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Anonymous 38251

What is your opinion of polyamory

Anonymous 38252

Dammit wrong board. Sorry, meant for /b/

Anonymous 38253

Not desirable for me, but I'm glad it's accepted so I can weed poly people out of my dating pool.

Anonymous 38255

I fell for the meme for a bit in my 20s but quickly realized that it's just an excuse mainly for noncommittal people or deeply insecure ones who swallowed the woke pill and feel like they have to perform it in order to open their minds and have healthy relationships. Most people can't even handle one relationship, not to mention several.

Anonymous 38256

It's shit. Maybe once in a blue moon poli relationships can happen due to all involved parts lovig eachother. But beside that it is usually: One partner not wanting to commit fully to the relationship so s(he) make it poli to secure some sort with stability and act promiscuous with a free pass. A otherwise monogamous couple that take the woke pill or decide to invite someone into the relationship but it ends in a dumpster fire. Degenerates.People who want it poli so they can date other people but when the partner do the same they get mad.

Anonymous 38257

I assume poly amorous people have some kind of deep rooted psychological issue they're not addressing. The thought repulses me. Sex is too intimate to be shared with more than one person IMO. And with feelings, it's hard enough opening up truly and deeply to one person, let alone three. Blerughhgfghhghgh.

Anonymous 38258

How often can you misspell "poly" when it's right in the post lmao
Other than that I agree with you. It's usually a cop-out when people either don't want to commit to each other or the relationship is broken and they don't want to break up. It's almost like a bandaid baby for some in the sense that they think bringing in a cute extra person will make them closer, but really it'll just exacerbate all their issues.

I've actually been a third and I had my own open relationship (not at the same time). Inb4 "you deserved it you foolish promiscuous cunt" but I was young and insecure and at least I know from experience what I'm talking about instead of just shitting on something I never lived through.
As a third, I had a good time being spoiled by a gorgeous couple a few years older than me who had a really great relationship, to this day they're the only poly couple I know who really made it work and is still together and super happy. But I knew that my emotional needs weren't met because they were each other's priority and I would always be secondary to that, so eventually I ended it and we stayed friends. I did witness them having more relationships and they worked out nicely mostly because those people also had other primary partners, which I didn't at the time.
I wouldn't do it again because while I was happy to be shared between two people (I went on dates with either the woman, the guy, or both at the same time, and slept over at their shared apartment a lot of times while both were there) and I didn't have a direct rival, I would be insecure if I was put in the position where a new, shiny, exciting person was brought into my relationship that I had to compete with.

I tried it, it was fun, but it's not for me in the long run. I'm happily monogamous.

Anonymous 38259

Sorry for potato grammar. In my mother tongue Poly ends with "i" instead of "y". Thank you for pointing it out

Anonymous 38260

99% of all the poly people i've ever seen are extremely unattractive and seem to use poly relationships to make themselves feel desired. big fucking yikes.

Anonymous 38261

I don't really care. I also don't care about cuck or cuckqueen and feel like that gets way more hate than it deserves. I'm the first to kickshame all sorts of shit but those ones don't really bother me.

Anonymous 38263


Not being a native speaker shouldn't be an excuse

Anonymous 38268

I agree, as a quick aside from this thread, people should still point out spelling and grammatical errors as long as it's not OTT rude or they try to use it to undermine someone's argument (it doesn't). It should be a learning opportunity so people can look it up and learn things!

Anonymous 38336


"Because of anxiety I need to bring my husband with me on first dates."
Holy fuck, the epitome of cuckoldry. I had a good laugh.
>s-sweetie, can you come with me to my date with my new potential boyfriend?
>of course babe, when is it?
I imagine this exchange between a married fucking couple.
I'm in tears, holy shit.

Anonymous 38357

As someone who fell for the "open relationship" meme in my youth (and found out how shit it was first hand), it's a big yikes from me chief.

The only way I could see it working would be with older, more experienced people who are extremely secure in themselves and don't give a fuck about seeming "woke" or "cucked" or whatever people think of poly relationships. 9 times out of 10 tho it's immature people who want to fuck around so it's shit and ends in either a break up or a return to monogamy.

Anonymous 38358

This jobless "pagan" housewife who apparently suffers from multiple psychological disorders is not only capable of balancing three men but is actively recruiting more on top of that.

>all the anonettes on here who claim they can't get a man

Granted, we can't see what her body looks like.

Anonymous 38386

we can't see what her obvious hambeasts of partners look like either tbh

Anonymous 38403

The worst thing for an ugly woman is seeing other ugly women being in normal relationships and wondering what she's doing wrong.

Anonymous 38453

Anonymous 38472



Anonymous 38505

If pederasty worked for the ancients, I think polyamory can work in extremely rare cases.

Anonymous 38507

If pederasty worked so well, where are the romans now, huh ? Bet you didnt see that one coming

Anonymous 38510


>where are the romans now, huh ?

Anonymous 38511


>mfw the moon hits my eye like a big pizza pie

Anonymous 38562


then you know, its amore

Anonymous 39165


>refers to women as females

Don’t think we didn’t catch that m*le

Anonymous 39297

This. Anyone that would even consider it is unappealing to me

Anonymous 39330

if people wanna be polyamory thats fine, however i think that alot of polyamory relationships are just people with a flawed relationship that think adding more people will make it better. other than that i can understand it though

Anonymous 39331

also its kinda cuckish

Anonymous 39332

imagine being this paranoid analyzing every word choice someone uses

Anonymous 39335

Words like 'female' are pretty much a dead giveaway, people who use it like that are either men or from reddit.

Anonymous 39337

I'm seeing someone who very strongly identifies as poly, and whilst I'm fine with it while we are not officially together, I don't think I would be okay with it if we were in a relationship. He's already said that he's thinking about asking me to properly be his partner but I think I would have to say no. I don't think I'd be able to commit to caring for and loving a person long-term if I know that they are always on the lookout for other people. /blog

Anonymous 39338

You talk like a homosexual

Anonymous 39409



Slightly unrelated but can we talk about how (most) womyn who identify as pagan are similar to OPs pic? Emotionally unstable, cant hold a job, etc etc. Feel like poly is just a gift in the grab bag here.

Anonymous 39411

>poly amours pagan

As a "pagan" (real one, not a fucking wiccain blue hair freak). I find these types totally repugnant and only practice european polytheism as a collective with other freaks in their rebellion against the 'ebil huwite male patriarchy and have no real understanding of native european religion.

They are sick, perverse freaks that fuck anything with a dick between its legs and are riddled with both spiritual and physical STDs from the amount of cock theyve fucked. Their 'goddess' religion is wholly centered on their permissiveness toward their whoredom.

Fuck wiccans, you arent real pagans youre just degenerates.

Anonymous 39416

Anyone who claims to have "knowledge of le old gods" is a fucking idiot. When it comes to the Germanic gods, all we have is the lore and stories, no knowledge of religious practices or ceremonies. The few things we do know are basic principles like hospitality and to respect ties of kinship. I feel the same way about "neo-pagans" as you and I do about wiccans.

Anonymous 39431

>pagan (real one)
why on earth would one become pagan?

Anonymous 39454

>Why would one worship their ancestral gods, their ancestral mores, their ancestral customs, instead of a jewish death cult, jewish mores, jewish customs, jewish saints?

Beats me.

Anonymous 39457

why would you worship something just because you were born in a specific place?
kek, all humans came from africa, go back there.
Or wait, I have a better idea, develop your own god/s, customs etc and pass them on whoever you can and in hundreds of years their descendants will start spouting some bullshit about "ancestry" and your religion.
It just doesn't make any sense, why would you worship at all?

Anonymous 39461

>all humans came from africa

no they didnt

Anonymous 39463

As far as I'm concerned that's the official story, maybe they didn't, still specific place doesn't matter regarding my argument.

Anonymous 39464

"real" peganism is also for freaks. if you worship anything or care about your "ancestors" youre retarded

Anonymous 39465

>Im going to deny basic facts because Im a dumb racist

Anonymous 39510

>a telegraph article

Anonymous 39562

poly people are either manipulators or dumb hippies who think they're exempt from basic human relationship dynamics simply because they declare it to be so.
furthermore, they're like communists in that they defend the failures of their system by treating the system as having positive outcomes by definition, e.g. "if the relationship was abusive and exploitative, then it can't have been a polyamorous relationship"
no true polyamory etc.

Anonymous 40112

I'm a monogamist myself and I believe polyamory is really ok. It's amazing that people talk about their feelings and nurture relationships that cater to their needs.

Anonymous 40159


My bf and I always liked the concept but I don't think it will ever happen in rl. I totally envy couples who got on this lvl.

Anonymous 41303

>basic fact
>missing link still not found
>oldest cradles of civilization are the Nile, Mesopotamia and the Indus River valley
>no cradles of civilization found in sub-saharan africa where humans allegedly evolved from and thus would have spent most of there time in

Anonymous 41306

Tried it, it was awful. Third wheel to an established couple, the girl fucked me once but the guy never even bothered. I lived with them for a few months while they slowly realized they didn't want a three way, the guy just wanted a secure relationship and permission to be promiscuous. They got married before I moved out.
Just because niggers in subsaharan Africa never built "civilization" doesn't imply there weren't humans there. Just that they weren't the first humans to build lasting civilization.

What's your opinion on all the sub-humanoids that aren't homo sapien? Homo erectus or Neanderthals never became homo sapien but they existed as well.

Anonymous Moderator 41350

Stay on topic.

Anonymous 41506

Staying single with FWBs > polyshittery

The former is socially acceptable, the latter is a living-fucking-nightmare to deal with and just not worth it. I've been invited to poly circles more than once, and while I'll gladly fuck people and still call them friends I'm a diehard romantic and I could only have 1 bf or gf at a time, staying steady to him or her. I've been right every time not to join because eventually polys have nasty uneven break-ups. Someone ALWAYS gets the short end of the stick.

Also, poly just seems like a lame way to trick beta people into becoming cucks under the impression they can also fuck around when they're not really attractive enough to do so. lol

These. Something about someone saying they're "poly" raises a red flag in my mind that says "this is a manipulative person" or "this person has an unhealthy level of low self-esteem".

Cucking is a meme fetish, losers get off to it in fantasy but then IRL they either realize it's total shit or they use the idea that their situation is a "fetish" to cope when they're actually just in an abusive relationship.

Anonymous 41592



Anonymous 41596

Anonymous 41662

This got a sensible chuckle out of me

Anonymous 41663

>a space by women for women where we can openly express ourselves
>oh, a woman proudly has an active, enjoyable sex life? she's a slut!

Anonymous 41668

Damn, those evil podcasts, we should ban them.

Anonymous 67030

I don't think it'll be the norm anytime soon, with religion and all. It'll be interesting seeing what kinds of polyamorous relationships pop up, though. Many will be predatory at first, I predict.

Anonymous 67078

Poly was originally made by and for older couples who have been together a while and have the maturity and knowledge to know how to handle a poly or open relationship without it being unhealthy

nowadays too many young people jump into the trend without understanding how to properly be in a poly relationship, which makes these people get hurt or end up in unstable relationships, a lot of the time it's one sided too and either ends up into a situations of roommates who fucked a few times and call themselves a relationship, one partner sleeping around while the others mental health deteriorates, or people who don't understand they're still in a relationship and use poly as a way to not be lonely until the next thing they want comes around

Anonymous 67108


It is just an unique way to establish a harem without any contracts whatsoever, like how the woman in your picture is pretty much establishing one and, if polygamy were completely legal a la Saudi Arabia, I'm pretty sure she would have married her "two great boyfriends" as well.
Kind of how what the raccoon anons want, but without the submissiveness and lack of aggressive dangerous behavior moids currently have, so this obviously will not end well for her, and you have to be insane to have a harem of men that obviously lean towards masculinity strongly and are not, at least, a little feminine regarding empathy, understanding, etc. instead of feminine appearanced as well.

Anonymous 67109


I think I'm having a terrible day with my grammar (not the Polish anon), but a tl;dr is that it is a legal loophole of obtaining your own harem of whatever you lean to regarding your sexual orientation, and it is a little bit dumb to establish a harem full of men when men are not like what we think the ideal would be whatsoever.

Anonymous 67112

i've seen quite a few of young women in my social circle enter an open relationship to acquiescence to their male "primary" partner. sometimes i hear from these women that all media representation of polyamory is inaccurate and that’s why it seems so unhealthy but i was watching a video from a vice-esque libfem youtube channel that was pretty obviously trying to display it in a positive light and it was STILL clear to me that the primary female partner was being taken advantage of by her selfish male partner.

i wanna say, you know, there might be healthy examples of non-monogamy between multiple adults who love each other, are on equal playing fields in the relationship and have no unhealthy power dynamics going on. but, y'know, i’ve never really seen that to be true, especially in heterosexual relationships because actual equality between the women and men involved is a pipe dream.

Anonymous 67113

I was in an open relationship with my ex because I didn't want to commit to him. He continually begged me to be his girlfriend (exclusive, monogamous). Eventually I relented. He cheated.

So eh, take that as you will. I wasn't really terribly hurt by the cheating because I didn't want to be his girlfriend in the first place.

Anonymous 67162

I was raised in a poly household with half of us being half-siblings with two different mothers.

I can't say it's some awful and damaging lifestyle that turned us all into estranged weirdos, but essentially dividing the family in half had some strong effects on us as kids, stoked some rivalries and prejudices which last a lifetime, made us question who was loved most and least and were we ever truly a part of the other half's real family.

The relationship itself seemed to work well, and they're still together long after all the kids moved out, but I would say the stress of it has dealt some damage to them psychologically over time.

Anonymous 67164

Polyamory sounds miserable to me. Even mainining a handful of strong friendships is a lot of work, trying to juggle multiple romantic relationships sounds like hell. Everything I see from poly people just seems to be constant jealousy and insecurity, I have no idea why anyone would willingly sign up for that, other than being forced into it by a horny partner.

Anonymous 67172


Anonymous 67181

If its a jewish death cult it's really bad at it.
Just look everything that happened to the chosen, culminating with the Pope basically laughing at the holocaust

Anonymous 67188



Anonymous 67270


Found this on /fit/, thought it was a good summary of how moids see polyamory.

Anonymous 67274


They are retards that think Muslims societies are the pinnacle of human civilization and law.

/fit/ is as incel as /r9k/ the only difference is just that they are deluded that they are not like them because they lift a heavy object then put it back down from time to time. None of them is hot shit, none of them can protect property, can handle a gun or knows any martial art. They are just incels in denial.

He doesn't realize that if that happens he would be one of the ones at the bottom as well because of his retarded ideology no sane woman will ever find attractive, he must be facially ugly as shit too and coping.

I would love for harems to exist but if we make them, not moids. If they wanted that they would simply put all their effort supporting the Islamic world and join ISIS because that fucking moid corrupt female oppressing world is dying, fast. Misogynists get the rope.

Anonymous 67277

What ugly men. No wonder they are so resentful.

Anonymous 67282

What does their view of polygamy have to do with Muslims.
They said polyamory lol.

Anonymous 67283

Because dumb moids believe polyamory means harems like the Islamic ones for them. And that is absolutely not true, they will get rejected left and right just for being cheaters. Moids are typically hypersexual so he is just cheating he just has a more pretty word for it, in that post the moid all he is doing is admiting he cheats.

Anonymous 67297

>only two of those guys are actually from /fit/
How do you know?
Ohh you fucked up. This is why I will never stop saying moids are fundamentally retarded especially retarded incel meatheads.

Anonymous 67298

This is kinda unrelated but I don't know where to post this. What do you guys think about swingers? I know about a couple who's been married for 18 years (and they've been together since high school), now they're in their 40s and have two kids, they look like a perfectly happy family and there's definitely still a spark between them, unlike many other middle aged couples I've seen, and they're swingers. To me sex is too intimate to be shared with other people I have no feelings for, and I always wonder who was the first one to propose this (I bet it was the man) and would this person respected a "no" from his partner as an answer? Because it kind of indicates that the other person isn't enough for you in terms of satisfying your needs. Idk. Maybe your perspective changes after so many years together.

Anonymous 67300

>What about swingers
Its like marrying somebody that stars in porn only they do it for free.
Worthless, stupid, unfaithful. Do their kids even know they do this?

It's not even a bisexual relationship with the approval of both parties so the guy can fuck guys to see how its like. That woman needs some reality check, she getting cheat on. Assuming the story is true of course.

90% of what you read on a Chan just isnt true.

Anonymous 67303

One kid is 18 and the other is 12 so I doubt they know. And I'm not close enough to those people for them to tell me about this personally, I know from their friends they're attending a swingers club

Anonymous 67344

Aboard engrossing …


Anonymous 67358

Harem isn’t a good way to describe it, even if I don’t necessarily agree polygamy is necessary in the modern society, it’s true that the meaning of polygamy has been sullied. Polygamy has its use if the woman agrees to it imo. People think of it as a man having it easy and having his wives serve him. Muslims view on polygamy before modernization of the religion, women in co marriage don’t see eachother, if the man has more than one wife he has to provide. Etc. Polygamy is natural, you see polygyny and polygamy is many animal kingdoms “polyamory” is not. Sorry if you find my rant useless, but I just wanted to make it clear as a muzzie lol

Anonymous 67370

How is polygyny natural? I don't see the reason for looking at animals like lions, so let's focus on primates like bonobo and common chimpanzees, because those two are closest to us. In both females fuck many males, not just the strongest most dominant one, the only difference is that male bonobos don't mind it and male chimps try to stalk females in order to prevent them from fucking other males but females find ways to do it anyway kek

Anonymous 67375

Incels mad they cant make theirs lol.

Anonymous 67378


I'd like to have a harem of cute boys, but only mentally broken or predatory people ever try to do this shit IRL.
The only exception I can think of is in certain societies, but even then, it was a matter of practicality and resource, rather than the women's choice.
Why can't it work, though? If bonobos can do it, why are humans so incapable?

Anonymous 67380

Seals, deers, elephants, Gorillas, a few bird species as well.
To humans, monogamy is more natural of course.

Anonymous 67381

Also the reason why female animals don’t mate with multiple mates is because they don’t get any benefit from it. Men can spread their seeds but why would a women go around and get multiple babies. Women are selective and men settle for anything lol.
Also the reason male animals stop their mate from havin children outside their “pride” is because the male doesn’t want to take care of a child that isn’t his. While a female in a polygynous relationship, only takes care of her own.

Anonymous 67382

I mean, sperm competition an all that shit. Female chimp fucks a few males and the stronger sperm wins. I think it's natural for women to want to have children with the best genes too. Most women can't get the best genes (there's not enough quality moids anyway) so they settle for whatever, because it's better than to be alone. I bet early human females also fucked a few males (but without them knowing probably) because sperm competition exists in humans too.

Anonymous 67383

Those are not as close to humans as chimps.

Anonymous 67387

It's difficult to make all of them like each other as well. That's the key and the problem bigamorous to polyamorous relationships face, without that key component it's a recipe for disaster you need to play the role of diplomat between the guys otherwise they will beat or kill each other up, anyone can be conditioned don't get me wrong especially if you train them from youth to be the perfect husbando but it's difficult.

There are female societies that sorta do this…? But not quite. Look it up, its in China. They don't even treat men badly when they are around they just have them plow the farm and/or visit them at night if they are into them. This is the ultimate proof that misandrist societies are more humane than misogynist societies.

Anonymous 67388

Do you know some other misandrist societies that exist that are worth looking into? This is a topic that has always interested me, and I really like the idea of living like that.

Anonymous 67389

Google "female societies". I think a handful have existed but not anymore. That Chinese one is the longest lived one that is still going on.

Chinese Empress Wu Zetian also had more than one male concubine. They made a Chinese Series/Drama on Wu Zetian too.

Anonymous 67392

Choosing smartly > choosing like a dumb savage animal

Cumbrains are savage animals. This is exactly what deserves to become extinct time to leave the dumb horny Chimp inside of humanity behind as much as possible.

Anonymous 67405

Hmm, this reminds me of pre-commie China's practice of their aristocracy and emperor having a bunch of wives and concubines.

Anonymous 72004

Almost everyone on fit has severe body dysphoria and/or autism. Hardly representative. Most moids consider anything but monogamy out of the question even if it is disadvantageous.

Anonymous 72005

Make friend group composed of nothing but bisexual men. It would be less like your personal harem and more like a fuck pile you are part of tho.

Anonymous 72007

it's disgusting

Anonymous 72009

I personally dislike it and think it doesnt work.

Anonymous 72016


same. i'm such an all-or-nothing kind of person, and i have no interest in anyone when i'm in a relationship, and i expect the exact same of my partner.

there is also something i find very erotic about giving yourself to one person, having a sex life that's secret to the world and something you only explore together.

Anonymous 72022

blessed Pagan Poetry ref

Anonymous 72027

Thank you, fellow patrician

Anonymous 75539

I just want an anime reverse harem instead of a real husband.

Anonymous 75563

I hate it. When I was 20 I heard about it, read books about it, and thought maybe I could do it. Immediately realized fuck no. I was so young and naive. Any body who does this shit is either an abuser or has no self esteem, I',m so embarrassed and you should be. I hate it

Anonymous 75588

damn those horny quebecois

Anonymous Moderator 75597

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