anime incels have all these unreal expectations when it comes to women. They expect 25 years olds to be some cute idiots and not to have sex at all, but to wait for some wimpy loser to lose mind for. And then when confronted with the oh sad reality they grow bitter and blame everybody (women especially) instead of the fucked up media they view.

Anonymous 37310

Who. Cares.

If they have unrealistic expectations they will only work against themseslves. Not women. I wouldn't pay attention to them anyway.

That's the thing, no one gives a fuck about incels, they may as well start killing themselves and it wont affect me and my life in the slightest.

Anonymous 37313

>That's the thing, no one gives a fuck about incels
Until they start shooting up sororities like that retard from Southern Cali did.
I'm not angry at anime, because it sets unrealistic standards for the incels. Manchildren are a turn off for me and I would never date somebody who watches cartoons. It's about what this whole obsession entails which is unfounded bitter resentment towards women that may and often ends in violence aimed against them.

Anonymous 37314

I'm from Poland and i'm not scared some wacko is going to shoot me. The fact that you can die in massive shooting in country that's not submerged in war is part of larger problem america has.

Anonymous 37315

Gonna go out on a limb here and suggest Chinese cartoons are not responsible for the tendency of men to desire intimacy with the opposite sex, or violence subsequent to the failure of an individual to obtain this. The proximal cause of such incidents is easy access to firearms; the distal cause is the higher average inclination toward physical aggression & violence among men, owing to biological differences.

Anonymous 37317

i get jealous of anime girls all the time

Anonymous 37320

Any anime obsessed boy would drop it in an instant the moment there was an actual chance of dating a decent looking flesh and blood woman.
Nope, I befriend lonely weebs guys like that, they choose 2D. These people are hopeless, beyond help.

Anonymous 37322

I'd just like to say that culture almost certainly plays a part, it's not simply biological (regarding your distal cause). Otherwise you would see comparable attacks of similar frequency and severity in other countries with widely available firearms (Czech Republic springs to mind).
That's all.

Anonymous 37325

I agree. However I’m inclined to believe biology probably explains more variance than culture wrt this sex difference. Also, I’m skeptical of the suggestion that any particular kind of media drives such violence.

Anonymous 37329

I don't really get jealous about fictional characters but I sometimes do with non-fictional characters loved one's social circle of the opposite sex, or simply actors/singers but to a lesser degree.
I don't really pay attention to it though because I really tend to trust the person I'm with and dwelling on it only makes me feel worse.

Unfortunately, partners would tend to look at my 'response' as being non caring. It's hard.

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