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Anonymous 38058

How do we stop them?

Anonymous 38059

Stop what? That purple terf bangs hairstyle?

Anonymous 38066

>terf bangs
Why are these even called “terf” bangs? I’ve only seen SWJs and the sort with haircuts like this.

Anonymous 38073


Anonymous 38075


i think they're called 'baby bangs'. it does feel like the only people who have them are sjw types. but bettie page used to rock them and imo she made them look good, these sjws rarely do

Anonymous 38083

They're TERF bangs. Before intersectional feminism was the norm, all radical feminists were TERFs.

Personally I think the TERF bangs should be replaced by another fashion that does not seek to attract men while being aesthetic. Any sort of alternative fashion should do, but someone way more into this than I am can tell us which one is best for the uggos.

Anonymous 38201

Not all TERFs have horrible hair.

Anonymous 38233

no true TERF that's for sure, right?

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