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Who else /ADHD/ here? Anonymous 38734

Now that ADD is starting to be considered an outdated diagnosis and ADHD is becoming more understood, can anyone relate to the wild ride that is ADHD? Basically I feel like I’ve got the ‘tism in every sense, everything from meltdowns to tics to being a dumbass in social settings. Apparently the two overlap in symptoms a great deal, with the main difference being ADHD obviously has the hyperactive side effect (I’m over here traveling up to 15-20 miles on foot every day out of boredom while my autistic friends are complete couch potatoes).

It’d be interesting if any miners can relate, I don’t know of anyone IRL who has this diagnosis.

Anonymous 38747

I'm not diagnosed with adhd,so thismight not be the reply you're looking for. But my bf has been telling me I probably have adhd for years and never took it seriously, thinking he was just being dismissive of me.

But looking up the symptoms in women, I think I really might have it.

*cleaning is this huge daunting task, I'm super unorganized and very messy/dirty.

*Even when I'm enjoying myself, social situations with lots of people is really tiring for me.

put way too much thought into looking/coming off as "normal.

*Can't hold friendships because I don't understand people.

*Seriously, my purse is full of papers, clothes/stuff is all over the place, forgotten dishes, I'm a mess.

*I forget conversations, what people said, what I said to people etc.

*my mind often wanders during conversations. (which is probably why I forget things. Dur)

…and a laundry list of other things. Basically 80% of this page: https://www.verywellmind.com/add-symptoms-in-women-20394

I also do a lot of walking like someone else mentioned earlier in the thread. I hate not doing anything/wasting my days off but I don't have a bike or S car so I'll just walk miles looking at stuff, thinking, and taking pictures.

Maybe I should talk to someone about this.

Anonymous 38750

Probably see a psychiatrist if it bothers you. If you do have ADHD they can put you on Intuniv or something to ease the symptoms.

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