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Anonymous 38104

Why do boys pretend to like beer?

Anonymous 38106

why do normies pretend to like coffee? thats the real question. or avocado? fucking gross tbh

Anonymous 38110


>avocado bad
zoomer detected

Anonymous 38115

Because beer is a "manly drink" for some reason and they have to like it to prove they're real men.

Anonymous 38116

Why did the quality of this site deteriorated so much lately?
Or am I just imagining things?

Anonymous 38117

It got faster. Communities always get worse when more people join, it's just the natural course.

Anonymous 38118



Anonymous 38121

It's an acquired taste obviously.

Anonymous 38124

>Breathing air.

Hahaha "boys" amirite?

Anonymous 38125

It's barely even faster, there's been a few raids lately so there's probably more newbies coming in.

They're not pretending, some people actually like the taste. People's tastebuds are different.

Anonymous 38135

What this anon said.
Also beer isn't terrible, it just doesn't fit general female taste, I'd say? Like I can drink those low-alc fruit flavoured beers, but good heavens, get that horse piss looking shit out of my vicinity.
Men also drink more. You know, to get drunk and shit. Beer is wonderful as a base for getting drunk off your tits. Just don't mix it with wine. And it's probably acquired taste because "muh manly drink" like >>38121 and >>38115 said.
But there are definitely women out there who also enjoy it, I just can't wrap my mind around how they do it.

Anonymous 38136

Something tells me you've never drank a proper beer

Anonymous 38137

Because it tastes gross so it must be masculine.

Anonymous 38138

nobody pretends beer tastes good, people just put up with the taste to get that buzz

Anonymous 38139

I don't drink alcohol, but I'm sure it's the same reason I've trained myself to enjoy black coffee. It's a power move.

>coffee is normie
What does this word even mean anymore? Is it because NEETs don't need to wake up early?
Coffee is gross though, I agree.

Anonymous 38140

If you look at r9k you'll notice that it's gotten way worse recently. Maybe they're migrating

Anonymous 38145

Quality beer and coffee are good, y’all just have the palates of children

Anonymous 38158

cause it's cheap and it gets you drunk fast

Anonymous 38162

because people have different taste-buds and preferences than you. That so hard to understand?

Anonymous 38170

all coffee tastes bad
>hurr durr youre just a child
cope. liking coffee doesnt make you mature kiddo

AteMo 38191

Actually, hard drinks are cheaper and gets you drunk faster. Screwdrivers for example, just 1pt vodka + 2pts orange juice.
People like beer because it's more of a social drink, where you socialize and get drunk at the group's pace. Hard liquor gets people drunk faster, so it gives people less time to socialize.
Cold beer masks the taste, so order those if you don't really like beer. There are also flavored beers if you want those too, I personally prefer apple flavored beers.

Anonymous 38194

How to tell someone has never had a good cup of coffee: the post

Anonymous 38273

beer is tied to labor conditions insofar as the labor induced lack of serious intellectual pursuits leads to the dumbing-down of social hierarchies… rather than exchanging ideas and values in a social context, one engages in charlatanry such as having beers with the guys. It is the way of the wage cuck.

Anonymous 38274

beer tastes like shit and anyone who likes it is a fag

Anonymous 38752

>dont like coffee
>dont like beer
>like jäger
this is fine

Anonymous 38756

One time when I was out of redbull, in a moment of drunken stupor, I mixed jaeger and coffee to pregame before I went out. It wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating

Anonymous 38778


Its what unwashed barbarians drink, civilized romans drink wine.

Anonymous 38779


>hur durr
>youre just a child

you are not proving her wrong you know

Anonymous 38821

Beer's not that bad. Beer is good with some types food (like pizza). And it gets you drunk so there's that.
I think there are a lot of young straight(?) guys will over exaggerate their love for "cracking a cold one open with the boys" because they want to fit in but some of them really do just like the taste and the effect it has.

Anonymous 38824

enjoy your brain-splitting hangover

Anonymous 38844

This is true. Also my cousin and aunt love beer, as did my grandmother. This thread is weird.

Anonymous 38889

Same here.
Not him either.

Anonymous 38892

The /fit/ board is obsessed with this site.

Anonymous 38897

Well it's there right now and it's there multiple times a week.
See for yourself https://boards.4channel.org/fit/thread/51970946

Anonymous 38898

Hell yes. Female /fit/ brought me here.

Anonymous 38909

Man are normies, thats why. They think its manly, but ironically enough if you drink the right amount of beer you might turn into a female because the level of estrogen it has.

Anonymous 38910

Lay off the crazy juice sis.

Anonymous 38911

Feeling fit to insult me sis?

Anonymous 38912

Wasn't an insult, just a lucky guess to get under your skin :^)

Anonymous 38913

I guess you are a lucky girl..

Anonymous 38915

How much you bench faggot

Anonymous 39029

Well that explains all of the posts on the virginity thread here lmao

Anonymous 39442


Is everyone in this thread memeing or am I missing something.

Beer is the shit, I love a dark stout or ale. I enjoy going to brewery's just to try the different beers. And I like getting drunk because I might be a closet alcoholic idk who cares

Anonymous 39695

has to better that some sugary chemical garbage drink

Anonymous 39959

Because big Terry drinks it.

yolo 39968


Because it's good. Having a delicious double IPA right now browsing for radfem bimbo's shitting on trannies. I've met a lot of women who enjoy beer as well and there are dozens of styles worth checking out.

If you like coffee drink stouts or porters. If you like sour/fruity stuff check out berliner weisse,gose, sour ales, lambic, and flanders red. If you like floral/citrusy/piney flavors try IPA's though good luck because almost nobody makes a good one. If you want a normal beer that your dad would like find a German hefeweizen or weissbier, Belgian whites are also great.

Have fun ladies(and pretend ladies), I'm getting banned.

Anonymous 40077

Not just that, the board's been advertised lately where incels gather so they're flocking to try and find us.
I heard the taste is good, but that might be like me liking celery and not tomatoes. A lot of people hate celery and like tomatoes.

Anonymous 40085


I have generally dull tastebuds.
I used to eat a lot of spicy foods when i was younger to prove i could, but after all the years of increasing the spiciness of the things i ate i started to actually like them, as well as some other bitter things i used to hate. Black coffee and Beer being some of them.

Pretty much just killed my tastebuds and everything else tastes bland to me

Anonymous 40093

NTA, but alcohol lowers testosterone in men

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