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Anonymous 38056

How many femanons from Italy?

Anonymous 38065

not me but any other aus femanons here?

Anonymous 38067

You mean Australia or that continent with kangaroos?

Anonymous 38072

kangaroo continent not austria

Anonymous 38090

>kangaroo continent
>not Austria
I thought there was only one kangaroo continent, cool

Anonymous 38091


>confusing Australia and Austria

Anonymous 38092

I'm American so I don't have to know anything about Europe. Who cares if you have kangaroos or not, you're irrelevant

Anonymous 38093


>being from the USA means I can be retarded and it's excused

Anonymous 38141


Anonymous 38142

Americans one big meme and your post just proved that.

Anonymous 38144

America should be nuked tbh. People there were always retarded, but it's getting worse…

Anonymous 38146

I'm not that cruel. I think Americans should just live separately from the rest of us, preferably on another planet.
We can deal with the global consequences later.

Anonymous 38148

I really hope this post is ironic, for the sake of all the American miners that aren't retarded.

Anonymous 38151

ITT: Miners taking the bait

Anonymous 42665

I'm Italian :3

Anonymous 42677

Hello, I’m just here to brag about knowing jap by translating op’s picture. Enjoy!

1) Picking up favorite bone
2) Big anger
3) Extend
4) Release

Anonymous 42689

heh. Thanks.

Anonymous 42692

Hi tigers, she's now inside a temple

Anonymous 42694

Wrong thread?

Anonymous 42706

Yuriko Tiger is an italian girl living in Japan.
There are no Italians on the internet

Anonymous 42715

I haven't heard of her before!
Actually I am Italian, but yeah, not that many around.

Anonymous 42720

And what about Himorta?

Anonymous 42721

Haven't heard of her either sorry !

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