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Anonymous 38651

Thoughts on 50 shades of grey?

Anonymous 38652

did you post this on /tv/ earlier? its a pretty bad movie

Anonymous 38655

Would watch if it was role reversed and made to cater to dommes.
Otherwise it's trash.

Anonymous 38656

Boring as fuck. Was dragged to one of the movies in high school and I feel asleep half way through.

I honestly wonder why it became the WORLDWIDE PHENOMENON or whatever. If you want porn, watch porn lmao.

Anonymous 38657

i saw the post on /tv/ and made it here

Anonymous 38658

Erotica for people with “love live laugh” on their wall

Anonymous 38660

Even roles reversed it's dull as shit imo. Not that I'd expect any less from a twilight fanfic adapted into a novel/movie lmao.

Anonymous 38661

Anonymous 38685

Must be similar to this

Anonymous 38686

I was going to see it back when it was in theatres but I noticed my parents were in line so I freaked and saw Kingsmen instead. Good film.

Anonymous 38692

I watched it with a friend, we had conversations more interesting than the movie itself while watching it. It was mostly just making fun of it and laughing over how incredibly awkward it was at times. Not a good movie.

Anonymous 38697

That was the actually good version of 50 Shades.

Anonymous 38880


A little bit of playful bdsm is fun, the people who are super into sadism or masochism, or the people into it as a lifestyle kind of freak me out. Some of the accessories are fun because they’re taboo (I feel really uninhibited and bad/naughty but in a good way when I wear a ball gag during sex, thought they were humiliating at first but actually grew to really like them). Things like spreader bars and shibari lets me maintain positions that make sex feel better but I couldn’t hold on my own. Orgasms feel better when your muscles are tensed in my experience. I like to domme my husband a bit too, but I mostly do sub stuff.

The movie is trash though.

Anonymous 38884


I know the meta of this board is that femdom is best dom, but that sounds very ideal, at least for you guys. I wish I had that ;_;

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 38927

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