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Girls Channel Anonymous 38193

Does anyone else visit Girls Channel / ガルちゃん? It’s a Japanese anonymous message board for girls and women (would call it an imageboard if it was more image-focused, but the culture on the board is similar to imageboard culture). It’s a long shot due to the language barrier, but I’m curious if there’s any crossover between miners and the anons on that site.

Anonymous 38234

I didn't know of this. I'll go check it, might help improve my moonspeak.

Anonymous 38250

I've been on it before via LC because some of the comments they've made about people are FUCKIN BRUTAL. My japanese isn't good enough to read without a lil bit of help from bing/google though D:

Anonymous 38330

never heard of it but browsed because of ur post, op~
found some sick ass shoes on there.

are there any other active female boards?

Anonymous 38331

I don't know if anyone else browses there, but there's 8chan's /girltalk/ board.
It's not active much and the owner of the board is now looking for someone to take over.
Used to be semi-active some years ago.

Anonymous 38332


What does LC stand for?

Anonymous 38341

If you don't know then I'm honestly not going to tell you and save you from a sesspit that'll probably whittle down your confidence slowly but subtly, until it's too late.

Sorry x

Anonymous 38371


lolcow, but as the above anon says, it's just an unnecessary headache to visit it. you only need to know it's a terrible crystal cafe and that's it.

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