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Anonymous 39791

>Everything in NTR is centered around the please of the MC
Is netorare the leading female fetish?

Anonymous 39794

Isn't the protag in those things always a boy?

Anonymous 39798

I can tell this question was asked by a clueless guy.
Yaoi or rare hentai drawn by women is infinitely more fappable than some NTR shit drawn by a male mangaka with a strange cuckold fetish.

Anonymous 39800

It actually looks to me that cuckolding is an almost exclusively male fetish.

I've seen some women who claim to be into it, but it's really rare and mostly it seems like it was a guy that pushed them into it.

Anonymous 39809

>hasn't seen the cuck queen threads on /nsfw/
you poor sweet soul

Anonymous 39811


haha yeah women never have cuckold fetishes anon I have no idea who could be into that sort of thing lol must be some moid shit hehe
It's spelled cuckquean

Anonymous 39812

It's a trash fetish no matter who is into it.

Anonymous 39816

I meant as in a fetish for cucking your husband or bf.

Cuckquean fetish exists but is still waaay rarer than cuck fetish for men.

Anonymous 39831

Anonymous 39836

cuckquean girls are probably extremely cute and kind hearted people since they want to share something that most girls wouldn't

Anonymous 39837

Im a "cuckquean".

The thing is, there are two different types of "cucking": Cucking proper, where the couple gets off on the husband's humiliation and sees the bull as the dominant other man, and hot-wifing.
Hotwifing is basically: "my wife is a hugely good lay and a nympho, i want to show her off and "brag" about her sex skills, so other men to know what i experience every night, while also allowing her to fulfill her craziest desires/"reward" her with orgies/kinkier sex".

I personally am into "hot-husbanding". Many of my other kinks - voyeur, orgies, bdsm (switch, subbing under future husband and domming others) - tie up together perfectly into this kink.
My ideal fantasy is not one where i get humiliated by the fact that "my" husband is cheating on me with a better person (most cuck fantasies stem out of feeling of insecurity). It is in fact inviting another person (or people) into our bedroom and letting my husband fuck the daylights out of them while i watch (im also a voyeur), maybe direct, maybe dominate them a little too, but mostly let the person and the husband enjoy themselves and have the person go away thinking "jesus christ hes such a fucking bull, anon is so fucking lucky, im not walking right for a week…" and afterwards throwing themselves at the chance of experiencing what i have every day just another time.

Anonymous 39928

I genuinely appreciate it when people go into in depth explanation and analysis on fetishes I don't understand and could never get into myself. It's kind of interesting.

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