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Anonymous 39803

Just curious how active this board and crystal cafe is in general.

How often do you check this site? How often do you post?

I don't check up on it often like once every two to three months. I hardly ever post.

Anonymous 39805

There's literally just me. I post a few times a day and have arguments with myself.

But now you're here so there's two of us! Don't you fucking leave me

Anonymous 39807

Sounds like plot to a horror movie
Don't worry anon, I'm here

Anonymous 39813

I check every day during my usual internet rounds, even though I know there's barely ever going to be new posts…

Anonymous 39814

On weekdays I'll stop in about 0-3 times a day just to lurk. On days off, I'll stop into the diamond.diner whenever I'm near a phone/computer.

/b/ and /feels/ are probably the most active and most cancerous boards so those are the ones I go on the most to lurk, but I cycle through all of them especially /nsfw/ to find the good shit.

Anonymous 39817

I would like to start a drawthread but I wouldn't know what board to post on. Besides it would be so dead I wouldn't have the excuses to pick and choose, because it would get like one response a day. Lol
Then I would feel compelled to draw them all. I think /img is the slowest board.

Anonymous 39825

Im pretty new but so far i usually check 2-3 times a day everyday. Its pretty slow but i like the initiative. I'd like it to be more active tbh but who knows who might join in, considering how other imgboards go, so im okay with it being so slow.

Anonymous 39833

Its hidden, if you type you have to type it in

Anonymous 39850

nsfw is dead af though

Anonymous 39851

I check daily but often don't contribute at all

Anonymous 39855

check often, not daily but i definitely come and contribute occasionally.

Anonymous 39933


well if this place would let me post, I would, but that's more on my connection that me.

Have a nice picture!

Anonymous 39939

I check about every day. I don't post as often as I used to, though. Maybe a couple of times a week?

Anonymous 39944


I check every month or so, used to be more frequent but I see a lot of women here talking about rape and abuse experiences and it really gets to my mental health. I already have some lowkey hatred for males so I don’t want to make it worse. I want to be normal and healthy and seeing sad stuff just makes me feel awful and unhealthy and makes me hate the world..

Anonymous 40005

I check a few times a day. I used to post pretty much every time I visited, but I only post a few times a week now (I think). I'm just not that interesting so I don't half much to contribute nowadays.

Anonymous 40006

I post here all the time

Anonymous 40021

I didn't know crystal cafe exists until yesterday and I will try to contribute here and there. :3

Anonymous 40169

I hope more people find this place and the normie tier women leave. I don't care about your bf!

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