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Anonymous 37538

If a guy compliments you does this mean he likes you?

Anonymous 37539

¿Are you being genuine right now? ¿Are you old enough to post here?

Anonymous 37542

Anonymous 37544

I wish I could downvote this more than once.

Anonymous 37551

Generally no, but it definitely does for certain guys. Typically these aren't the type of guy one wants though.

Anonymous 37552

why do you say that? I'd say it's a toss up.

Anonymous 37562

It depends on the content and tone of his compliment.

>ehehe you look cute today

>lol cool shirt

Anonymous 37566

Because most guys are normal and will compliment people without necessarily being attracted to them, but there are a select few weirdos who'll only compliment you to get in your pants. These guys are to be avoided.

Anonymous 37567

For the most part, yes.

Anonymous 37579

Why couldn't a normal guy give a compliment as a way of flirting? Or just as a point of conversation? That's why I'd say it could equally be one or the other.

Anonymous 37581

They absolutely could, but if they exclusively give compliments as a way of flirting and never just as compliments, there's something wrong with him.

Anonymous 37638

It depends, but generally any kind of compliment does mean that a guy likes you either as a friend or something more.
Your question isn't really simple to answer with a simple yes or no. It depends on your current relationship with the guy, and the type of compliment.
Generally though, normal guys would tend to be direct so "Wow, nice shirt" just means "Wow, nice shirt" 90% of the time, 10% being simply a conversation starter.
If the guy you like isn't the normal type, the kind who's an introvert, then any compliment would definitely mean he does like you.

Anonymous 37646

it means he's noticed you at least

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