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Anonymous 37977

I am speechless but not surprised.

Anonymous 37980

I have a hard time believing that's anything other than an absurd fiction. No one really thinks like that.

Anonymous 37984

I fucking hate men. I hate their disgusting obsession with oral and anal. It's such a man thing to like those things. No sane woman would enjoy either. Scrotes are fucking degenerates.
You'd be surprised.

Anonymous 37985

Start dating girls then

Anonymous 37988

And why do you have a hard time believing it's absurd? That scenario is a staple in American porn. Men jack off to this.


Lucky you. I wish I was sexually attracted to girls.

Anonymous 37991

Never trust a moid. Even tho this is fiction and no bitch incel would do this cuz "muh false rape accusations", these men 100% would if they could.

>I will have a lot of wagecuck sheckles
>willing to date a 5/10
>as an infj
God, I wish people could choose to be gay. I'll settle for being an old maid that raises other people's kids for a living.

Anonymous 37992


And some women too, if you are willing to believe the kink threads in lolcow

Anonymous 37995

>/r9k/ user
>getting laid
Less likely than me getting laid lmao

Anonymous 38037

If a guy has a sexual fantasy: he's disgusting, ALL men are disgusting
If a girl has a sexual fantasy: "oh my god! All roasties are messed up!"
When are people gonna realize that they're a lot more similar than they realise so they can stop hating on each other

Anonymous 38038


Jesus christ reading shit like this really reminds me of just how far I am from being a sub lmao. My vag shriveled up and now I have no genitals.

Anonymous 38039



If only that worked, yet domestic violence is even more common in lesbian couples than heterosexual, much less acknowledged and more stigmatized because PC shit.

Anonymous 38040

nta (either of them) but I'm less concerned about that since I'm Big and like smaller women heh. If she slaps me it's like…calm down, you can't even open jars. I've been on the receiving end of punches from a skinny ex-friend and, while unhealthy, it was nbd.

It could also just be poor theory of mind and some kind of empathy block, but I feel like a gf being angry at me is far less pathological than a bf. And even a gf watching porn/admiring other ladies with me is less threatening since I know she's a fellow woman and therefore capable of love and connection. I can grant a woman humanity since I know from experience that I have it, but the jury is still out about men. I am unable to see them as anything more than a dog when it comes to ~feels~, from what I see online their thoughts are very instinctual and almost mechanical. They seem incapable of complex emotions.

Sadly I'm attracted to men as well and am too intimidated by women to approach them.

Anonymous 38041

>It could also just be poor theory of mind and some kind of empathy block, but I feel like a gf being angry at me is far less pathological than a bf. And even a gf watching porn/admiring other ladies with me is less threatening since I know she's a fellow woman and therefore capable of love and connection

Sadly all of that seems like a you problem, and a trust issue. I'm bi and I ogle at other girls with my boyfriend just fine, we're best friends along with our intimate/sexual relationship, not just lovers. I think a lot of women and men just don't form strong friendships in their relationships and fail to have that connection that makes them comfortable around each other in such a way that they can as you say, see each others humanity. If you see a man as just a different sex (we're not that different tbqh) and not as a person, of course you'll have issues when it comes to friendship. Sexual attraction comes easier imo. That said, finding a decent PERSON, not just a man or a woman, is difficult in and of itself. But when it happens, sex doesn't matter.

Anonymous 38042

Anonymous 38045


not even clicking that fam. I already know is shitty cope.

Anonymous 38046

Oh yeah, I know it's a personal problem but I find it difficult to stop thinking this way. Logically I know and say men are equal, etc. but I haven't really accepted it. I have only male friends and a healthy father figure and everything, but seeing the way men express themselves in judgement free environments online really doesn't help.

It's fine though, if I do end up with a man the worst thing I'll do is treat him like a dumb puppy.

Anonymous 38052

>Information that contradicts my incorrect viewpoint with facts, data and actual analysis?! I-Impossible…Uhh, I'll just say the problem is that it's a Reddit link! Ha! I'll never have to admit I'm wrong on the internet!
Now that's actual cope, lmao. Go back to /r9k/.

Anonymous 38053

You posted a link to a gender critical subreddit.

Anonymous 38054

Same. OP reminds me of some dude who claims to be a "Dom" in his tinder bio but has never actually had sex with a woman.

Anonymous 38055

Yes, and? Are you an angry troon?

Anonymous 38084

Eh to me that sounds like when men say they can't help themselves but to see women as dumb children. I don't understand why people can't just see each other as people, I give everyone the same chance and I've dealt with a lot of retards in my life. I should be more cynical than your average person.

Anonymous 46887

Everyone loves oral though

Anonymous 46948


Pickme detected.

Anonymous 46949

Anonymous 55846

When they wake up and realize that us vs them is nothing more than a good divide and conquer strategy.

So never.

Anonymous 55881

Lol I wonder how often that actually happens

Anonymous 56311

lol i’m a female and this is hot

Anonymous 56315


You’re entitled to your shit taste I guess.

Keep in mind these guys are 4chan retards with no concept of context. OP in the image looks like pic related but uglier, I guarantee.

Anonymous 56318

anal is only based if I'm doing it to a man

Anonymous 56358

what kind of amerigoblin is that?

Anonymous 56362

El mullato del criminales con labio muy grande

Anonymous 56517

Lol. I still can not wrap my head around on the fact he is litterally yellow. Do americans dip their children in mustard when they are born?

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