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Anonymous 39417

What‘s the verdict on nose piercings on animals?

Anonymous 39418

wtf thats abuse

Anonymous 39419

pets are unethical

Anonymous 39437

Abuse, if I see that on your animal I’m fucking you up

Anonymous 39438


It's dumb and ugly unless it's there for a reason.
I get it for livestock (cattle/pigs) since it actually serves a purpose but even then there's clip-on alternatives that are sometimes used instead. I have not researched it much for pets, but the idea that it's done for cosmetic purposes is repulsive to me.

Anonymous 39445


Anonymous 39477

I didn't know it was a thing and I probably don't support it but this cat is so so so cute.

Anonymous 39496

this, the most humane thing to do is let the genetic failures that can't survive on their own die out. e.g. pugs.

Anonymous 39523

yes! I have tried to explain this to ppl i know before and have been called a terrorist. "but the cows/my corgi/whatever won't survive if u just set them free!!" well maybe not, but then that's our fault that we turned it into an abomination.

Anonymous 40113

This. Only a complete arsehole would make an animal feel pain for aesthetic reasons

Anonymous 40115

>for aesthetic reasons
Pugs are uglyyyyy they and pits should die off.

Genuine question but what is the reasoning behind clipping/piercing livestock?

Anonymous 40124


>what is the reasoning behind clipping/piercing livestock?

They do it for pigs to curb the rooting instinct (basically so they don't tear up farmland with their nose and destroy it).
They do it to cattle for multiple reasons, but they most famously do it to bulls so they don't rage out and fucking kill whoever's leading them around.

Anonymous 40129


Pugs are ugly because we bred them to be ugly. Dog shows and selective breeding should be banned tbh

Anonymous 134182

Inhumane and ugly.

Anonymous 134231

yass queen slay!

Anonymous 134272

Why would you do this to a cat??? Seriously why?

Anonymous 134273

God they could at least have the decency to put them on straight

Anonymous 134375

I don't like them on animals and I don't like them on people. Shit looks retarded

Anonymous 134410

Animal abuse if done without practical purpose. Doesn't even look cute.

t. septum haver

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