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The truth Anonymous 37651

Cute little boyos with older assertive girls>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> your bitch ass taste

Anonymous 37652


Anonymous 37653


Anonymous 37693

Yaint fuckin lyin breh lole

Anonymous 37706


pedo weebs pls go

Anonymous 37713

You guys make it difficult to find cute small-man-big-woman size difference art that isn't pedoshit.

Anonymous 37745


>everyone ITT

Anonymous 37952

Just because you're not a man, you're still just as much of a disgusting pedo shitlord as any man would be. Fuck off and get help.

Anonymous 37955

>get help
There is no "help" for this.

Anonymous 37983

A bullet to the head is a good start.

Anonymous 37987

just because this is a taboo? I bet most of those boys "harrased" by female teachers were pretty fond of theselves afetrwards and were given only profits in social group

Anonymous 37990


This is exactly what all of the male pedos say, stop rationalizing your deranged fetish anon.

Anonymous 37998


Did you know the actor from Kickass married a woman old enough to be his mother? This kinda freaks me out:

Aaron Johnson began a relationship with Nowhere Boy director Sam Taylor-Wood, after meeting on the 2009 set of the film when he was 18 and she was 42.[25] They announced their engagement in October 2009 and married at Babington House, Somerset, England on 21 June 2012. The two changed their surnames to "Taylor-Johnson" and use the surname professionally.[5][25][26][27] The couple have two daughters, Wylda Rae (b. 2010) and Romy Hero (b. 2012). He is also stepfather to two daughters from his wife's previous marriage.[28]

Anonymous 37999

Nah anon, I've read accounts of young boys who were traumatized and started self harming and everything.
Some may not be (or they process it by becoming overly promiscuous in adulthood) but don't risk hurting someone.

Anonymous 38000

Fuck off pedo

Anonymous 38002

It's different levels of "harrassment". It might have been "she touched penis through pants, I feel good", for those kids. But the ones who got genuine emotional trauma afterwards went through some way darker shit, anon.

Anonymous 38004

That wouldn't seem fucky to me if she wasn't in charge of him when they met. Seems like a creepy power dynamic.
If she was just an actress I think it'd be fine.

Anonymous 38006

>Guys into /ss/
>Girls into /ss/
>Guys into loli
>Girls into loli
What's the official CC ranking from best to worst for these? Personally I think /ss/ is treated like it's just as bad as loli, but half the time it's like a 12 year old boy with a 16 year old girl, which wouldn't even be illegal irl, while loli is usually straight up pedophilia. Obviously I can see how the rest of it is more than a little bit sketchy though.

Anonymous 38008

It doesn't matter if both are underage. It's fucking children.

Anonymous 38010

I'm just saying hentai about two teenagers fucking is very different from hentai about a pedophile raping a child.

Anonymous 38030

>two teenagers fucking
And yet the example listed above was a 12 year old??? That's a huge maturity level difference from a 16 year old, huge abuse potential there.

Anonymous 38032

>it's like a 12 year old boy with a 16 year old girl, which wouldn't even be illegal irl
I don't know where you live, but that would be illegal where I live. A 12 years old here can have sex with a 14 years old at the oldest, at 15 is would become illegal.

As for the hentai, I think it's a big nothingburger. It's considered bad because it encourage pedophiles to act out in real life, yet simultaneously porn is causing Japanese men to become sexual herbivores? Well, which is it?

Anonymous 38033

>which wouldn't even be illegal irl

It would absolutely be considered illegal where i live you pedo troon.

Anonymous 38662


beGONE pedo SCUM

At least it's better than the virginity thread getting bumped for the 18th time today

Anonymous 38671

What is "ss"? Googling doesn't yield results applicable here.

Anonymous 38672

Straight shotacon.

Anonymous 38673

Thank you. I didn't know shotacon either, but could look that up.
Which brought up another question. How can "guys into ss (straight shotacon)" be straight? Wouldn't that be gay shotacon (gs?)?

Anonymous 38674

I think theyre attracted to the dominant female and use the shota to self insert

Anonymous 38675

This, if you look at ss content the women are almost always clearly the focus.
Regular/gay shotacon is indeed for gay pedos though.

Anonymous 39254

Same way there's weird girls into ddlg, there's weird guys into /ss/.

Anonymous 40516

>unironically using shitlord

Anonymous 40521

Hate all the moralfaggotry in every shota thread.
Like it or not this is a imageboard, if you want a safespace just go to Reddit

Anonymous 40522

Don't be public about your sick pedophilic passions if you don't want to hear any criticism for it. Seems more like you're the one wanting a safe space to have your degenerate fantasies indulged.

Anonymous 40527


Lol i was obsesseddd with this kind of shit when i was a preteen. Ikuto was my husbando.
This is one of those regretful early teen phases, Mark my words, you will all look back to it with the utmost cringe.

I'm pretty sure they're all cringey underage tumblrinas playing chans. I used to be exactly like this.
At the time tumblr and deviantart were overflowing with "le epic uke-chan raep tiem" kinda content.

Anonymous 40555

Yes I'm sure it's all underage girls drawing all the shota porn

Anonymous 40943

Pretty sure it's 80% adult men and 20% underaged girls that draw that shit.

Anonymous 40971

The straight stuff is mostly men, but the yaoi is mostly women.

Anonymous 41038

not fbi.jpeg

More please.

Anonymous 62999

distinctly remember joking about pedo bear converse with a friend in middle school. what the hell happened to the internet

Anonymous 63024


Anonymous 63025

It's like fantasizing about that one teacher you had a crush on
I imagine it's a similar thing for women into /sl/ as well

Anonymous 63047

shut upppp

Anonymous 63063


Only 2D little boys are good.

Anonymous 63082


Anonymous 63083


>low testosterone
That's what makes them cute, you dummy.

Anonymous 63084


Anonymous 63094


wait is shota (sfw) allowed here?
>inb4 you're posting a girl!!1
i know. but she has the vibe

Anonymous 63095


Nothing in the rules says both SFW and NSFW shota aren't allowed drawings aren't illegal in the US. As long as you tag properly.

Anonymous 63098


Makoto is top-tier reverse trap, hard agree.

Anonymous 63099

isnt reverse trap just a tomboy?

Anonymous 63100


It used to be. Sometime in the 90's (?) The definition of 'tomboy' shifted to 'Traditionally woman-looking woman with an interest in sports/cars/typical 'male' hobbies'.

Anonymous 63103

Sakura chaaaaaan.j…

That's fucking stupid
THIS is a reverse trap

Anonymous 63105

I've always felt the difference is that a tomboy is still easily identifiable as a girl, while a reverse trap actually gets mistaken for a boy

Anonymous 63120


Funny how this thread got bumped back into relevancy as shota is sort of starting to get popular in CC.

But yeah, for me, it is stuff like pic related

Anonymous 63123


>shota is sort of starting to get popular in CC.
this truly is the holy land.

Anonymous 63124

I don't like shota but that does look really appealing. I'm interested.

Anonymous 63126

Anon sauce on that pic?

Anonymous 63130


Here you go

Anonymous 63131

Or maybe just in case you're not into it that much.
>Ane Naru Mono 8 | The Elder Sister-Like One 8
Further adding that it is the doujin version rather than the SFW one.

Anonymous 63134

I was going to memepost here but you made it real. Please seek help anon, touching kids isn't ok.

I mean, we're talking thought crimes here but ss is often more palatable because it's from guys for guys. So it's completely in the realm of fiction where they wouldn't victimize anyone. I guess the same would hold true for straight loli being made/consumed by a woman but I just know one female loli mangaka and she very clearly panders to her male audience.

>It's considered bad because it encourage pedophiles to act out in real life, yet simultaneously porn is causing Japanese men to become sexual herbivores? Well, which is it?
Honestly a question I still struggle with. The fact that fiction influences people is kind of an agreed upon fact at this point though the specifics are still undefined.
Is porn, at least drawn porn, different from mainstream media? Can we say "oh this is fiction, only consumed by adults who know clearly that it's fantasy and therefore they won't take away any negative ideas?" If I remember correctly porn legalization was followed by a decreas in sexual assault.

Anonymous 63139

That’s a cope. Just a bizarre fetish for people with no mother figures in their life.
As for “shotas”, that’s also a cope. You might be a pedophile or masturbate waaay too much

Anonymous 63142

Reminder that the author is a woman.

Anonymous 63145


Did anyone else watched Jojo Rabbit?
The boy and girl are so cute!

Anonymous 63158


>Can we say "oh this is fiction, only consumed by adults who know clearly that it's fantasy…"

i mean…yeah?

those that insist niche/taboo-themed porn will lead to people forming niche/taboo desires irl are the same brand of dumb as boomers who scream(ed) about fps shooters causing murder.

now they (niche/taboo media) can be dangerous for people who already harbor these desires…but even then, if they haven't grown up beneath a rock, they won't really be able to readily do anything harmful.

and tbh i feel insisting that fiction = reality or even fiction has a great effect on reality is more harmful than the alternative. why even try to warp people's minds like that? you're gonna have folks too afraid to read anything that isn't baseline happy good-guy fairytale bullshit.

Anonymous 63159

*you'll also have people not even trying to put the blockade up between them and what happens to anime characters. i've already seen zoomers on twitter complain about "violence against minors in shonen" lol. it's not fuckin' real

Anonymous 63167

Their relationship was realy sweet, but thankfully not /ss/.

Anonymous 63197


Oh yeah, forgot to mention that, haha.
You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Anonymous 63222


>moralfags on my cc
oh no

Anonymous 63231


It's ridiculous to pretend that adult woman/teen boy pairings are as harmful IRL as if the ages were flipped. Women need to stop projecting their own feelings onto men, men are not sexually the same as women, women evolved to be sexually picky to prevent accidental pregnancy, men did not. Most teen boys are not harmed by sex with adult women, and many men brag about those experiences.

Men are attracted to young girls because they are easier to manipulate and abuse, most men are sexually and psychologically sadistic to different degrees. Women almost never are. Men will do all kinds of degenerate things to naive teen girls, film them and put it online, threaten them, get them pregnant and dump them. If you read stories of female teachers molesting their students, it's almost always some blond good looking woman whose mentally stuck in her teen years.
Of course literal pedophilia with prepubescent kids is always bad.

Anyway, I agree that older female + younger male is cuter and superior in fiction.

Anonymous 63238



Anonymous 63241


cute boys are best with other cute boys

Anonymous 63257

more tea.jpg

Anonymous 63330

Look at that boy doing his best to not look at her cute face and tiddies!

Anonymous 63343


d-d-does anyone read Yankee Shota to Otaku Oneesan ??
i too wanna be bullied by tsundere shota

Anonymous 63360


I haven't read that in so long!! I should really get back into it, it's fucking adorable.

Anonymous 63375

To the person above whom I won't even dignify with a reply, 2D only you disgusting creep.

Anonymous 63378

I guess its true what they say about europeans

Anonymous 63379

I can gaurentee that one of both of them give really good head

Anonymous 63380

Because there's a lot of real-world women like that

Anonymous 63381

I asked my BF to dress up as a girl for me and he said "sure I'll do it I don't give a fuck'

What should I do?

Anonymous 63400

no u

Anonymous 63406

watch him post on egg_irl saying this was the moment of his troon awakening

Anonymous 63412

This. Seriously before you decide to fem your bf up give him some redpills on tranny stuff so he can maintain a healthy pre-millenial mindset about this.

Anonymous 63423


probably not even uncommon

Anonymous 63424


Get a strap and wreck his little boypussy

Anonymous 63427

He's not a transsexual. He's had me do all kinds of serious kinky bdsm shit, and he told me a couple weeks ago that since I do so much for him, he'd do whatever I wanted, so I picked put him in a dress lol.

I'm looking for advice what to do to him. I'm not worried about him deciding he wants to be a girl

Anonymous 63443

I thought the reason why guys liked younger women was because they are more fertile?

Even still though I've always found that younger boys love it when an older girl shows them "affection "
There's been a few young boys I've fooled around with (10-13 while my age was 16-20)
All of them really wanted it. That's just how guys are young and old

Anonymous 63447

read some stories on reddit about how 'kinky' husbands with AGP suddenly became troons. be careful anon, better not play with fire,

Anonymous 63661

Yes. There are also alarms that you can watch out for. Does he just feel cute and a bit shy when dressed like a girl or does he cringily act like what he thinks is a cutesy girl uwu who is kinda thirsty (slutty) desu ne.
The former is sweet, the latter is very likely cause for concern.

Anonymous 63681

wrong thread.
This thread is perfectly quality, as you can clearly see.

Anonymous 63716

>fertile meme

Anonymous 63718


Don't mind me, just posting best boy.

Anonymous 63873

Anonymous 63890


Anonymous 63904

Are there more videos where he does lewd things with his gf while crossdressed? How do I kidnap a boy like him?

Anonymous 63907


…and 5 years later they look like this

Anonymous 63908

hi plrs spoiler ugly images thanks

Anonymous 63909

That's an average eastern euro man, I'm only showing you your future

Anonymous 63956

Hebephile bait.

Anonymous 63958

Only a fellow hebephile would even know about the word hebephile

Anonymous 63959


Is that from tiktok?
Be very careful posting stuff from that site since you could potentially post some underage boy crossdressing accidentally and I think that's illegal in the U.S., even if it is SFW-ish(?).
Nice legs tho.
This pokemon-like evolution reminds me of pic related, haha.

Anonymous 63963


/ss/ is 2D only.

Anonymous 64027



Anonymous 64035

I-If only he was a tad smaller, then it'd be perfect.
I want the raccoons back.

Anonymous 64134


Sorry for the delay, I have no privacy in this house.

Anonymous 64193

God bless.
Magical boy, shy, trap (if he's only wearing girl clothes out of poverty in his family or so), or the serious shota.
Everyone else seem difficult to deal with, especially the nice one since he looks like a yandere boy.

Anonymous 64195


I read this thread thinking >disgusting pedo shit but then realized shota boys with adult/mature mind are actually kinda hot not gonna lie.

Anonymous 64208

>that spoiler
me too anon

Anonymous 64243

The same thing happened to me, anon. Cute but very mature-minded and/or sadistic 2D guys are a miracle, especially if they know how to manipulate with their cuteness.
I don't get why it's not more popular as a trope.

Anonymous 64342

isnt the author also a vtuber?

Anonymous 64344

are her other works besides Ane Naru Mono good?

Anonymous 64423

I’m jealous of you anon. What does it feel like to kiss a boy that young?

Anonymous 64424

Y-you fooled around with a 10 year old whilst being 16??? I really hope you're lying

Anonymous 64425

You're concerned about that and not the fact she was "fooling around" with a 13 year old at 20?

Anonymous 64430

There is, quite literally, no reason for a woman to bother dating a weak male. Males are incapable of gestation, making them useless in a feminine role. Of course, I'm clearly talking to a pedophile, so the point here is probably moot.

Anonymous 64438

I'm sure you're the pinnacle of strength and masculinity anon. Only the strongest of alphas would anonymously shitpost on a female-interest forum. I'm shaking with arousal just reading your post.

Anonymous 64439

What? I'm a woman. You'd have to be the lowest of retards to bother supporting a parasitical male.

Anonymous 64440

A properly raised boy will grow up into a supportive and worthwhile man.

Anonymous 64441

FDScels need to leave

Anonymous 64446

tranny pedos need to leave

Anonymous 64455

I assumed she was messing around with 13 year olds at 20 which I suppose isn't better

Anonymous 64457

Hence the "I hope you're joking" part

Anonymous 64458

Image boards have always attracted people with atypical mental health, sexualities, and politics. You're here because terfy opinions are nearly as offensive to the public as fictional /ss/. In the eyes of the public/mainstream neither are acceptable, so both have equal right to be here.

Anonymous 64472

Men as children don't seem so scary to me. I wish they'd stay cute and small growing up.

Anonymous 64474

>You're here because terfy opinions are nearly as offensive to the public as fictional /ss/
On the English speaking internet maybe. Nowhere else. Definitely not irl.

Anonymous 64476

I don't even post ITT, but moralfags bother me a lot more than the "pedo" posts. Seriously, this is probably the only place where women can talk about it openly, just hide the thread if you don't like it.

Anonymous 64496

Oh God. In the case of men there should not even be laws of consent. Moids are little degenerates from the age of 11-12. In fact, I assure you that he has already consumed more porn than any adult woman.

Anonymous 64497

Actually, 90% of men whine because they weren't abused by older onee-sans. Even normalfags think about this.

Anonymous 64522

gtfo, misato

Anonymous 64597

i hope all of you are larping and none of you are actual pedos because what the heck

Anonymous 64604

Cinnpie, is that you?

Anonymous 64605

It's so ridiculous that an adult woman who has a relationship with a teenage man (+13) can be taken to jail. I don't like minor moids (dumber and coomer), but every time I see a news of female teachers with their students, I think they are exaggerating too much. I once read that a teacher got 20 years in jail for exchanging messages with her pornhub-addicted student.

Anonymous 64613

"But what if the child consent" is literally a meme to make fun of pedophiles. It's an actual defense used by many statutory rapists because often the child DOES want to have sex, yes even when it's a little girl with an adult man, and that is NOT an excuse to take advantage of them! That's the damn plot of Lolita, a young girl who actively wants to have sex with an adult, and everyone recognize that it's still abuse. What the fuck is wrong with you???


Cinnpie did not have a "relationship" with Puppeh, she psychologically manipulated him and raped him. You're disgusting.

Anonymous 64616

I’m glad she doesn’t visit CC, nonce bitches can fucking commit neck rope. Disgusting shit to rape a child. I hope she dies

Anonymous 64624

Imagine thinking that a moid could be forced to have sex with a beautiful woman lol

Anonymous 64626

Imagine samefagging

Anonymous 64633


Uh, we have tons of threads if you hate this thread so much you can just post on another one…

Anonymous 64638

/cgl/, take your drama somewhere else and don't ever post it again in CC, "please."

Anonymous 64643

Pls go and stay go

Anonymous 64645

pls explain this thread bc what…. tf

Anonymous 64652

I have no problem with 2D. The posts I was replying to were trying to justify raping an actual child.

Anonymous 64654

I am not from the US. Read the posts I was replying to. They are talking about lowering the age of consent and 12 years old boys.
Also, "It's OK to rape children if the law allows it" is not the argument you think it is.

Anonymous 64657

A 14 year old moid is far more likely to rape an adult woman than the reverse.

Anonymous 64667

Exactly. I remember some boys (about 14 years old) from school who were harassing a pretty teacher. The little kids were taking pictures and videos of her as she went up the stairs…

Anonymous 64681

The Cinnpie thing is confusing to me. If you read what Puppeh said about the situation, he described his pain coming from the fact that she left him for someone else, and played shitty mind games. She basically toyed with him and ditched him.
He didn't describe feeling dirty or used about the illicit things they actually did, which is usually the most pervasive feeling in cases of sexual abuse. It's sad/messed up either way, but people acted as if it was the same as sexual abuse, and I think that's wrong. It was emotional abuse.
People need to understand that males and females are not the same when it comes to sex. Thanks to porn culture and the internet, most boys who are like 13+ in this era aren't sexually innocent, or even innocent in general, just dumb. They're basically on the same sexual level 16 year old boys were back in the old times.
A young boy with an older girl will never be the same as if the genders were switched. The only exceptions are if he's literally prepubescent and doesn't even know what sex is, or if he's completely sex-repulsed.

Anonymous 64683



You’re seriously gonna try to defend someone having sex with this kid?

Anonymous 64685

There's nothing to defend, though. I don't think he even said they had actual penetrative sex. I'm talking about whether it was sexual assault/abuse, and based off what he's saying now as an adult, it wasn't. He said he developed strong feelings for her because of the things they did. He was traumatised at the abandonment and lies, and held it in for a long time. That pain is valid and should be talked about, but it's also different from shit like the local 55-year old chomo grabbing kids. Don't mix the two just to play the "equal" game.

Anonymous 64686

Do you not understand the concept of statutory rape?
No, male-on-female pedophilia is NOT only "guy kidnapped a child and raped her" or "guy manipulated a child into having sex with him". There are tons of girls into the exact same situation as Puppeh was, hell, some are even in better situations since they don't have to deal with the emotional manipulation.
Sexual abuse is sexual abuse regardless of the victim's feeling. Arguing that it's different because it's a boy is nonsense. There are plenty of young girls who love the men they were with and even initiated sex themselves, and the men even treated them "well" (as much as a child abuser can). Some girls even lie to the police in order to protect their "boyfriend". If you view of child rape if "It's only rape if it's violent or he's coercing her", you have a lot learn. Children can't consent, and what Puppeh did is textbook child grooming.
Also you're fucking delusional if you think 13+ girls in this day and age are innocent. They have access to the same internet as young boys do, not to mention all the shit on TV. I was writing yaoi smut when I was 12 years old.
Lastly, Puppeh said he doesn't remember most of the sexual encounters he had with her and that it's "mostly a blur". That's super common with victims.

Anonymous 64688

This whole post makes me eyeroll so hard. The sexes are not equal psychologically, physically or socially.
Tween girls are not interchangeable with tween boys, that’s literally delusional. There are so many cases of tween boys raping girls their age, younger or even older. Even animals. How many news stories of girls doing that? We are just not the same, deal with it.
This is a tough pill to swallow, but it needs to be done. Our experiences as girls aren’t one size fits all.
Instead of projecting our own mental processes when it comes to sexual activity on guys all the time, try actually listening to their voices. Talk to male victims and actually hear them instead of blasting your own feelings all over them. All this shit is way more complex than you think. The very framework of the trauma is entirely different.

Anonymous 64707

A thread about child grooming where wannabe predators try to convince normal people that there's nothing wrong with child grooming. Amazing.

You people are disgusting, please never have or interact with children.

Anonymous 64716

I don’t see any predators ITT, just the argument about different kinds of trauma. I think we can all agree that CSA is wrong and the laws exist for a reason.
If you want wannabe predators and groomers, go try and have this conversation on any moid's board. It's impossible, and you will probably run into actual predators in the process.

Anonymous 64720

when that first went down i was very curious as to what the sky williams house even was

Anonymous Admin 64764

I don't have an issue with this thread in itself but I don't want to provide a space to glorify the sexual exploitation of children, regardless of gender. Posts of that nature will be removed and the users will be given bans. Move on from that subject. I'm putting this on autosage and will see how it goes; I'll lock it if it keeps going into that direction.

Anonymous 64772

Why do people always have to start shit about real kids in 2D shota threads…

Anonymous 64774

Literally nobody glorified the exploitation of children, psychological differences between men and women were discussed . I only read one Italian who wanted to date boys of 14 (legal in Italy). But well, I understand that here you can't discuss very controversial topics.

Anonymous Admin 64783

>younger males having sexual relations with adult women is more often uplifting than it is damaging. it improves their self-esteem, boosts their confidence, earns them respect among their peers, and makes them better suited for successful relationships with girls or women their age down the line.

This glorifies sexual relationships with young boys, a real person at that, not a fictional character. Talk about shotas all you want but don't discuss having sexual relations with minors. This site assumes everyone to be 18+. I'm not going to explain myself any further.

Anonymous 64791



Thank you, Based mod. Irl Pedotalk is unironically the last thing I want in my age gap ships. (Srsly)

Does anyone else remember P3? I prefer the 'English' ver where the two are supporting each other and will clearly be become more one day. I think the jap ver where the FeMC pursues him, but it's been years so my memory might be off.

Anonymous 64793

3DPG Pedoanons BTFO

Anonymous 65984

Love him gently and say that you're so proud of him for agreeing to do it.

Anonymous 75368


The first rule on crystalcafe is to not post something that is illegal in the USA. Shota are little boys. Some women seem to get off to pornographic images of little boys. Pedophilia is illegal in the USA.
I bet if this were a "What do you think about lolis" thread everyone would loose their minds. Really makes you think a lot huh

Anonymous 75377

nothing wrong with lolis or shotas. they aren't going to hurt you, anon. they're drawings. you seem like a male baiting for some bad faith double standard argument, though

Anonymous 163698

Straight shota tri…

Shota is stacy-tier fetish.

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