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People at my job hate me? Anonymous 37191

I think the women at my job hate me because I'm young and beautiful. Can anyone else relate? No, I'm not trolling. Serious replies only.

Anonymous 37204

just make your selfe ugly.. -duh!

Anonymous 37207


>young and beautiful
What are Stacies like you doing on a niche imageboard? Get out of here and enjoy life!

Anonymous 37209

They are more likely to feel nervous around you rather than hating you.

Anonymous 37380

This happens to me all the time. I have no clue why they are so threatened, as I am a super nice person who would never steal their bf or whatever other crazy thing they are worried about.

Anonymous 37381

I have the same problem except I’m really ugly, which confuses me more. I rarely talk to this person or see them but theyre always cold, like holy fuck is my busted face that much of an issue for you lol

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