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I was raped Anonymous 37352

Friday night I was raped at a party at my girlfriends house. I think someone put something in my drink and some guys fucked my in my bfs bed while I slept. I am going to get a morning after pill but I don't want to go to the doctor. What are the odds I have herpes or something? Can i do anything to prevent it?

Anonymous 37357

Why don’t you want to go to the doctor? Go!

Anonymous 37359

First of all, you can't prevent herpes if you already contracted it… Secondly, go to the doctor for STD testing. If you don't go to the police, that's on you. If you do, do it immediately. Do not wash away the evidence.

Anonymous 37363

This. OP I HIGHLY suggest getting a rape kit done which would mean not showering/messing with your vagina. It's extremely important that you do, if you decided not to then pursuing or doing anything about this in the future will be really difficult.
As for STDs, the only thing you could potentially prevent at this point is HIV which is why you need to go to the doctor as soon as humanly possible to get put on medication for it (PrEP). PrEP is time sensitive, and HIV is a lifelong disease. Any other STDs are unpreventable at this point assuming you got them.
TLDR; pls see doctor, and im sorry that this happened to you. you didnt deserve it and its not your fault

Anonymous 37365

If you don't go to the doctor/police about it just realize that nobody will be punished and you can't complain about it later.
People aren't psychic.

Anonymous 37501

Girl please go to the police. Help them catch these assholes. If not for you then at least for other girls that have become or will become their victims. If they did it to you, I doubt you’re the only one.

Anonymous 37520

I mean, you can still complain later, you just might not have any legal recourse.

Pressing charges can help others but it can also be another nightmare on top of what already happened. It's totally okay if she doesn't want to go to the police.

Also, like 90% of the population has some form of herpes. It's harmless. Of course you still need to worry about other STDs.

Anonymous 41338

>It's totally okay if she doesn't want to go to the police.
Unpopular Opinion: It's totally not okay to not expose these monsters ASAP.
Who knows how many other women these animals have already victimized because they're previous victims kept silent and the rest of the community doesn't know they've got predators living among them.

Anonymous 47284

OP if you´re there.
Are you ok?
Did you go to the police?

Anonymous 47433

aww look a little polcel, aww you nice valentines day buddy… aww.

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